Harry Potter and the Half done review

21 07 2009

lol. I adore the title to this post. Harry Potter and the half blood prince is a good movie. I watched in on friday and i thought that today i take a quick break off my studying and give my ‘oh so important’ review.

( I am really tired from studying and I have tition tonight so give me a break yeah?)

Mr. Potter, Ms Ganger and RON! ( he is so CUTE!) come back for another year at horwarts. Their adventures include the evil dark lord vodermort ( which noone seems to pay attention to the fact that he is a half blood and all the pure bloods are death eaters….hmmm) this movie can be funny. this movie is adventurous and trilling and it is such a chick flict too with the new relationships. Some charectors which did not plan major part now have their 15 minutes of fame. Ron ( dramatic sigh) gets a new relationship… Giney has some interesting love issues .. Harry found new feelings so did Hermione and Dumbledore….well lets leave that to the movie shall we. All those who read the book ( I have the full collection…ps HP is better than twilight) dnt spoil the ending okay.



7 06 2009

People use a lot of words. To me, words are just what they are. Words. Words without actions are just words. People tell each other they love you or that they care. Sorry is another popular one.

They are all words. Words mean nothing to me. It’s the actions. I love actions people show others. I find them more real. I really do. I don’t know how to explain it. People use words all the time. People say stuff they dont mean or cause friendships to die because of the words they say. I believe in actions. Cause actions speak louder than words.

I try and watch the words I use. I never want to make people assume stuff I dont mean.

Where do I go?

13 05 2009

I would love to thank Fran to introducing me to this song. However, your interpretation of it might be very different from mine. Lets look at the lyrics.

Twenty thousand miles from the place I call home

And twenty some odd years since the day I was born

And I’m searching, I’m still searching for answers
( Always have been searching for answers, since the day I was born. I never knew what was truely the right think to do. Like one of those situations where you killed a guy out of self defence)

People have often told me to chose a different road

That this one can get ugly, twisting turns that just grow old

But I’m walking, I don’t care if I’m walking alone
(I have considered myself adventurous and brave. But sadly, the few I can’t stand up to are the ones who care about me. I can’t stand up for who I am).

And I’m, screaming into the dark

Searching for an answer, where do I go from here?
( Screaming into the dark: hopeless. No one will find me. No one will truely help me. There is not much hope for me left. Try searching for something in a dark room. Hopeless right?)

I, I don’t know where I’m headed

Or if this is just a big mistake
( I have had my share of mistakes but every action I seem to take is a mistake. Everything I do is a mistake. I have no direction right now. I am lost. I made my mistake…I just don’t know what it is)
Something’s telling me that falling down

Is a chance that I’ll just have to take
( failing? hurting the majority? Is it really an option for me? Am I capable of doing so?)

I get on the bus and put down my bags

And take a final glance at the only home I’ve known

At the only home I’ve ever known
( When there was a situation I felt at home, now I am walking away from it. I felt wanted and cared for and understood. Very understood. Am I letting that all go for a reason? Yes. Am I letting it go for a good enough reason?…. I am unsure of that answer.)

And I’m screaming into the dark

Searching for an answer, where do I go from here?
(Was I pressured? Did the darkness pressure me? Did I get too scared? Was screaming into the dark and yelling at it and fighting it back getting hopless for me? Was it getting tiring for me?)

All of my life, I’ve been so comfortable

But I always knew, that there’d come a day

When I’d have to get out, get out
( 3 people as of now have told me that I am easily pressured. Is this the incident I break out and stand up for myself? Live for my happiness and not the happiness of everyone else?)

I’m sreaming into the dark, searching for an answer

Where do I go from here?
( Is there really hope? should I give up? Should I carry on?)

And I’m standing still but I can’t catch my breath

Already running as fast as I can but going nowhere

Where do I go from here?
(Is this failing me? Is this me falling? Is this me trying to fight back? Do I have the energy to fight back? Can I fight back? Do I want my happiness?)

That was a bit of soul searching too. But that is what the song meant to me.

The golden compass…is it really that golden.

2 05 2009

My sister is letting me muse her laptop cause my laptop charger is not working:(.

You know what. I hate the golden compass. No offence to anyone and I know that it was showed a few years ago and this is a late report but I really dislike the Golden Compass.

