The longest on-going war, without the violence.

28 01 2009

Hey! I just learnt a really interesting fact. Does any one know that North Korea and South Korea are at war?

It’s true.

The history goes that after World War 2, USA was in South Korea and influenced them to be a democratic country while the USSR was in North Korea and influenced them to be a communist country. The UN tried to get both North and South Korea to become one country. However, USSR disagreed and had their own elections and after that the USA did the same in their respective areas. In 1949, both USA and USSR troops left Korea and the next year, North Korea invaded the south. USA fearing that the Communism was going to spread, went to back up South Korea. The UN joined them. Soon they were near the border between Korea and China and so China felt treathened and helped out North Korea.  Three years laters, they agreed to end the war. HOWEVER, they didn’t sign a peace agreement and at their border, there is a demilitarised zone.

So technically, they are still at war.


Pakistan school girl’s diary

25 01 2009

There is this diary written by a Pakistan School Girl which I am currently following. She reminds me so much of Anne Frank and how much she is suffering in a war. I read her entries and I just recall everything I read about Anne Frank and I feel so fortunate. I feel so lucky. I’m lucky that I am not living in a country which is in a violent conflict. All you will ever find in my diary about conflict is either the non-violent conflict between me and several girls or the wars and conflicts around the world and that is it. When I read diary extracts of that girl, I just stare in awe. Nothing I go through can worse than what she is going through. Nothing all my friends put together can be worse than what she is going through.
I hope she and her family will be ok.


The things that makes life interesting

26 09 2008

This might be a silly statement but I learn a lot in school. Of course. I am suppose to learn a lot in school. I lean about the human body. I learn about conflicts in the world. I learn about natural disasters and…. lots of math. However, one thing I have realised is that the world is a very interesting place. Conflicts.Civil wars. Arguments over Genetically Modified (GM) foods. Save the environment. Cure Aids. Build the wall. Tear down the wall. Do this. Do that. People are so opinionated. You might not like their opinions but then I don’t care about that. Like I have said you have your opinions and I have mine. They may contradict but, then again, who cares?

So anyway, my Social Studies teacher was just finishing up the chapter on the conflict in Northern Ireland and I was just making my Geography notes (which I have yet to complete), and I realised ” People enjoy so much drama”. “People need action. People need something-can be negative and most things in this world are negative- to talk about”. When people watch action-packed films, they love it so much they want to reenact it in real life.

You all need drama to happen to be opinionated. The conflict between the Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland. Good or bad? My opinion: BAD! They both worship the same god. What is the difference between the two of them?  Bloody Sunday was one really sad day. That was the day which the Catholics had to fight for their lives! That day and the days that followed, they had to fight for survival. The turned to the Irish Republic Army, which I understand is a terrorist group. Good or bad? If you have no where to go and you were being bullied very badly and you had someone, bigger, strong, more violent than you to help you out? what would you do? Don’t lie. You will die if you don’t get their help! I could run to them fast. I don’t want to die!

The GM foods. People say not good. People say great. Well, if there wasn’t the risk of eating GM foods, people will then argue that there will be a lose of of biodiversity. Everyone finds something to complain or argue or have an opinion about. DRAMA! Drama is what makes life interesting.

It is a sad truth. You need war and conflicts and people disagreeing to make this world interesting, even if people die in the process. It is a sad truth and it feels really horrible pointing it out. It’s sad. I don’t know.

People just need something to talk about.

Someone please explain…

10 09 2008

HA! This is one good video. I was just randomly searching youtube and it popped out.HA!

I have always had this belief that Christianity and Islam were pretty much the same. They both have eternal life, eternal pain, one god, hatred of homosexuality and women inferios to men. Yes there are many more to name but these were cam out in the video. I am not going to touch on the pork or multiple wives.

I am a christian. I have friends who are muslim. I tell them that Christianity is about love and peace and they tell me that Islam is also about love and peace. You really would think everyone would get along. You like love. I like love. LETS BE FRIENDS! Nope. The two religions which promote peace and love are practising war and hate. I don’t see how two groups of people who believe in peace and love can result in love and hate. I really don’t. It would be appreciated someone could explain to me how two groups of people who believe in love and peace result in war and hate. I would like to know.

Samantha Smith Saved Us.

16 08 2008

I believe there are many moments that my sister can inspire me, right out of the blue. This evening she was telling me about this girl, Samantha Smith.

At the age of 10, she wrote to the Soviet leader on her views about the nuclear war that was going to happen between USA and Soviet Union. She became a very young peace-maker and one of the first few, I believe. She wrote a book about herself and gave countless speeches around the world. She suggested to both countries for the ambessedors to switch a grandchild for 2 weeks every year because they would obviously not want to have a war with a country their love ones are residing in. ( More at Wikipedia).

She was unlike many girls. She stood up for something she believed in. She changed the world. I love proving that one person, even a girl as young as 10, can change the world. That is because usually, one person changing the world usually happens in movies. This is a live example. Sam. I would love to follow your example.

The war students are in.

28 06 2008

Early this week, I predicted that this new semster of school was going to be a battle field on which every student suffers upon and so far I am right.

Teachers are stressing student out and I am in no mood to do anything at the moment. I don’t like to do homework on weekends. If I must do homework, I’ll do it half on Saturday and half on Sunday, work gets done and I don’t stress myself out.

This on-going war between the education systems and students will never end. There is no possible way for students to win this war. It is like Danial and the giant, education systems are represented by Danial and the giant are the students. There are more students than the people working in the Education section. Size did not win the battle with Danial and the giant, same way that numbers will not win students the war. This war is based on power and nothing else.

Students are supressed by the education systems. Recently, the Straits Times, a local newspaper, featured an article and tittled it, Singapore: Tuition Nation. Education systems have become so tough that 9 out of 10 students in Singapore have tuition. The Ministry of Education have requested for teachers to not stress us out so much but it is difficult when the Nation papers, which are set by the Ministry get tougher as the years go by.

Laugh. It’s funny. The Ministry of Education (MOE) told teachersto give us a break when they themselves are making papers more difficult to the extent that if we were given a brake, we would fail the national exam and not get a fantastic education.

I know and understand that MOE has good intentions but sometimes, good intetions can affect people in a very negative way.