30 06 2009

To be perfectly honest I hate people who make excues for themself.

Today during The BIGGEST LOSER, this pair made excuses to notfinish the challange when they lost. But the thing is even the two other pairs did not win but they still finished their challange. Finish what you started. No matter ho hard, difficult or time consuming it is.

Also, I was helping out some friends with their school play today. Many made excuses that they were nervous and couldnt do as instructed. I pulled them apart and worked one on one. The shy one that had a chunk of lines could do it more easily than he previously did and the other could beat box ( which is so cool) and he did not want to do it cause it was ’embarrasing’. He ended up doing as suggested after he beat boxed for 36 seconds straight. He kept saying he could not. But he did! sigh….

excuses. a trick of the mind to tell you that you cant.


Talking to yourself: not as crazy as you think

18 11 2008

People say talking to yourself is crazy. They say talking to no one or the wall or your dog is crazier. I think talking to yourself, or the wall or your dog or no one is perfectly fine. You are only considered crazy if you get caught.

I think talking to yourself or to anything is perfectly fine, just don’t get caught. But if you get caught or not, talking to yourself is not considered crazy, to me. I don’t believe I am admitting this on the internet but I do talk to myself. I really do. Don’t call me crazy. You talk to yourself to and now you are telling yourself that you do not. LIAR. Everyone talks to themselves.

Talking to yourself is perfectly normal. I talk to myself and prentend that I am on a comedy show, just talking about ideas that hit me for a moment and I just rant for an hour or so about nothing. Nothing at all. Like today, I was ranting to myself for about an hour, talking about something that frustrated me and confused me and made me feel guilty this morning and there was no one I could talk to. No one but myself and my dog but I am not sure if my dog paid any attention to me.

It is good to let everything out. Just talk to yourself. Talk and talk and talk. Because you know no one is going to listen to your rants. NO ONE. No one around you has that kind of time to listen to you. They might not even really care about you.

Talking to yourself is great. You might not have solutions but you’ll sure feel a lot better after letting everything out.

Grow Up,grown ups!

8 08 2008

Today, during Biology, there were and always will be these girls at the back who disturbed the lesson. My Biology( Bio) teacher told them to grow up. My mum told me she may need my help once in a while because I’m the older one. Indirectly, both messages are asking us to grow up. Many have either heard or said the term ‘grow up’. What does it really mean and why do adults say it? What are impacts this term has on others, mainly Kids? I’m going to explore this right now! 🙂

Now, think back. Think back to when you had younger siblings or cousins or friends. Think back even further, when you were just 4 or 5. A typical question 5 year old would ask is ‘Mummy? Daddy? Where do babies come from?’. Parents would give awkward looks and say ‘You will find out when you grow up.’ Typical.

Even from a young age,  kids are introduced to this term ‘grow up’. However, because they are kids, they shouldn’t care about the grown up world and don’t really ‘grow up’. The term ‘grow up’ suggests that there is immaturity. So far, this is very understandable.

So, adults keep telling kids to ‘grow up’. They are telling kids that they are immature. The tone they use to say those words ‘grow up’ is a harsh manner. This term comes out when adults are scolding kids and teens.

I wonder if adults realise that they are talking to kids and teens. They are suppose to be immature. By asking to grow up, you put a lot of pressure on them; you stress them out. They feel like they haven’t met expectations and that you don’t trust them.  They hate feeling that way.

What I don’t get is that adults say we are immature, adults ask us to grow up. My Bio teacher keeps repeating herself that she doesn’t want to shout at us or stop the lesson when we are talking but guess what. She keeps stopping. I think she did not keep to her word and is immature. She needs to ‘grow up’. But you can’t deny the fact that there is a child, childish and immature, inside each and everyone of us, waiting for some fun.

Anne Frank’s diary throught the eyes of a teen girl

5 08 2008

People tell me that Anne Frank’s diary is a sad tale. I beg to differ. I am not sure if the difference in opinion is due to which version you read. Version one was edited by her dad and pulished. Version two has never before published material. I read the second version.

The second version isn’t sad at all, in my opinion. Anne was just put in a situation that most teenage girls won’t go through at all in their lifetime. Either than that, she is just like me and most teen girls around the globe. Don’t believe me? Well, it is true. Firstly Anne has an opinion about everything, especially current events ( the war was current events to her) as do many teen girls. As you know, so do I. I pretty much have a say about anything under the big old sun but like Anne my opinions aren’t always accepted with open arms by the adults of my family.

