Environment Day

20 11 2012

Dear World,

Today was ‘Environment Day’ for the BES students of NUS. It isn’t an official holiday or anything, it’s just a day where we came together and put up exhibits about our Media Project we have been working on for one whole semester. No big deal really but I think it is a good platform to show our Profs we know what the hell we are doing. 

A few things stuck with me during the event. The first was when my Lecture/teacher for the module said that this course is interconnected. Everything we study counts and this was one aspect of communicating a message out there. While she was pretty much stating the obvious, I think it was something that needs to be remembered. In my last post… which was basically a rant, I talked about how my course mates interacted in a sort of elite “Captain Planet” club, talking about the benefits and harms of recycling ( yes there are harms), or how if we involve ourselves in geoengineering it would just be a quick fix solution and blah blah blah. I could go on about all the MANY environmental issues that plague our earth til the break of dawn ( << if you think this is a twilight reference, GET OF MY BLOG NOW).

One group exploring the possibility of reusing cardboard by turning all cardboard into usable items.

I don’t know how my course mates outside the BES room but I think some of us forget that we need to try and inculcating good habits in our friends.  We need to be more vocal. We need to get a conversation started.

While I hope environmental issues will not be a dominant feature in my blog now that I’m in BES, I will be updating in that area once in a while. I like to get conversations going. This is one that I think needs to be more widely discussed.

Anyways, here is what my group did. We focused on Rice Wastage. So to all those reading: please only take what you will need.

For my group presentation, look here: http://prezi.com/ijv6ibmvsa1l/introducing-the-journey-of-the-rice/

(Online interactive medium)

Hope you guys liked this. Hopefully there will be more to come.

With regards


Pre-trip ideas

20 03 2011

Dear World,

I would like to announce that I have been chosen by the Ministry of Information, Communication and Arts (MICA) to blog for them about Singapore Day in Shanghai this April, something I did not expect to win ( it was a contest).

While I am excited about the event I refuse to check out Singapore Day’s website. I would like to go there, get a full experience without any background information about the event, even though it’s too late now cause I know which local artists are going.

However there are some questions I want to see if I can answer when I am there. Firstly, how strong is the Singapore Spirit there and is it so strong that the physical boundaries do not distort this Spirit? Can the essence of Singapore (or any country really) be captured into one day? Is the social/cultural fabric similar or different?

I suppose MICA would want me to ‘report’ on the day but I am not entirely sure if I can do that. Everything I blog about, I try to relate back to what I learn in school and what I learn about the world. 

If you are wondering where all this is coming from, I am actually preparing for an exam tomorrow and was reading my Globalisation notes. Hey, I’m still schooling. There are somethings I still have to do.


2010 Report/ Letter

31 12 2010

Everything has been firgured out, except how to live. Jean-Paul Sartre

 Dear world,

So this day has come. 31 December 2010. The last day of the year. Many Youtubers have done 2010 year reviews and I intend to do my own. Unfortunately, I don’t know if the entertainment level would be the same as some of the videos online.

Well, everyone knows what happened in 2010. Obama is rocking out the presidency. He even ended the war ( yeah, it was not that well publised). There is a new healthcare plan in America and the UK raised University fees. Singapore held the F1 again and the very very first Youth Olympic Games. Hmm, what else happened. Snow came to Europe and has packed up there. Wikileaks happened too; which is good for people who do end year reviews. Wikileaks was this years best scanddle. Last year I think it was Obama being president and Tiger Woods sex encounters. (Yeah the King of Pop was there too but the press had more fun with Woods). The I pad came out this year. You know, its just a giant sized itouch. The iPhone 4 was released too. The apple people are geniuses, (and not in terms of their technology). In terms of Youtubers. DeStorm as a new shoe modeled after him. Dave days is switching from paradies to his own stuff ( now not only is he cute, he is talented too).

But you would see this in all other year reviews.

Every year, I write a letter to myself and the very next year I read the letter and reflect. It is a good practise. I (finally) found last years letter and remember my deep and strong feelings towards getting into the school and course of my dreams. You may think now that this is some random rant but not entirely. Every year, around this time, I write two very personally letters, one to myself and another to my readers.

This year, thanks to everyone, I hit my 10,000 views. It was something to celebrate. I don’t see the numbers flying or sky rocketting any time soon but I am glad that I have a generally healthy flow of traffic to my blog. People ask me what do I write about and I tell them life. Sometimes it is personal. Sometimes I am trying to convince you of a cause and sometimes I am not too sure myself. That is life. Life is such a broad topic and I think that is why I love it so much. Like the quote above, no one really knows how to live. And I know many say ‘oh, you need a niche for your blog’. Screw you! Life is a niche. Everyone can relate to it. And when I blog, I figure out how people live and why people live them and try and understand you. And then try to tell you what I understand.

Next year, I will cramming (again) for exams. But I will blog when I have the chance and inspiration. But I plead all of you. Go out to the world and forget that its 2011 tomorrow. Enjoy countdown celebrations. Eat, drink ( don’t drink and drive). Tomorrow will come sooner than any of us will hope. And watch out. I might just be writing my 2011 year review WAY faster than any of us thinks.

All the best for the new year.

Love, Cheyenne.

