Nothing in life is free.

14 01 2010

And this doesn’t even apply to money!

Seriously. This post is free. The only thing you will get free from me. But remember, you had to buy the laptop,pay for the internet access ( unless you are in a free hotspot) and you have to pay the electrical bill at the end of the month for charging your laptop. If you ask me where did I get this silly explanation above, I would like to thank my class 4/9 of 2009. I remember this answer and I know which girl said it ( all girls school remember?) but I can’t remember the question…hmmm

Anyways I hope you don’t mind the above wackiness. I am getting to my point.

Last Monday at 2pm, the GCE O level results were released. All my friends and schoolmates went back to school to collect our results. Some had tears of happiness, some had tears of sorrow and some ( like me) just could not believe their results.

Before I go on, I would just like to express my reason to why this post is so late. It is because, if I posted it any earlier it might come off as a bragging post rather than an inspirational one. I will not post the actual results like how many As and Bs I got but I will tell you that I am a 12 pointer. It is not a perfect score but it comes pretty close.

Anyways, to all those who got great results, congrats and I believe all of you will agree with me that we worked our butts off for those results. We either worked unbelievably hard or studied using mind maps, audio tapes or other methods of studying and revising that we know will work for us.

However, I do not wish to discourage those who did not do so well. Exams are not for everyone. This is why school does not work well.

If you were present at any Singaporean school ( I don’t know about the rest of the world), you could hear people tell the top students that they are so smart. “GENIUS AH YOU!” is the slang version or “You are VERY SMART LA!”. I had people tell me what too. Well not really. I am not really smart. In fact I entered secondary school with a low Primary School Leaving examination grade. I worked my butt of for this exam because I had a goal. Some didn’t do well because they were unsure of their goals, others just did not have any and sometimes it is external reasons why one does not do well.

However, work your butt 0ff. Take it from me. I squeezed my brain during the examinations and worked my butt of months before.

I have a friend, Herman. A few months he asked me for my goal grade. I told him 6 which is all As. He said it was impossible. I am from a convent school. A neighbourhood school. I should not dream big.

I might not have reached that goal but I did pretty well, well enough to enter the school which will offer me drama.

A few days ago Herman asked me for my secrets.

I don’t have secrets. I just tried my best and left the rest to God.

Ok. I do have secrets. But when I tell you them, you will think they aren’t really secrets cause you already heard of it. You just haven’t tried it yet.

I use colourful notes, check my work, revise according to how well my brain can cope and use loads of helpful and inspiring phrases. I visualise my results why before hand. You must be a dreamer and you must have courage

Dreams are like stars you may never touch them but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny ( Anonymous)

Courage is not the absence of fear but the acquired ability to move beyond fear. ( Matthew Kelly)


Killer School Bus driver

9 10 2008

This is insane. Stopping a school bus on the train tracks with a train coming. Just because kids were mishaving. Man this bus driver must have at a short temper to want to threaten the kids by letting them get run over by a train.

That is it. American School Buses are scary. I am never boarding one in my life!

What is said stays…

29 07 2008

Secrets. Everyone has them. I love the pharse ‘What is said in this room, stays in this room’. It is a line that swears everyone in the room or discussion to secrecy. That means no one outside of the room knows whatever is said.

 I feel when you are sworn to secrecy, you might as well kept to that promise. Don’t open your big mouth. There are many secrets which the people trust you with. Respect your friends and kept those secrets.I know that some of the best arguments among friends usually happen because someone couldn’t keep a secret. Sad isn’t it?

Size doesn’t matter.

27 07 2008

Today, I was watching my sister and the rest of the floorball team play against a team bigger and rougher than they are. I must admit, I was very impressed. These girls worked very hard and improved from their first match I watched. They fought out there today. They played at their best ( although there may be areas of improvement. I don’t know, I’m just a spectator).

I think they should have won. They fought very hard today. I feel that if they keep fighting for it, they will start wining some games.

Moral of today’s story? Think of it as David and Goliath. David was a small boy who defeated the Giant Goliath with a sling shot ( smart thinking). My sister’s team is like David and with some smart thinking, they throw down some big mean giants. This can be applied for real life and business too.

You have to start off small and work your way up. People may doubt you when you are a small company or business just setting up. Some can be very cruel and make bets on how long they think you will hold out. If you are passionate about your business, fight for it. Show them, prove to them that you can do it. They are only doubting you because they screwed up at their business. ( sorry, off topic).

Once your business is pretty stable, you have two choices.

 One: you can continue having a small and stable business.

Two: you can take the risk and allow your business to grow.

If you pick two, you have to really do some smart thinking. Observe your competition. Study strategies of other successful and big business. Take up their strategies and improve on them. There will come times when you have fight with your competition. This is when you have to pull up your defence and offence at the same time. You want to defend your business but you still need it to grow and gain profit. This is where you need to observe your competition more closely. Watch their moves. There will be ways things can be prevented and moves you can make that will make more of an impact than the move your competition made.

Be careful though. You always need to be three steps ahead of your competition.

Don’t worry, Be happy

19 07 2008

You could say I was thinking about this when I was writing my previous post, Mum vs. Grandma. Well, I was.

I love my life. It has had its ups and downs and its all around, stuff I am proud and not proud of but I will never ever regret each and every experience. Live life to the fullest, that is what I say. If you make mistakes, LEARN FROM THEM. No point crying over spilt milk right? Just don’t spill the milk again.  

Even in the saddest of occasions, you must make it happy. When I was hospitalised, my dad would get me those D.I.Y kits and I would spend hours building something with him. My mum would read to me and I would try to do anything to make me happy. You can’t be happy all the time, that I know but when you are recovering from anything, always try to make the situation happy.  It is best. When people are relaxed and are doing what they enjoy doing, they will recover faster. You are reading the blog of a real life example. 

