The race towards inclusion

1 10 2008

I had my Comprehension exam today. The passage was about Team Hoyt. You might have heard of them. The passage makes them look all high and mighty but then all passages usually make the main characters high and mighty so I have nothing to complain there.

It is a pretty amasing effort by Dick Hoyt. Rick was born being almost a vegetable. Thanks to engineers at a University, using slight head movements, Rick can type out his thoughts on an interactive computer.  He had to deal with all the stares and rude comments behind his back. Well, technically his dad did all the work. He did it for his son. I think that is what matters the most here. 

Check out their website.

This was my comprehension passage:


Formula One’s Night Race tonight

28 09 2008

So Formula  One is in Singapore and tonight is the big race. This is the very first night race in F1history and this is the very first time Singapore is hosting an F1 race.

To be perfectly honest, I am not a major F1 fan. The only thing I know about F1 is that there is this racer, Lewis Hamilton (if the spelling is wrong, my apologies) and that there is this team named Ferrari and to know only these facts about F1 shows that I am an F1 loser. I know nothing about F1 expect that it is a big race.

Anyways the race is tonight and I have no intention of watching. I pity all those people going out to watch the race today. They only get one tiny look at the car before it disappears before their vey eyes. It is also a nice breeze when they drive by.

Still, I want to wish all the divers good luck tonight and may the fastest car win.

Sports day, my way

8 08 2008

Today was sports day for my school which was held at Temasak Polytechnic.  I was participating in SAC Cup, which is something like human fussball. 5 players in a team and we kick a ball around trying to score goals. It is like street soccer only it is mini and players are attached to a string. I played goalie ( that means I could hold the ball with my hands 🙂 ). [Out of point].

Moments before our first match, a team mate asked if one of my class mates(A.S)  could take over my position. I told her no. This was decided and confirmed weeks ago.  A.S wasn’t  suppose to play because she was on long term MC and although I was on MC too, I asked our P.E. teacher if it was perfectly fine with me playing, and she said yes. So I rushed to the sign up. I was like a little kid at Christmas, jumping up and down excitedly because i finally got what I wanted.

Now, just like a little kid, I didn’t want to lose what I desired. Usually, I would give in and say yes. However, being able to participate in sports day for the first time in my very short life was something I would never toss a side, even to let someone else have fun. I give in to people too often to the extent that some of them take advantage of me and I didn’t want it to happen today. I ended up saving as many goals as possible. We won our first match, 2: 1 however lost our second match to the ‘masters’ of soccer 4:2. The second match was just like the match of Singapore versus Brazil a while back. We knew there was a big chance we lose but at least we scored.

I wonder what the scores would have been if A.S played.  Would we have lost? Would we have lost badly? Would we have won with a better score? It does matter because, after observing my classmates for about 8 months or so, many lack sporstmanship. The idea of them blaming me and Zana for the lost was not at the back of my mind. It was the first thing I thought after our second match. Good thing no arguements came about.

The important thing  is I had fun. In fact, I want to play next year too. Plus, my lesson learnt today: don’t give in to any one if it may cost you your happiness.

Who do I side?

29 07 2008

Tonight Singapore’s selection soccer team played against Brazil’s Olympic team. I’m sorry. I have to say this. Some one decided to play a really sick joke. Singapore vs. Brazil. My homeland against my favorite team in the whole world. Who do I side? My home land. Or my favorite team ever? Erm.

By now the match would have been over. I don’t know the score. I hope it is a tie.

I guess you never thought I was soccer fan. Well, I am. Now, do I go for my national team or my favorite team? To me, it is a strange joke. Sigh oh well.

Ex hockey player runs the school now.

1 07 2008

ms martensAn ex sprint runner of Singapore’s national team came to my school to day to talk to us about Olympic spirt. Majority of us were not interested in most of it, except may be the part about our Principle Ms Melanie Ann Martens being an ex hockey player for Singapore and later went to play for Australia.

It is alot to live up to, all the awards. We are all very proud to have her on our ‘team’ but to live up to all her acheivements and reconitions will not be easy. We are trying our best to make our school proud.

Ms Martens has so far run this school with the qualities and values of the Olympics, if you ask me. We are to respect everyone, aim for excellence and be friends with all.

I think she is doing a good job. I hope to do her proud.

O.I.O.M: Online Identity Of Me.

