Facebook’s evil

20 04 2010

Before anything else, I would like to thank my faithful readers for helping me hit 10000 views over the past 2 years.

Now to my concerning issue.

Facebook. To you and the masses

  • fun
  • interactive
  • good for social networking.

My Opinion? Really? Ok! Individuality killer.

I will agree with the arguement that Social networking sites like Facebook have helped in self-expression and freedom but after a while…I watched my Individuality die. Suddenly, I was tagging everyone. I liked everything. I played the same games as people and my creative juices were not flowing.  I felt I had to practise self censorship to prevent and cyberbullies from attacking me or to prevent the world from seeing my in a different light as compared as what I actually am.

So, I commited cyber suicide.

There are more reasons behind this suicide but this is the only reason relevant to this post.

We, as human, have this complusive need to be the best and show that we are the best/coolest/awesomest and what other adjective you want to use. After a while, I was just building a perfect profile. I had a sexy yet subtle display picture, I had my horoscope on, and I put my IQ on it and other quiz results. Did not have strange pictures or never did strange quizes ( no matter how badly I wanted to). All of a sudden, I was going against everything I believed in. Being myself and showing the world who I was without having to censor anything out. I have to right to share what ever I want but with who I want.

I found that Facebook only allowed me to keep in touch and look at pictures. No point. Useless. Just another thing I put a username and a password on and get it done and over with.

Facebook denied me the security to be myself. In fact I was turning into an alternate self.

Not what I wanted.

I hope all of you don’t get sucked into the vortex called Facebook.

Because just like a blackhole, facebook and such up large communities, organisations and soon there will be nothing left.


A cute story of mixed computer emotions

3 12 2008


just watch it

Apple sold 10 million I-phones: Rumor???

7 10 2008

I don’t believe this. It has only been out a few months. The I-phone could not have possibly be sold to over 10 million people. What is so nice about the I-pone in the first place???

Okay, a lot but there is no possible way they sold 10 million I-phones in 2008 alone!

I don’t believe it…..

I am just glad I am not one of the 10 million has that phone. Can you imagine walking around knowing so many people have the same phone as you? I would freak. It would take away my individuality.

I don’t know. It was just a thought.




24 09 2008

Podcast. I feel like this really ugly and disgusting alien whenever I hear the word Podcast. Mainly because I have no idea what a Podcast it. The Secondary 1s ( or freshmen if you wish to call them) were doing Podcast as a IT project. I know what it is. It is like a recording which you can listen to over and over and over again. It is  like a CD only it can be done by anyone.

I really don’t understand. Why is there a need for Podcast? If you are going to go on about your ex, then no one is going to bother to listen to a word you say. Podcast, if going to be used for that reason, is going to be a waste of space on the internet. I say if you want Podcast, make them useful!

Sims Complete Collection

11 06 2008

Ha! OK to all using vesta and are wondering why your sims won’t save or import family, right click on the sims icon and click run as adminstrator and have fun!

The newest Wii gaming technology

7 06 2008

The lastest  gaming technology is currently sitting in my living room, being played by my ‘baby’ cousin and I honestly, can’t help but watch him destroy all the phantoms with the help of Spiderman and one of his sidekicks which are originally his enemies but they join forces to defeat the phantoms which is a greater enemy. This technology is known as Wii. It is a wireless gaming programme which uses a remote control and signals from the remote are picked up by a senser, which sits on top my television as I am blogging. He is a big fan of Spiderman and videos games so a video game about Spiderman gets him really hyper.  He is not letting us touch the remote.  HAHA!

Gaming technology has really advanced, from board games to playstation to gameboys to portalble play station to Wii. Games are extremely addictive. My younger cousin is now pouting that he can’t play Spiderman any more. Well, come on, he’s been playing Spiderman for two hours stright and he has one at home and the one sitting in my living room is brand new. We just set it up. Now Mr. Pouty face is giving the attitude. He wants to play a bit. That look used to work on us, but now, although he’s called the baby, it just gets plain annoying. All I see from him right now is attitude.

Games are so additive, people enjoy playing games than watching tv because the game gets people involved in the programme. The most tv can do to make people involved it ‘If you text in now, you stand to win $1000 worth of beauty products’. Same reason why games are more expensive than a ticket to the movie. My friend, Derrick, wrote an interesting article on his blog about games vs. movies. Here is the link : http://derrickkwa.com/archives/providing-an-immersive-experience/ 

Hope you have fun gaming!