Always try to make the situation happy. I can’t work with negativity and not alot of people can. At work, ensure that your employees or collages are motivated and given a nice deserved brake after a stressful project. Let your friends be treated to a picnic or a party( picnic would honestly be better). Go in a big group. Make everyone happy.




Desperation:not very deadly

8 07 2008

How do I put this?….

This is complex cause I don’t know how to start. Okay. I’ll try.

There are times where you don’t want to hurt someonebut you have to because you know it is best for both parties. Then the other party blackmails you and threatens you in a way. This is a complete sign of desperation. The other party doesn’t want to let go because it needs that security from you. The other party thinks that by black mailing you, you will come back and pretend to meet your end of the deal and your feelings are completely opposite.  You just have to remember once you are blackmailed, you know the person threatening or blackmailing you is doing so out of complete desperation.

The other party has nothing to lose but that security you gave it. My advice: leave the other party to its misery. If you know what you are doing is the best for both parties then leave that second party in its desperation and misery. There is not much point in a compromise because you are not going to put your heart and soul into it. The compromise, just like the deal before that, would be a waste of time. Just move on. The second party doesn’t need to be given into. They need to move on. You should first before they do. Set the example.

Desperation is pathetic and should not be given into. You only make people spoilt that way.

O.I.O.M: Online Identity Of Me.

15 06 2008

A friend of mine, Derrick, worte an interesting article on his blog about your online Identity. I linked his blog once, I’m sure he won’t mind me linking it again.

I’ve often told myself not to put personal life on my blog. I try not to but alot of stuff I blog about are based on real examples and it isn’t easy trying to figure out a way to put up something that people can relate in their lives without giving an example of it being used in life. It is like telling you that the chocolate cake in front of you is delicious but you don’t know because you haven’t tried it. You might not know people who tried it before too. Therefore, the statement that the cake is delicious is not very credible. People believe it more if there is an example.

Lets not side track. My online identity? I don’t know really. I’m still trying to figure out my real life identity.

Well, if you have been a constant reader, you would probably realise, that this is a blog of a teenage girl. Guys, family, friends etc. etc. I really have to stop with the personal like unless I am trying to prove a point or share a story.  Bad habits are hard to kill, right?  Well, what else would you expect from a teenager?

 Well, if you ask me, when you first start blogging, you tend to write it like you are writing a journal or are talking to a friend. That’s how I started out. Blogging about the most annoying things that life gave to me, back when I was 12. Blogs, to most teens, are considered away for your friends to know what you have been up to with out having to open their mouths. It is also away to vent out all their anger and frustrations. This is to the extent that teens in Singapore have been arrested for putting up racist remarks on their blogs.

Blogs are very open. With the internet, there is no such thing as privacy (unless, may be if you make your blog private. Then it is your secret online diary).  Anyone can read. My chemistry teacher was telling my class about her hobbies or things she loves to do during the holidays. One of them is going to google blog searchand typing her name in the search bar. I tried it with her name and mine and it is amazing the nonsense my seniors and classmates put up on their blogs. Well, alot of things come up, they do not need to be all about you. You if you do take a look, people can post the most random things.

Like most people, I can blog about random things ( have you seen my Go have fun post?). Unlike most people, I can also blog about stuff that I would like people to benifit from. To me, you can go do something or read something but two things are of most importance, one, did you have fun? and two, did you learn something? Nothing else really matters. Take yesterday’s snow city trip.
Did I have fun? YES!
Did I learn something? Yes, next time rent the water proof pants, especially needed when you slide down the ice slide, or not you may end up with ice in you jeans….again….oh and never smile too much in the cold. your checks may freeze in place!

When knowledge, no matter how silly it may be, is gained, it should be shared with the world. Don’t be selfish! What you learn everyday should be shared, although I do not recomend you putting up really long lessons plans teachers make before they have a class. Put up basics and bits and pieces of information here and there, if you must.

You might have a degree from Yale or Harvard, but that doesn’t mean you still have alot to learn about. You might be smart in school but fashion and social wise, you may not score a distinction in those areas. Now, I never thought I would say this ever, but never call a dumb blond, dumb or stupid. Look who has the title of best dressed in the yearbook.  The term intelligent is just another way of sterotyping people.

My group of friends in school have given each one of us nicknames. I’m known as Ms. Drama for my love of the arts and my wacky and dramatic personality, or so my friends tell me. We let people pick their own nicknames and for some of them, I wonder why they choose a strange nickname. I have friends nicknamed Ms Emo, Ms Serenity, Ms Teddy, Ms Joy ( previous name was insane), Ms math, Ms goofy, Ms unique and so on ( I have too many girls to name). There are reasons why they have those names. Ms Math unbelievably bright. Ms Serenity is the oldest of the group and ensures that no major fights happen with in the group. My main role is to be the clown, well, sort of.

Well, I guess that is one side of my offline Identity. What about my online? Wait. What’s the difference? If you think about it, if you just express yourself in a ‘formal’ manner and try and relate your post to something people can learn from, you are, in a way, showing yourself to the world. Now it is just up to the readers to read and hope they see your point of view. 

 If you are a girl trying to show the world that she has what it takes to make a difference and people read and understand your side of the story, then you have  convinced those readers that you have good intentions and intend to carry them out. You should feel proud. You have achieved something ( not sure what it is but it is deninately something). If people read your story and think it was just a waste of their time, then they have misread your intentions. You may need to either adjust your style of writing or figure out something better to blog about.

 (P.S. if you recall me attempting to explain how to write a thousand word essay, this blog post is about 1010 words long.)lol