15 06 2008

A friend of mine, Derrick, worte an interesting article on his blog about your online Identity. I linked his blog once, I’m sure he won’t mind me linking it again.

I’ve often told myself not to put personal life on my blog. I try not to but alot of stuff I blog about are based on real examples and it isn’t easy trying to figure out a way to put up something that people can relate in their lives without giving an example of it being used in life. It is like telling you that the chocolate cake in front of you is delicious but you don’t know because you haven’t tried it. You might not know people who tried it before too. Therefore, the statement that the cake is delicious is not very credible. People believe it more if there is an example.

Lets not side track. My online identity? I don’t know really. I’m still trying to figure out my real life identity.

Well, if you have been a constant reader, you would probably realise, that this is a blog of a teenage girl. Guys, family, friends etc. etc. I really have to stop with the personal like unless I am trying to prove a point or share a story.  Bad habits are hard to kill, right?  Well, what else would you expect from a teenager?

 Well, if you ask me, when you first start blogging, you tend to write it like you are writing a journal or are talking to a friend. That’s how I started out. Blogging about the most annoying things that life gave to me, back when I was 12. Blogs, to most teens, are considered away for your friends to know what you have been up to with out having to open their mouths. It is also away to vent out all their anger and frustrations. This is to the extent that teens in Singapore have been arrested for putting up racist remarks on their blogs.

Blogs are very open. With the internet, there is no such thing as privacy (unless, may be if you make your blog private. Then it is your secret online diary).  Anyone can read. My chemistry teacher was telling my class about her hobbies or things she loves to do during the holidays. One of them is going to google blog searchand typing her name in the search bar. I tried it with her name and mine and it is amazing the nonsense my seniors and classmates put up on their blogs. Well, alot of things come up, they do not need to be all about you. You if you do take a look, people can post the most random things.

Like most people, I can blog about random things ( have you seen my Go have fun post?). Unlike most people, I can also blog about stuff that I would like people to benifit from. To me, you can go do something or read something but two things are of most importance, one, did you have fun? and two, did you learn something? Nothing else really matters. Take yesterday’s snow city trip.
Did I have fun? YES!
Did I learn something? Yes, next time rent the water proof pants, especially needed when you slide down the ice slide, or not you may end up with ice in you jeans….again….oh and never smile too much in the cold. your checks may freeze in place!

When knowledge, no matter how silly it may be, is gained, it should be shared with the world. Don’t be selfish! What you learn everyday should be shared, although I do not recomend you putting up really long lessons plans teachers make before they have a class. Put up basics and bits and pieces of information here and there, if you must.

You might have a degree from Yale or Harvard, but that doesn’t mean you still have alot to learn about. You might be smart in school but fashion and social wise, you may not score a distinction in those areas. Now, I never thought I would say this ever, but never call a dumb blond, dumb or stupid. Look who has the title of best dressed in the yearbook.  The term intelligent is just another way of sterotyping people.

My group of friends in school have given each one of us nicknames. I’m known as Ms. Drama for my love of the arts and my wacky and dramatic personality, or so my friends tell me. We let people pick their own nicknames and for some of them, I wonder why they choose a strange nickname. I have friends nicknamed Ms Emo, Ms Serenity, Ms Teddy, Ms Joy ( previous name was insane), Ms math, Ms goofy, Ms unique and so on ( I have too many girls to name). There are reasons why they have those names. Ms Math unbelievably bright. Ms Serenity is the oldest of the group and ensures that no major fights happen with in the group. My main role is to be the clown, well, sort of.

Well, I guess that is one side of my offline Identity. What about my online? Wait. What’s the difference? If you think about it, if you just express yourself in a ‘formal’ manner and try and relate your post to something people can learn from, you are, in a way, showing yourself to the world. Now it is just up to the readers to read and hope they see your point of view. 

 If you are a girl trying to show the world that she has what it takes to make a difference and people read and understand your side of the story, then you have  convinced those readers that you have good intentions and intend to carry them out. You should feel proud. You have achieved something ( not sure what it is but it is deninately something). If people read your story and think it was just a waste of their time, then they have misread your intentions. You may need to either adjust your style of writing or figure out something better to blog about.

 (P.S. if you recall me attempting to explain how to write a thousand word essay, this blog post is about 1010 words long.)lol