It has a nice ring doesn’t it….President Obama…

20 01 2009

This is the day everybody has been waiting for ever since M.L.K Jr. WOAH! President Obama. Obama. Mr. President. I think it has a nice ring to it.
It will have an even better ring to it if he does a lot of change.
I think people can get used to putting that in their mouths and leaving it there for another 8 years! ( well, it he goes a good job he’ll be there for 8 years!)


Election Day 2008

4 11 2008

In a couple of hours, Americans above 18 (or is it 21?) will be rushing to their respective areas and cast a vote for the party they want in the white house. According to what I have heard and read ( and hopefully my sources are accurate), they are a lot of people out there who still have yet to decide. So if you are next in line and you have to wait very long, you know the guy who is making his vote in front of you has yet to decide who he want to see in the white house. Anyways, I am wishing both Obama and Mc Cain good luck. May the black man win. ( I am an Obama supported 🙂 )

Second Presidental Debate

8 10 2008
I am a subscriber to a Political blog by a 13 year old living in Las Angelas, California. 
I never enjoyed or understood much politics until pacer521 commented on a political post I wrote.
Before I continue about my views on the second presidential debate, I would recommend everyone  to view pacer521’s blog here. 

Next. The second presidential debate. I didn’t watch it. I heard it was bad. McCain kept attacking and attacking and I am not too sure who won but I think it is Obama. Yes, I am an Obama fan so it would be perfectly natural for me to say he won but looking at the recent polls, Obama seems to be leading ( or are my sources wrong?).  McCain needs to find a good homeback, or a giant magnet to pull voters in his direction really soon or not we all know who is the next president of America.

Yes We Can video-Obama and Will I Am

20 09 2008

This was really great. Very creative and original. Also, this will get Obama’s message across. It was his speech and putting it in a song was really creative.

Here is also another website that you might wanna check out.

Obama is your man

5 06 2008

Dear World,

By now everyone would have heard about the news but I’m doing to say this again. Obama won to represent the democratic party in the US election. This is, in my opinion, the best thing that can happen ever! We need someone new at the head of the goverment of the most powerful country in the world! Obama, I think, knows what he is doing. Unlike, Hillary Clinton. Now before I go on, I would like to point out two things. One, I’m not America and two, if I was American, I am not of legal age to vote, yet. So, by now you are thinking, why do I care?

Well, what ever happens to America, has an almost direct impact to every other person in this world. So in fact, I have every right to care. I just don’t have the right to vote! Big difference.

If you ask me, Hillary won’t do much to help her country no matter how much she is proclaiming it. I think she has in her sane mind, to redecorate the white house. I think that is the most she will do. Clinton won’t do much. Yes, it is understood she is a woman and she had a chance of being the first woman president ( well, now she can try and be the first woman vice president). However, she is a white woman. Like every other white president before her, she is going to run the country without changing it’s messed up system. I don’t think that America and the world can suffer anymore with that system. It is a dangerous system being run by dangerous people. The most powerful people in the world are in fact the most dangerous because they can do anything to you. So you in fact need someone new, who knows how to try and handle a dangerous group of people. Obama is your man

With regards world,