UK increase in uni fees

10 12 2010

Dear world,
If you do not know, I am not a UK citizen and hence will not be complaining about the increase in university fees in the UK.( international students would still pay full fees… That’s if I was going to UK. But I’m not)
So you do not need click the X on your browser. No complaints about the UK parliament here.
But I was on twitter and I searches ‘university fees’ and everyone spammed the same few messages, asking the same few questions, had plans to walk out on classes on Wednesday at 11am local time etc etc.
I would like to politely inform all the UK students that I feel frustrated as well, but not for the same reason they feel frustrated.
You may think ‘you will never be a UK citizen so you don’t understand ‘ but hear me out.
I may not understand, yes, because even subsidized tuition fees here are rather high ( higher then UK anyways) and £9000 may seem like a reasonably cheap price to pay for an education in university and I still stand by the fact that it still is considerably cheap to get a degree. Slightly over $10000 Singapore dollars if my maths is accurate. (Singapore dollar is strong now, so this might increase in coming months).
I am also trying to understand the UK system alil bit more. Most of the tuition fees are tax payer’s money and in fact most things in UK are paid with tax ( if my sources are accurate). I am not condemning this system but I do not entirely agree with it (neutral stand, don’t want to interfere too much with politics) but I think, there are always two sides to this story.
The students strongly strongly believe in their right of an education, and I will not deny them that right. But a free education in a materialistic world? Nothing in a materialistic world is free. It either has been already paid for or is highly subsidized. but yes, education is very important and you have your right to one. But there is this arguement that came across BBC news and twitter post. One girl on BBC that was interviewed or made a comment or something, well, she said my parents had a free university education, they should be paying the taxes for mine ( trying to remember this from memory) and someon on twitter commented that scottland had free education, why should the UK students have to pay.
I am sorry, no matter how much I try and remember the girl, I keep thinking it was a void argument. it made no real sense. As for the second one, well, that is life for you. If that is the cast I should be arguing that my education should be free too. Most Singapore students do take Cambridge exams.
And well, the government has to do this, to an extent. With the financial crisis several months ago that still affected several countries, the government must make more money than it gives to the people before becoming bankrupt. Then students really will have something to protest about.
Well people feel social injustice, they do not sit back and think. They are just filled with emotion. That was why the protests ended up being violent.
Hope UK hangs in there.


My guide: Surviving Singapore’s Schools

25 08 2009

I was kind of inspired by Ned’s declassified school survival guide. But that is mainly for american kids. It  can be applied to Singapore students but we have a different way of doing things. So I thought I help the future and current graduating school students out and make this guide. I am reviewing the structure of my blog and thinking of doing a survival guide on life in general. I am still thinking about it but my O levels are in the way so I have to rethink a lot of things.

So we just had our English oral examinations. EVERYONE LISTEN TO THESE TIPS.

  • Tip #1: Chill. Even if it involves throwing ice down your blouse. I am not just talking about to keep cool because of the warm weather. Keep your nerves down.
  • Tip #2: Orals are easy. So don’t worry and don’t study. When you are nearing your orals, you come up with strange creative ways to ‘ study’ oral. There is a structure and things you should take note off but nothing you can’t see and think of with your brain. Be creative when you begin.
  • Tip #3: Examiners truely hate it when you completely treat this like an examination. Most have a nice smile on their faces and encourage you to do your best.
  • Tip #4: During conversation throw in a joke or two but don’t over do it. Make sure it is related the to topic and if your joke fails just smile.
  • Tip #5: Orals are like going to an interview. Make sure your hair is neat. Your shoes, cleans. Your blouse pressed, your teeth clean. Don’t eat garlic or onions. Have a tictac od drink something fruity before entering the examination all.
  • Tip #6: Have fun. If you have fun the examiner will too. It is an added bonus and you score higher.

All the best!


The war students are in.

28 06 2008

Early this week, I predicted that this new semster of school was going to be a battle field on which every student suffers upon and so far I am right.

Teachers are stressing student out and I am in no mood to do anything at the moment. I don’t like to do homework on weekends. If I must do homework, I’ll do it half on Saturday and half on Sunday, work gets done and I don’t stress myself out.

This on-going war between the education systems and students will never end. There is no possible way for students to win this war. It is like Danial and the giant, education systems are represented by Danial and the giant are the students. There are more students than the people working in the Education section. Size did not win the battle with Danial and the giant, same way that numbers will not win students the war. This war is based on power and nothing else.

Students are supressed by the education systems. Recently, the Straits Times, a local newspaper, featured an article and tittled it, Singapore: Tuition Nation. Education systems have become so tough that 9 out of 10 students in Singapore have tuition. The Ministry of Education have requested for teachers to not stress us out so much but it is difficult when the Nation papers, which are set by the Ministry get tougher as the years go by.

Laugh. It’s funny. The Ministry of Education (MOE) told teachersto give us a break when they themselves are making papers more difficult to the extent that if we were given a brake, we would fail the national exam and not get a fantastic education.

I know and understand that MOE has good intentions but sometimes, good intetions can affect people in a very negative way.