Global Isusses: The world and our imperfections

22 11 2008

Dear Readers,

So, after a failed attempt to think of something to blog about, I decided to google ‘Global Issues’. I came up with 71,600,000 websites.I decided to try to narrow my search. So, I googled ‘list of global issues’. I came back with 70,700,000 websites and I just wanted to throw the towel in.

Global Issues seem to be on everyone’s minds. Abortion, homelessness, global warming, etc. etc. I finally found a website which has a list of all the global issues or at least I think it list all the global issues.  Oh boy, that list was LOOOONNNNGGGG.

Global issues are things that people around the world worry about. I didn’t know there were so many things. Seeing that list gave me the clearest picture of the world I have ever had. We aren’t so perfect as we think. We are determing what is right and what is wrong. We have no idea what is right and what is wrong. We don’t know what to do. We don’t have a solution to our problems.  That’s why we call them ‘Global Issues’.

I am going to try and blog about as many global issues as I can before I leave. I thought I would just let you ponder on the many global issuses and imperfections the world is suffering today.

Good Luck,

Cheyenne Phillips


The stars love rehab

15 11 2008

What is it with pop singers and rehab? They go there because they do drugs and smoke and what else they do. They go there as often as who knows but now they aren’t so bad.

Anyways, they love rehab so much that not only are they going to rehab, they are singing about it. Amy Whitehouse started it off. She didn’t want to go to rehad but she had to go, go, go. There were no ‘no, no, no’ about it. Rihanna who just had her concert here, a concert I never knew about, has a song out entitled Rehab. I know its suppose to be some sad romantic love song but still. Rehab? She didn’t even go to rehab! What is she doing singing about rehab?

I wonder if this is a whole big consipricy to promoste rehab centers

Dear sick people in the world and everyone else

8 05 2008

Dear World,

May I ask a question please?
Why are some people in this world so sick?! Today, I was reading a local magazine’s advice section and this letter caught my eye. Well, actually two letters caught my eye, the first one was about this girl who has been forced by her two older brothers to have sex with them and the other was about a divorced father and his daughter having unprotected sex and this one was not forced. She willingly did it.

Usually,I wouldn’t hear of this kind of thing in Singapore. These ‘stories’ are more commonly heard in America or other parts of the world ( no offence). These letters shocked me as it would shock any other Singaporean teenage girl. The letters I must admit were very detailed and it was very difficult to read. I was disguised and appalled.  I know.  Let settle this letter by letter.

Letter A
I’m not going to go into detail because this does not need any publicity. All you need to know is that she’s a teen and her two older brothers force her to have unprotected sex with them.
I find this appalling, don’t you?  Her own brothers!  Family, you know! Family doesn’t do stuff like this! It’s unnatural. It’s against her own will. Seriously! I’m sorry for the poor girl.She’s older than me and this kind of stuff can happen to her. Don’t you feel sorry? What if it was you? Or your sister? Or your best friend? Or your girlfriend? Or cousin? Seriously! Don’t you feel anything!!! Her brothers are heartless and don’t have any values in my opinion. It’s a cruel and heartless act that only can be done by cruel and heartless people.

Now, don’t get me started on the next article because when i read it, I wanted to burn the magazine!

Letter B
Again, no details. Just that she’s 15 and has often had unprotected sex with her father! Her friend saw like them fiddling against her own will and she decided to leave. Good thing she did cause the father would have taken another young girl. His daughter already is under his ‘spell’  and enjoys their ‘quality time ‘ together. I am shocked. These people have no values at all! Her own father! You know how parent want grandchildren? Well, this ‘dad’ must want to be the father of his daughter’s child a.k.a his grandchild!

Really! These sick people have no sense of responsibility or values!  I wouldn’t do it with any of my family members. It’s against my values. I’m going to remain pure.

To all those who waited til marriage, I salute you.

To all those who are actually have the same situation as letter B, open your eyes! That’s your dad who is doing you right now! Not some hot boy you meet at school!!!

Good luck to all.

With regards,
Cheyenne Phillips