Sitting on the Belfast Wall

3 11 2008

I was completing my social studies homework and I came across the term Belfast Wall. My text book just says the British Troops built the first one to keep the peace and the residents continued it on. Wikipedia says they are now tourism locations and that there is a discussion on how and when these walls can be removed.

Let me tell you something. If this conflict was still going on and they had no intention to remove the walls, I would climb up one of them and sit at the top. Call me crazy or you might be thinking ‘She’s saying that because it is the civil thing to say’ but I am dead serious. I’ll go and sit there. I’ll bring as much food and water as I need and I’ll sit there.

Why? Well, it is because I am sitting on the fence and I mean this literally. I am Catholic so I should be standing on the Catholic side of the wall. However, according to my aunt, my bloodline on my mum’s said is said to have origins in Britain. My dad side is either Denmark origins or Ireland origins ( I don’t really know). So, technically speaking, I am sitting on the fence.

I really wouldn’t mind sitting on top the wall and have people on both sides scream at me and throw stuff at me. I don’t care if I get shot (ok, I will care). Can you imagine two different parts of yourself fighting? I would go sit on the freaking wall. I would stay there like there was no tomorrow.

Well, removing the wall seems like a better idea.


The lost Pyrimid: not so lost anymore

5 10 2008

I was just watching The Lost Pyramid on the History Channel. I’m not a big fan of History and I can’t remember why I started watching it.However, I was really intrigued by it and continued to watch (although I knew for a fact that I have a Bio and Maths paper tomorrow).

The original theory was that there was this family feud. After the king died, the 2nd son killed his older brother and married his sister to claim the throne, ruled for 8 years and was killed by his younger brother. While he was ruling he was building this pyramid for himself.When the original theories about the pyramid, I was thinking ‘Man, does Egypt have a lot of scandals’. Then I realised it was a French archiologist who made the claims for that to be the actual history and then I was thinking ‘Man, the french enjoy scandals’. By human nature, we all love scandal. Why else do we watch all Desperate House Wives?

Moving on. I think I like the original stories better. In the end, the piramid was completed but it was taken done by Alexandra the Great’s successor to build other stuff. Imagine, until this day, it still has yet to be fully taken down.

A free walk-in history museum

1 09 2008

Yesterday, my dad took me and my sister to a flea market. People basically set up a small space, bring unwanted items or collectibles and sell them to whoever wished to purchase the items. There were many people selling items that were older than me. Many items I have ever seen before. Walking around the area, I met different people selling different items, from books to jewellery. There were books from over 30 years ago. Maps, coke bottles, action figures. What interested me the most was the wide range of items that were over 30 years old. These were the items of Singapore’s past. They are very valuable now.

I saw the history of Singapore through the eyes of different people when I was browsing through the items. To think that alot of our past only happened over 50 to about 100 years ago. If you think about it, 100 years isn’t a big time period. Some countries histories go way back to over a thousand years or so.

Browsing through those items was more enriching experience than walking through any old history museum. There is a difference. Walking in a history museum is like walking in a zoo, you and the animals are separated by a fence. There is a physical barrier. When you walk through a flea market and look at history through the eyes of other people, you are no longer at a zoo but in a jungle. You and the animals are no longer separated by a physically barrier and anything could happen.

That was how it felt like yesterday.

If you are planning to visit Singapore anytime soon, your visit will not be complete without shopping at a flea market or pasar malam ( night market) and may be you could take back a piece of Singapore’s history with you.

Tip: never doubt anything small.

6 06 2008

Never in a million years doubt something small everyone. You will regret it. It might not even be something, it might be someone, like that computer geek who you got to finish your homework for you while you are out with your girl. When you doubt and bully and laugh at someone you consider small, it is going to back fire in your face. Trust me. And to all getting bullied around by people with the really hot girls, you just keep working hard at your studies, trust me. You will get her and the respect you deserved in the first place. You know the guy that you have been doing homework for? He is going t spend the rest of his life trying to make a living by driving taxis. He might even be your limo driver now. That would be a sight right. Now you can order him around. Sadly, to get all that, you need to work hard and study well. Forget about the people who laugh at you. If you let the people who laugh at you, get to you, then you have a major problem. Don’t! It’s not worth it.

You laugh at me because I am different.
I laught at you because you are all the same.

Just tell them the above. If you let people bully you, you aren’t going to get anywhere. They will just step on you like you are an ant and that is not very fantastic now it is.  People hate change or something that isdifferent. Being different is not as bad as people think. Trying new things is good. Keeping different kinds of people under control and in harmony. Being different from every other giant in the world is not all that bad. You might come up with technology that will change the world as you know it.

Never doubt people. Never doubt animals. And most importantly, never doubt the youngest, smallest and newest of societies. Don’t laugh at them, don’t tell them they can’t do it, don’t think what they are doing is stupid and will never work. Ladies and gentlemen, for if you do all the above, wait a while and it is not you that will have the last laugh, it is the people you laughed at.

You need a real life example?
Just look up Singapore’s history, a small country in Asia has done what people thought couldnt e done and more.