UK increase in uni fees

10 12 2010

Dear world,
If you do not know, I am not a UK citizen and hence will not be complaining about the increase in university fees in the UK.( international students would still pay full fees… That’s if I was going to UK. But I’m not)
So you do not need click the X on your browser. No complaints about the UK parliament here.
But I was on twitter and I searches ‘university fees’ and everyone spammed the same few messages, asking the same few questions, had plans to walk out on classes on Wednesday at 11am local time etc etc.
I would like to politely inform all the UK students that I feel frustrated as well, but not for the same reason they feel frustrated.
You may think ‘you will never be a UK citizen so you don’t understand ‘ but hear me out.
I may not understand, yes, because even subsidized tuition fees here are rather high ( higher then UK anyways) and £9000 may seem like a reasonably cheap price to pay for an education in university and I still stand by the fact that it still is considerably cheap to get a degree. Slightly over $10000 Singapore dollars if my maths is accurate. (Singapore dollar is strong now, so this might increase in coming months).
I am also trying to understand the UK system alil bit more. Most of the tuition fees are tax payer’s money and in fact most things in UK are paid with tax ( if my sources are accurate). I am not condemning this system but I do not entirely agree with it (neutral stand, don’t want to interfere too much with politics) but I think, there are always two sides to this story.
The students strongly strongly believe in their right of an education, and I will not deny them that right. But a free education in a materialistic world? Nothing in a materialistic world is free. It either has been already paid for or is highly subsidized. but yes, education is very important and you have your right to one. But there is this arguement that came across BBC news and twitter post. One girl on BBC that was interviewed or made a comment or something, well, she said my parents had a free university education, they should be paying the taxes for mine ( trying to remember this from memory) and someon on twitter commented that scottland had free education, why should the UK students have to pay.
I am sorry, no matter how much I try and remember the girl, I keep thinking it was a void argument. it made no real sense. As for the second one, well, that is life for you. If that is the cast I should be arguing that my education should be free too. Most Singapore students do take Cambridge exams.
And well, the government has to do this, to an extent. With the financial crisis several months ago that still affected several countries, the government must make more money than it gives to the people before becoming bankrupt. Then students really will have something to protest about.
Well people feel social injustice, they do not sit back and think. They are just filled with emotion. That was why the protests ended up being violent.
Hope UK hangs in there.

A more dangerous world

21 03 2010


read the article first

Strangely enough, these are one of the few things in the world that we know at the back of our heads but it is very pushed to the front until an article  like this shows up and tells us off.

It is amasing what our world is coming too and what ignorence we have not to learn from misfortunes and beliving that nothing will happen to us. It astounds me how much the human race believes it is more powerful than mother nature that we need not care about her ‘ little power’.

To be honest, some of it is human ignorence while some of it is basically how we work.

I just wanted to share

The Singaporean Dream

6 03 2010

I am currently studying in a JC. The next step in the educational system here is a University education. This is what society expects of me. Sometimes I wonder I am expect of me.

To be honest, I had no intention of contining my education. If I could, I would drop out and travel the world and see and learn and meet people from different walks of life. However, in this fast-paced world, I can not afford it. I will not survive. Without credentials, a job, money, no one can survive. No one can make a mistake because many know that one mistake can cause you everything.

In fact, making mistakes has become a ‘ crime’  in the Singaporean education culture to the extent that students rather not learn, but memorise their texts and encrave the knowledge in their brains and then just ‘copy and paste’ everything back on their examination papers. This is not only seen in primary and secondary educational institutions but also in JCs. No one in my lectures raise any questions of clarification or possible other doubts. People believe whatever the lecturer says is 100percent true. Not me. I like a clear my doubts. I feel very unsafe with uncleared doubts.

Before I side track further, I would like to talk about my project work presentation assignment. It is a mini competition with in school to improve our presentation skills. The questions is ‘ Youths have a role to play in_________’

I have an idea which I intend to build on tomorrow but for now  I just wanted people to think about youths and their roles in society.

Adam Lambert Performance: For your entertainment.

7 02 2010

Dear World!

HAHA. Actually I had a discussion about this video with 2 of my JC friends and I had told them that I havent seen the video. They described it to me and I thought ‘ OMG ADAM HOW COULD YOU!” ( I am a FAN!)

Then I saw the video and I began to laugh. Several Reasons why. Firstly, the song he sang was ” For your entertainment”. Ladies and gentlemen of the world, Adam Lambert is an artistic genius trapped in a world of non-believers. I know I am making it sound like I have joined the ADAM LAMBERT CULT but listen. There is not such cult. Ok I can explain his performance, just people of the world, listen to me.

For your entertainment is a song which Lambert Genius-ly picked out and the dancing, lighting, staging and the whole theme behind it was genius! He did it all for your entertainment. Now you might say you are not entertained. REALLY? You all seem to be going on about how bad an influence he is. How long ago was his performance anyways? Last week?

If anything 4 minute performance that keeps people talking for about a week is not entertainment then I don’t know what is.

I saw everything from start to finish. I watched it again. I listened to the lyrics. Here are the lyrics that struck me the most. ( Oh yeah! I don’t think everything in this world is wrong. In fact I believe people are innocent until proven guilty)

I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet
You thought an angel swept you off your feet
Well I’m about to turn up the heat
I’m here For Your Entertainment

Hey! This is hard to explain. Society believes his actions were…not appropreate. I believe it fits in perfectly which the song, the lyrics and his overall image. Ladies and Gentlemen, sex sells! It is a fact! Even if it is gay sex, it does sell if use well to sell.

You want to know how sex sells? Notice how much publicity Lambert’s performance got over the past week? The number of exclusives? The number of magazines that interviewed him. The number of sites that disagree with his artistic talents and the sites that do agree? The number of views on that video on youtube?

Sex sells ladies and gentlemen. It was a genius performance, admit it. Well thought out, genius theme. I think it was the best thing I have ever seen the entire year and I have seen a lot of new movies recently. Trust me. Adam’s performance was way more appealing than some of the movies I just saw. It had high energy, there was many things happening which was appealing to the eyes, the flashing lights, the flexible dancers, Adam’s  “bold”  moves. It will definitely be a performance that you will not forget.

It does not even matter if you agree of disagree with it. You know you will never forget it.