Welcoming 2011 with a new habit.

28 12 2010

Adventure must start with running away from home. William Bolitho.

Dear World,

I know it is a coupld of days before the actual new year, but I thought I would promise my readers that I will commit to a new habit. What brought this on you might ask? Well, recently, I have been reading some articles and blogs about improving my writing. Many mention a form of a niche, something I concerntrate on. But, being me, I can’t really do that. I have too many opinions about way too many things. So, to try and keep my blog fresh, I will commit myself to find appropreate quotes to start each post.

I happen to like quotes. And may be it will help you too.

Let’s look at the one that starts this post. Adventure must start with running away from home.

I hope everyone gets that there is a potential hidden meaning under this quote. Home= security. ANYTHING that makes your feel secure. Adventure is all about taking risks; stepping out of your comfort zone.

There are a few reasons why this quote kind of starts off 2011, although not officially. Firstly, next year is my A level year and in terms of my theatre studies,  I might have to take big risks in order to be able to try and hit my best potential. Secondly, its a dare for you. In 2011, I would like everyone reading this to try and do something really really unusual for you. Be it bungee jumping or trying some new mexican cuisine. You don’t have to do it at the BEGINNING of the year. Take your time with this. If you know you can get impatient try a jig saw puzzle, 750 pieces.

Actually, everyday has potential for new experiences and new posibilities. You just need to run away from ‘home’ and take that risk.


quotes from people like you and me

14 10 2008

Some interesting quotes from real people:

  • I spent three weeks in los angeles to capture a feel for that setting
  • I am really feeling like that would be a good thing
  • i say i don’t feel like going to school thus i am not going
  • i feel this whole relationship is a one way street
  • i feel i cant relate to any of them
  • i feel a song coming on
  • i feel like a grown up today
  • i feel better
  •  I feel old with out my lappy
  • i feel bad
  • i have to say I feel pretty good about what we did today.

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Good advice for your whole life long.

8 10 2008

A friend is entering the army tomorrow. It is mandatory for all Singaporean guys. It’s more popular term would be National Service or NS. His blog post about it was very depressing. I know he doesn’t want to go but he has to, so he has to deal with it. I left a comment  saying ” Why are you treating going to army like it was something meant to torture you and take you away from the things you enjoy going?”. Yup, I said that and now I think I am being a busy-body blogging about it.

Don’t get me wrong, NS has been said to be two of the most tiring years any Singaporean guy will face but then again, it depends on the guy. Lets try to put it in a situation you can understand. Say you are going to do something you hate but you have no choice because it is mandatory. You would probably feel very negative. I would at first, but then I’ll think about it and day dream about the possibilities and I’ll say to myself “I haven’t done it yet, so I can’t judge how bad it is going to be”.

Treat everything like an adventure. Wake up to a new day knowing there is an adventure coming, even if it is just work or school. Jump out ( or crawl out) of bed and get ready for a day where anything can happen. You can get a promotion or an A for a test. You might lose a friend or gain new ones. I can’t tell you. I didn’t write the book of destiny! LOL! If I did, I would turn the whole world upside down.

Anyways, that is the advice for your whole life. Treat everyday like an unexpected adventure.