Another aspect that makes Anne similar to every other girl in the mordern world is that she explores her sexuality. There is a portion of her diary when she recalls asking a friend if they could feel each other’s breast as a sign of their friendship and naturally she refused. I will admit I am unsure where I stand. A friend of mine who is lesbian told me that I am currently going through a pharse and may grow out of it. I don’t know but I don’t really care. I’m just trying to have fun being who I am.

Anne fell in love with the son of the other family she was hiding with. Peter. From what I see when I look at their individual pictures and try to imagine them standing side by side, they actually really look like a really cute couple. She gave her first kiss to him. Honestly, I have no comment or experience to talk about. What I will say is that every girl will have to give her first kiss away sometime or another. Well, at least Anne understood ‘love’ before her death. God bless her soul.

See Anne really is not that different.

I vs. Me

3 08 2008

Last night, after all the excitement from church ( read my previous post), I calmed down and penned down the rest of my hyperness in my diary. I paused. I re-read the entry and the previous entry.  Then I flipped through diaries of previous years and read through some entries. Over the years, I never really notice my writing develop but last night, it hit me. If you keep a diary or a blog about your personal life, you will be able to see the difference. I know I saw it.

In 2006, I was this insecure girl. I felt my parents didn’t understand me. My sister was a little monster and my cousins were my parents dream daughters. I felt that they were prettier, better and smarter. How wrong and innocent was I?

Now, thinking back. I was really stupid. I know my family is only looking out for me. My sister is there to test my patience. My cousins aren’t that great ( although one still self-proclaims she is). All negative thoughts have vanished. There are strenghts I have and I shouldn’t keep comparing myself to others cause I only can compare myself with myslef.

You think about it too.

It is all about Mindset.

3 08 2008
This weekend is the biggest concert that Singapore will have ever; Singfest. It is so big that this weekend, the concert will go on for 10 hours for each of the two days.

… And yours truely doesn’t have a ticket.

There are reasons why I can’t go or get tickets. I’m not going to dedicate this post to my groans though. I am going to dedicate this post to my amasing Saturday evening.

Last night, my church had this Praise and Worship (PnW) plus fellowship night for the Confirmation ( Con) 3 level ( my level). I was leading them in the praise and worship along with the band( made up of about 5-6 guys including the ‘lead singer’) and the ‘choir’ ( of about 9-10 girls and 1 guy). When the teens started strolling into the Parish Hall, we were all prepared. I peered out at the ‘audience’. They all looked really gloomy. It must be because they didn’t have Singfest tickets either. I told myself that forget about Singfest. We can have fun right here in church ( all the catholic teens must be really calling my crazy right about now).

The truth was that we could have fun singing praise to God. I just depends on how you looked at it. I saw it like my own mini Singfest. Yes, there weren’t any international bands but they had their friends singing their lungs out and playing so well so that they can get enthusiastic. Yes, it might not be a big area but most don’t have to take an hour to get to church from their homes. Most importantly ( since we are talking about Singaporeans here), this event was FREE (except for the 3 dollars for snacks). The band and singers aren’t paid or anything. A Singfest ticket if I am not wrong cost about $200 to $350( Singapore currency) a night. Honestly speaking( or typing),  I rather pay nothing and have fun than pay alot and still have fun.  

 I had fun last night. Really I did. It was my Singfest. It was a concert to me and I loved it.  Many thought it was boring ( and rather be at Singfest ‘having fun’).

Coming to my point. What is ‘fun’ and what is ‘boring’? Last night got me thinking ‘May be it is all mindset’. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. I saw last night as fun and got really excited about it. Everyone who didn’t have to perform saw it as something they had to do and that it was boring. I pity them. With that mindset, they would be the ones who had the least fun and I think they did had the least fun last night.  It is a pity. They didn’t participate and were not in the right mindset yet they complain it was boring. As I often said before people are so contradicting.

There is a good thing about last night I loved so much. After about 2 hours or so the entire PnW group was very close. Sorta like a family. 🙂

Here is a picture of us. It is sorta blurry but you can still see how pretty close we are.

Our very first time doing this!!!! 



Until next time.