New York I love you movie review

21 01 2010

So I went to watch the movie stated above today and to be it was not really a movie. There was a central theme but no main plot and I thinkt that was what I loved about this movie. It was a bunch of short films that came together and each short film had charectors interacting with others from other films and each film was different.

I loved how each age group and each religion and the different tyopes of people there were.

I love the line ” I love new york because when I come here, everyone is from somewhere else” Those might not be the exact words but it was close.

Recommended for short film enthusiastics!


New Moon review

16 12 2009

I am going to be as sincerely honest as I possibly can beacuse if you have ben reading previous entries….I hate the twilight saga.

however I want to be an honest and fair critic.

I never read the book. I never want to read the book. So many people have told me to read the book way before the movie came out and I only watch the Twilight saga movies when there are birthdays. For twilight it was a friends birthday and i promised we could do anything she wanted, my treat and today I watched new moon because its my sisters birthday.

If you read my review on twilight….which I think I did…dont bother reading this one because I felt the same about both movies.

But here is my new moon review anyways.

New moon surprised me…as did twilight. But this surprise can not be categorised as a good or bad surprise because I am really not 100% sure. I knew the twilight saga was extremely love story-ish and tried to set my mind towards that but I just could not. And that is how the movie started. Extremely love story-ish. As the movie progressed and the story played out I really began to hate the movie. No offence to anyone and I think I will need to red the book for loads of clarrification. Charectors were not fully developed and a lot of charectors could have been developed further. This was the same problem for the first movie as well. I was not fully convinced about many main and supporting roles.

The role which I was most impressed with was Bella and how Kristen Stewart captured her. I believe that her relationship between Jacob and Edward could have been played stronger but I do not fully play the girl. I do hate that Belle shares my date of birth….excluding the year.  But I do not blame her. I believe her performance could be better… her energy although strong could have been stronger…although I have no complains about the running through the village and the vampire council scenes because they were well done by everyone involved in them.  Energy was high. Relationships well played.

Jacob, not only is unbelievably hot, but pretty good. I feels sorry for him though and that Taylor Lautner could not fully develop him well. His relationship with Bella was fully unclear and the way he played Jacob feels unreal. It is understandable that this is the fairy tale for youths but if a guy likes a girl…it should be felt through the movie and his actions. It does not matter if he is a werewolf.

Sigh. Edward sucked too. Or may be he had a lot on his mind.

thats all i have right now

Harry Potter and the Half done review

21 07 2009

lol. I adore the title to this post. Harry Potter and the half blood prince is a good movie. I watched in on friday and i thought that today i take a quick break off my studying and give my ‘oh so important’ review.

( I am really tired from studying and I have tition tonight so give me a break yeah?)

Mr. Potter, Ms Ganger and RON! ( he is so CUTE!) come back for another year at horwarts. Their adventures include the evil dark lord vodermort ( which noone seems to pay attention to the fact that he is a half blood and all the pure bloods are death eaters….hmmm) this movie can be funny. this movie is adventurous and trilling and it is such a chick flict too with the new relationships. Some charectors which did not plan major part now have their 15 minutes of fame. Ron ( dramatic sigh) gets a new relationship… Giney has some interesting love issues .. Harry found new feelings so did Hermione and Dumbledore….well lets leave that to the movie shall we. All those who read the book ( I have the full collection…ps HP is better than twilight) dnt spoil the ending okay.

Movie Review: Transformers 2, the revenge of the fallen

24 06 2009

Everyone should do like  Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox and run to your closest cinema now. This is one of the best secquels to a show ever. Filled with action, romance, family and ROBOTS. In this sequel, Megatron comes back to life and happens to actually working for…. nah, im not a spoiler. Go watch. My rating? 5 over 5.  Our favorites come back and join in this epic battle. However, if you dont get the chance to watch it just watch the trailer. Its the entire movie plot in 30 seconds!

Hannah Montana The Movie

7 06 2009

I had my doubts.

Lots of them.

I didn’t want to watch.

But I did.

I liked all the HSM movies.

Camp Rock sucked.

Hannah Montana the Movie.

Better than expected. May be because I had low expectations of it. Hate Ms cyrus’ acting. LOVED THE COW BOY! * WHISTLES*……

sorry. * flips through notes* um…

oh. Great work as a director. very short. we dont see much in between change in Miley.  hmmm…

Yeah not much comments. recommended to watch

so go watch

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

31 05 2009

I understand that it might be alittle too late for this movie preview since the curious case of benjamin button came out a year ago however, I was unable to watch it as it was rated and I was underage. This year the movie came out on CD and DVD and my dad bought it. For me, the movie has ended and I watched all 80 years of Ben’s life.

This has been a very anticipated movie for me. I have been jumping up and down and I was so close to being so desperate to watch this movie, I would have killed. NAH! kidding.

But I seriously wanted to watch the movie.

And I am very happy that I did.

I swear, I was crying for the last hour of the film. And the movie was 2 hours long. I cried for half a movie. And I will admit it. It just made you appreciate the possibilities. It opened more eyes. Yes, this movie opened more eyes than 100 movies put together. It opened an eye for a possible story of several lives of men. It opened up an eye to what true love and sacrifice meant. It opened an eye to show many of us how much a father loves his daughter and how he would go through to provide for her. Ben did so many things I would have liked to do like travel the world, sail and meet interesting and new people. The other characters, like Ben’s crew mate who gave Ben all his pay to give to his wife, also showed and taught great lessons. Like the sailor who continuously thought about his family. Like the sailor who left to save his life. Like the twins, how they fight on land and be at peace on sea and then one died. It opened up a world of history too, a part of history I never thought I would have the chance to see.

I believe the most important lesson taught was from Mr. Cake the clock man. The blind man who built a clock that ran backward. If time ran back ward, his son would be home. If time ran back ward, no one would be at war.

For me, if time ran backward, I would have never make the mistakes. I would have never had made my choices. I never would have learnt the lessons people taught me and I would not have understand myself better.

It doesn’t matter what the past was. Or even if the clock runs backwards. Or if you age backwards. Time runs forward. I suggest we run along with it.

Twilight Movie review.

4 01 2009

I am not admitting it. You can’t make me say it. I never wanted to see the movie in the first place. I only did it for my best friend.

Fine! It was a good movie. Better than expected. I expected it to be lame and a remake of harry potter. I was wrong. I admit defeat. Ha ha. Yes, very dramatic.

In fact I expected twilight to be action packed and major vampire action. It is a love story. My god! It’s a love story. A human falling in love with a Vampire. It’s a remake of Dracula. Yeah. It was still good if you are looking for romance.

Action…not so much.

There’s a bit of comedy but not much.