Your Fav Music= your great health(study)

13 11 2008

Take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons.  You will find it is to the soul what a water bath is to the body.  ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

This pharse is about to change. A study in Washington  shows that music is not only great for your soul but also for your heart. Yes, apparently, listening to your favorite music or music which gives you a sense of joy ( which I guess is your favorite music) causes the inner-lining of blood vessels to expand therefore increasing blood flow. 

Everyone, go now. TURN ON YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC. I am advertising this right now. Listening to your favorite music is scientifically proven to good for your health. Singaporeans like things which either give them money or are good for their health.

I have an idea.  Lets play some nice and joyful music in hospitals and clinics. We might just have a decrease in death rate. But that will just help over populate the world more. No wonder they don’t play it in hospitals.

It was just a thought.


China’s Mistake??? My views…

4 10 2008

Dear World,
OK. So I bet everyone has heard about China and their poisoned milk. Well, if you haven’t, you are unbelievably slow. Melamine in the milk??? Seriously, why is China, ALL OF A SUDDEN, being blamed for poisoning milk products? You would think something like this would have been the biggest news, way earlier, when people started importing goods from China.

If you ask me(and even if you didn’t I am still going to tell you anyways), I think there is something big going on here. Like HUGE! I think China is being framed. By who is unknown. Think about it. If there was melamine in the milk from when countries started importing goods from China, why wasn’t there so many reports about infants getting food poisoning and dying? If this was going on right from the start, why didn’t anyone say anything about it? I got you thinking now huh?

I knew a while back, something like this was about to happen. China would be blamed for poisoning children. There we have it. Another reason to put China in a spotlight where people do nothing but throw food at you. I hope China can push its way out of that spotlight. Yup I am siding China on this. I don’t like seeing them being bullied because they made a mistake and yes it was a major mistake. I want to see them come out of it alive. China is one of the major importers around the world. If we can’t trust them, they lose profit and we lose the amount of goods imported. I’m thinking long term. I’m thinking for the good of everyone. There has to be a win-win situation.

I hope there is. All I can do now is hope and wait and watch.

Mum vs. Grandma

19 07 2008

I’m in a dilemma. I love my grandma. I love my mum. My grandma is afraid of death and I know a lot of people are afraid of dying. However, I’ve gone through too many heath problems, my life has always been at risk. I know what it’s like being in a situation where you have people you love standing around you, looking down at you, and you are making them super worried. You may feel the pain for those moments in time but if something where to happen to you, they would feel the pain for life. They would be scared for life. That is what I completely hate the most about being in hospital.

My grandma, like I said previously, is afraid to die and I believe it is because she doesn’t want to die. She is so paranoid. REALLY! Sh thinks everything is wrong with her. The moment doctors suggest something or some other medical condition, she works herself up thinking she has it. I love her. i really do. I’ve advised her and supported her. My entire family has. We have tried our best. My grand ma, however, curses us, but only in front of her children, never in front of her grandchildren. She has stayed with us before but that didn’t work because I’m drowning in school work almost daily and she wants me to do stuff for her. My mum is busy and my grandma knows it but still she persist. She just wants attention I guess. She stayed with my aunt soon after but recently, my aunts family couldn’t take anymore and we are very upset when my grandma is attempting to make annoying jokes of us being able to sleep well. She completely makes us look selfish and uncaring.

Mum says my grandma might just scare herself to death. She will if she continues being paranoid and gets thinking about the worse. I really hate to say it but I feel if my grandma doesn’t stop thinking so negatively, she might just get better.  Sigh, I don’t know. 

Sometimes I feel like telling her nothing is gonna happen to her because part of me doesn’t want anything to happen to her and sometimes, I feel like screaming at her to accept the fact that people do die and that is the natural way of life because I want her to know that, I want her to accept that.

She’s my grandmother. What am I to do?

Saddest place on earth…

18 07 2008

The hospital is the saddest place on earth. I really hate to see people in hospitals and they are like super sad or look like they are in depression. Some are even convinced they are going to die. They hospital just just filled, NO, overflowing with negativity. I have spent alot of my life in hospitals. I’ve been in and out of hospital but not very often. I hate being all upset when in hospital. I hate it when my parents look sad. Hospitals are a sad, sad place. DON’T MAKE IT SADDER.

Positive thinking.