Everyone says the Golden Compass is against Christianity but that is not the reason why I dislike it so much. Looking at it with a drama/theater back ground ( even though it is not a stage show), I just can’t see thee big hit factor about this big hit wonder.

The begining and the end I will admit are my favorite parts of the show. I am intriguted by the demons and this magical world that Dust connects us to. I love the end when they have the big shown and help the kids escape and she flies of in this air machine to find her father. What I seriously can’t stand is everything in the middle! The transitioning is completely off. OK lets go step by step.

She goes stay with her so called mum. Then she realises her mum is the head of the goblers. Then she runs away and the people she used to live  take her to the middle of the ocean as a part of a bigger thing all together. They find her friend without his demon. The polar bear fights for his crown. Yeah then its the end.

Then they keep going on about this propercy. WHAT IS IT? WE THE AUDIENCE DO NOT KNOW!!!

Why is her mum the head pf the goblers?

Why is her mum going to kill her dad?

How come nicole kidmans demon is a monkey!

all these questions the movie has yet to answer.

What is more?  There hasnt been plans for a second movie….

Not reaching the bar

30 04 2009

I hate this. I just have had something bugging me for a while and I have to get this off right now.

Worse thing about this post is that I will be going totally negative on my school and I usually have nothing to say but now I just find this a little too unfair.

On Tuesday, the upper secondary students went down to the hall for an informal prize giving ceremony. I was upset to find out the day before I was not up for any awards. I am usually tough on myself, expecting full marks, awards and perfection. When I received news that I had not received any award, I went from cheerful to depressed. The award I wanted and I thought I deserved was the Performance Award, which is based on your Co-Curriculum Activity (CCA). I know I was not in any competitions. I wasn’t give the opportunity to represent my school ( I am in drama and to get a role you have to audition which I did….and didn’t get it…seniors get priority my foot!). I was asked to do various other tasked that helped my CCA. I helped train the Secondary 1s! I was the only senior to train all 16 freshmen! I do think I get some sort of credit! What! They could give all of those 180 girls a certificate, they could not afford to print just one more?

They say they want to recognize our talents and achievements. Our strengths and our hard work. I wonder if they really look into who deserves it and who doesn’t.

I don’t know. I might be acting like a sore loser and I well aware of that. With my testimonial being written, one can’t help but worry. My testimonial determines my future…sort of. Under my CCA it will just say ‘member of drama from 2006 to 2009’ and that is it. The one thing I am passionate about and all everyone is going to see on my testimonial is that I was a member. I was not special. Who wants to be remembered as that right?

My best friend knew I wanted that award. I am not too sure if they were convinced if I deserved it though.

I am not sure a lot of people did.Sadly I Can't

Blood Diamonds

16 04 2009

Diamonds are any girl’s best friend. Buy her a diamond have alittle patience and she will do anything you ask of her. Well…almost anything.

For geography, me and my classmates made a song about the blood diamonds. It is a sad truth that people do die for those small tiny rocks. It is true that if I go straigh to the source, I will buy diamonds at 3 bucks.

Diamonds are very well marketed if you ask me. We have a large supply of diamonds ( yes we do! look it up) and yet being completely human, we love shiny stuff. So they take those small dirty rocks, polish them, cut them, put them on a ring and you buy it for a couple of hundreds of dollars. Man, don’t we wish we all are in that business?

It is amazing. The way diamonds are marketed such a way that people believe that it is tradition to give a girl a diamond ring when you wanna marry her. In the mists of getting married and bringing happiness, someone died. A small kid paid with his life while you paid cash. Think about it when you get a diamond ring.

Am I doing the right thing?

14 04 2009

Don’t you hate life? Sometimes it gets just too confusing and you have to make choices. This is why I hate life.

I hate making choices. Sometimes I just wish I didn’t have free will. I take instructions so freakishly well. I will someone just passed me all the choices I will ever make in life and get it done and over with.

Nah…not always. Sometimes I like the choices I make. Now the biggest choice of all righ now. Chose something conservative or liberal? Something everyone likes or something you like?

My cousin tells me follow my heart. My heart speaks very very strongly towards being liberal. Speaking out, sticking out like the sorest thumb ever. I really dont mind.

I really think I am doing the right thing.

I’m not to sure yet.