The Japanese are so creative

31 10 2008

I think the Japanese are really creative. I love watching I Survived A Japanese Game Show. It is not only hilarious and really really good. The things Americans would do for money. I say Americans because you have a lot more game shows where Americans make a complete fool of themselves for some large about of money.

The Japanese have won, in my opinion, the most-hilarious-and-funny-way-to-make-the-world-laugh-by-making-Americans-do-funny-stuff-for-money award. I need to come up with a shorter name for this award. By the way, you get nothing for winning this award. It is just a make believe award.

If you watch I Survived A Japanese Show and watch all the hilarious games, you’ll see that it is so hilarious and riduculas, it is no wonder the rest of the world can’t come up with something so creatve.  They are so good!. Is there a Japan DisneyLand? If there is, tear it down and buld an I Survived a Japanese Game Show Theme Park. I would camp over night just to be thr first in line. I am serious. Don’t you think that those games look fun? I think they look really fun!!! I want to try every single game.

Think about it ok. Open an I Survived a Japanese Game Show Theme Park.