the school of the future

5 07 2009

Trust me when I say I am do not only like the school of the future because I want to become a student there. No. I actually believe that that is our future. If were a heading towards a future that is very high-tech and very advance then shouldn’t technology already be intergrating with learning? Shouldn’t all this be already in our classrooms? In my short 15.8 years,I have heard many telling the world ‘The children are our future’. So shouldn’t our future understand and begin to experience what the future is going to be like?

Sometimes I get the vibe from people that in the FUTURE, they are just going to wait for other people to invent stuff and discovery that cure for incurable AIDS. I really do get that vibe.

I just told my mother about this and she keeps going HMMHMM!



A tribute to the King of Pop

26 06 2009

Dear Mr. Jackson,

I am very sorry to hear the sad news. I hope you have lead a very fulfilling life, sir. I thought that you should know that just last year for Halloween, I dressed up as you.

I think you should be very honoured that some consider you the king of pop. There are many girls who have been given the title ‘Pop Princess’ but you were given the ultimate title in my opinion. King of Pop. I bet you are sitting right next to Elvis, the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Did you know he did not live that long either? Kings only live their reign for a short time. Hmmm..

Anyways, when you were younger ( and black) you were so cool, such an inspiration to many. I was not a huge fan but as I grew up, I appreciated your music and talents more and I just loved the way you tried crazy stuff and your videos were really, truely amazing to me.

Sadly to say, my ‘pop hero’ did not last long, sir. You might have had a mental break down or something. I am not too sure but then my pop hero died. Not literally but from the inside out. Your music was still good and great but your image, your look, you changed. I dont know what was going through your mind sir, but I believe a lot of people lost MJ.

So sir, I hope before your life ended you found the MJ we lost. I hope you did.



earth 2030

27 03 2009

Illegal Aliens??? Really??

17 03 2009

So I went to watch race to witchmountain today and it is not a really great movie. However, it did let me realise something. Everyone goes “Oh we need to get rid of all the illegal aliens”. Well, HELLO, of course they are illegal. YOU DON’T HAVE A CHECK POINT FOR ALIENS TO COME AND CHECK THEIR ‘PASSPORTS’.  It is illogical. OF COURSE THEY ARE ILLEGAL. HOW CAN THEY NOT BE?

Lets make aliens legal. Let’s have checkpoints around the globe. We will never hear the term illegal aliens EVER AGAIN.

What it takes to be a leader!

21 02 2009

Every time my principal talks to my school, she always mention the words ‘leader’ and ‘inspire’ and she will always throw in the occassional ‘please girls!’ I guess, my the reactions of my school mates, that most find her morning lectures are scholdings. I would beg to differ. Ms Martens ( a principal like this deserves credit doesn’t she?) has granted us our greatest wish we wanted for years. To be treated like an adult, to be treated with some maturity. And by the looks of it, many still think we did something wrong.

I love it when my Principal or Vice-Principal talks to us. I don’t take them as boring lectures about our behaviour or our attitude. Most of the time I don’t see it as we did something wrong. In school, you are suppose to make mistakes and learn from them. No point NOT learning.

Back to my point. My principal always tells us to be leaders. Easy right?WRONG. According to her, to be a leader, you need to inspire, you need to be true, you need to be responsible. You need to have this long list of qualities to be a leader. Let me brea it down which I feel is the most important one.

You need to inspire. You need to motivate the people you are working with to do what you want them to do. You need to inspire for people to do something. Anything. This applies to everything and not just work and school. When you blog about inspiring things and situations and you make someone want to do something, you are a leader.

So go on everyone. Be leaders of the world.

Inspire. Roll

they want HOW MUCH from MILEY CYRUS???

12 02 2009




I never liked Miley. Never have never will, not even if I get 90% of her profits. She’s a very insecure teenager in my opinion. She is still not over Nick Jonas, she ruined one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs and she has TOO MANY best friends. This asian thing just gave me another excuse to hate her even more!

Lets see, who is sueing her?


…..a Los Angeles woman, Lucie J. Kim……

Ok. How much?

$4 billion.

Yup. Take your 4 billion! I WANT MY RIGHTS!

Ok. I’m not chinese but I am still Asian!


sorry miles….you deserve it.

Palin: at it again?

28 01 2009

NO WAY. Doesn’t Sarah Palin know she was the biggest joke of the 2008 election?  Does she know that? This was such a dramatic election. I believe that McClain could have won IF Palin wasn’t his VP.

Palin is going to make 2012’s election another big drama.

Boy, I can’t wait for this.