I wonder how god does his job

12 06 2008

sims charectorsPlaying Sims is not the easiest game in the world to play! I was trying to play with just two charectors and I’m fed up! I wonder how god feels.

Being god aint easy. He handles how many hundreds and thousands of people all over the world. Sims gives you a taste of how god works but if you gave a human the job of handling the entire world, oh boy. One, you will have a crummy world ( have you watched bruce almighty?) and two, the person will give up after knowing what it is is like being god. We should give the big guy up the some credit worrying about everyone in the world.

Then again, everyone goes about saying god has this master plan he drew out about 5000  years ago. OH, so thats how you play Sims! You make a plan and then you play it. What if people don’t want to do what your plan is? Ask god what happens next. When what you planned to happened, doesn’t happen. In the mortal world, if you plan something and it back fires you say its gods will. If you were god, looking down on everyone and noticed that what you planned 5000 years ago is not happening, then what do you say? Its gods will. But you are god! Then  its the people’s will.

You can’t help but wonder about these things.


Sims Complete Collection

11 06 2008

Ha! OK to all using vesta and are wondering why your sims won’t save or import family, right click on the sims icon and click run as adminstrator and have fun!

Lets be God!!!

19 05 2008


Sims is a very popular game of the 21st century. This game allows you to be god. (I’m still annyed that the thing won’t save my game!)

 Imagine having the powers of God or an all powerful being. To be able to decide who lives and who dies, who falls in love and who gets fired. Sims complete collection, in away, allows this power to be granted onto you. Sims complete collection, however, includes the existences wizardry, which is only a myth in reality.

It’s not easy playing Sims. It is best played during the holidays, when you have a long day to do nothing and can sleep into the dead of the night. Why? well, it’s very time consuming. No wonder God took Sunday off. It is very frustrating too( especially when it won’t save!). Imagine. God can’t suddenly save the game and let the people freeze there in time. No, or at least I don’t think so.

Yea. Life is not a game. It’s not a computer. You can’t pause. There are no do overs or restarts or new games or uninstalling or deleting. We can’t ‘delete’ a person when they piss you off. It’s not that easy. We wish it was that easy but it’s not. Let’s be God and play Sims. If you have the same problem of not being able of saving and solved it, let me know!

OH and if you want to know how the world might end try this game:
God’s playing field.