Alot of nosie was made about the day of silence

19 04 2009

On the 17th of April, students across 100 collages and universities in the United States participated in the day of Silence which was officially sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network. They wore shirts saything that being gay was ok with them and kept silence for a period of time to support those who were silenced due to their sexutality.

I feel that this is a good example of what should be happening. Not the keepiong silent bit ( although we do have so much noise in the world) but the acceptance of homosextuality. A lot of religious people like to say that homosextuality is against God. That God hates the GAYS.

Sigh. Just throw the bible back at them. God created us in his image. He made us all special. He loves all the children of the world ( which also includes the adults).

If you want throw science at them. Dolphins do commit homosextual acts. After a while they will be trapped in a box they can’t get out of. However, the best thing it to leave people alone. Let them believe what ever they want to. Even if their insults hurt.


Stuff you didn’t know about the holidays

27 03 2009

Happy Cannosian Saints day!

27 02 2009

Today, my school celebrated the feast day of the saints we live our lives after.  After the mass, there was installation of the class commitee and I was there, being presented to my school mates and my biggest fear was not being able to inspire them. Not being able to see how they develop our school.


Yeah. Good day.

You know what would have made it better.

If things with my friends and I patched up.

When I am in the mood I’ll talk about it alittle bit


3 01 2009

Hey. So I was studying ( yes this early in the year I am studying) my Social Studies. Actually I was just reading my text book 0n the topic of terrorism and how it effects the world and blah blah blah.

What caught me was how people use religion, twist it and sell it to the world and if you don’t believe it, you die! Religion is religion you know. Something everyone needs. Religion allows you to believe in things that science might not be able to explain and everyone needs something to believe in. To twist a story, especially stories religions tell to get people to do as you say is just …wrong. Doesn’t matter what religion. The moment you twist that, that is just wrong.

Terrorism is the harshest thing in the world and I can’t see me or my friends breaking up to join different terrorist groups and have a major battle on who is the better religion.  I can’t see that. I wouldn’t join some Christianity terrorist group ( yes there are such things). They can try and brain wash me and lock me, give me no food for who knows how long.

Terrorism, according to my text, used to be small scaled until 9/11. That might just be the most shocking thing to happen to the world. When the news of that came through every one just dropped all their jaws to the ground ( and flies decided to make their mouths a new home…). Seriously. That was huge.

Sigh. People say there is no way terrorism will stop. I beg to differ. It can if we choose to make it stop.

God’s love letter to you

1 01 2009

sorry i just love this video

It is Christmas time again

24 12 2008

Still in Canberra but I gave up with putting Australia trip 08 every time I posted a new entry. I lost count of all the entries I’ve done in Australia. So still in Canberra. A couple of hours pasted Christmas and it will be Christmas in Singapore in a couple of hours.

I love how Christmas brings many people together. That is the beauty of Christmas. Seeing loads of people into the festivities, that is Christmas Magic right there. I love that the suburbs in Australia always have a few houses with lights up. They have houses with big lights that you can see from afar. To run that is a lot of electricity but I am sure every one who sees these houses are very grateful and astounded.

I wonder what everyone back home is doing for Chirstmas.

Drop me a line. What are you doing for Christmas?

I’m 15 and I believe in Santa

23 12 2008

Strange as it sounds I do believe in Santa Clause. Which kid doesn’t want to believe in a friendly old man who gives you free gift every year as long as you are good? I believe in Santa. He is very much alive in my heart.

You don’t believe? Why? Because seeing is believing?

Let me ask you something.

Do you believe in a million dollars? You do? Have you ever seen a million dollars up close?

Doesn’t mean you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

Remember that everyone. Kids reading, especially remember this. Go up to your parents and ask them if they believe in a million dollars and ask if they have ever seen it.