Muslim shot when attempted to assasinate cartoonist

2 01 2010

Just read the above link.Then read my post.


The world is just pissing me off. AND I DON’T BLAME THE MUSLIM DUDE.

What history we do not learn we will repeat.

This happened in ….world war 2 if  I am not wrong. Where pictures of the Jews were drawn to make fun of them and mock them.

SAME THING.  If you draw a bomb coming out of Muhammad’s head, someone will get pissed off and want to kill you. SO no I don’t totally blame the 3 Muslim guys that wanted to kill him. He aroused the feelings of them to piss them off so much that they would want to kill him.

Agreed, they properly should not have tried to kill him but if you look at it. If you are a Muslim guy and you try to walk up to this Cartoonist house to talk to him, you will already look suspicious and he might stop the drawings.  We also have to remember that these people are extremist and not all Muslims are like this although the drawings are rather …well I have no idea how to describe the drawings. I just know this Kurt dude put himself on the list of people the extremist Muslims want to kill.

I think if I show my best friend those cartoons she would want to give Kurt a good talking to. And trust me my best friend is not an extremist but she’ll woop your ass if you insult her religion.


My country of the year

16 04 2009

So, tomorrow is international day. We are highly encouraged to dress up according to the different coutries of the world. I intend to be french tomorrow. Yup and I am watching Cats after school tomorrow. I am spending to learn french. I have the Italian book but the website gives free recordings for french. Collins Pharsebook and Dictionary website. Have fun. I will take pictures and post them up as soon as possible.

I love international friendship day. I love learning about the different cultures and knowing about other people. I love the diversity of this world. It is amazing how much we think we know and how much we actually do. I know very little about the french and although I might be dressing in trendy blacks and the hat they love to wear ( no idea what it is called). French

I am going to study the french language now. I want to impress people tomorrow with my SKILLS. Lol. But honestly, international friendship day isn’t only a time when we get to dress up. It is also a learning experience. As soon as possible I will put up information on the French culture here. They are my country of the year!!!

The Louvre

Success as a team

16 03 2009

Today, I have made myself very happy and proud. I have relised the key to my potential sucess. The key to success in a team is team bonding. I got a lot of work done over the past 2 days then in the last 2 weeks cause I played bonding games and now everyone loves the game Blow Wind Blow. It is basically a game where a team will learn more about others. And every practise we put some time away to play the game. This bonds everyone and energises everyone too. People will be more productive and happier and when I have a happy cast, I am a happy director.

Yeah. Team bonding will equate team productivity.

Self help??? Seriously???

5 03 2009

You know, there are so many books and videos and who knows what else out there which  tell people how to do stuff. Like the Idiots guide or other self help books. I say self help books because they tell you how you can be a better person or how to boost yourself confidence.

I stubbled onto this channel on youtube Howcast. It is pretty god actually. It is organised and it tells you how to do technical stuff ( I would listen to all the technical stuff if I were you).  But then I saw this video and I subscribed. Not because I need it, just because it got really funny.

How to flirt?
How to escape a bad party conversation?
How to make a move while watching a movie?

Excuse me? We are the ones who have all the knowledge of the world. WHY ARE OTHER PEOPLE TEACHING US HOW TO PICK UP A DATE?

Question Mark


You know, we have all the knowledge in the world. We just lack the confidence to show it.

And yes, you can quote me.

Palin: at it again?

28 01 2009

NO WAY. Doesn’t Sarah Palin know she was the biggest joke of the 2008 election?  Does she know that? This was such a dramatic election. I believe that McClain could have won IF Palin wasn’t his VP.

Palin is going to make 2012’s election another big drama.

Boy, I can’t wait for this.


No Blacks on the Tv screen video

14 01 2009

No Blacks on the Tv screen video

14 01 2009