Does Complex equal simple?

24 11 2010

Dear World,

Watch this video first please!

Complex does not equal to complicated.

Interesting concept. I also liked how he explained everything in three minutes and 28 seconds.

I, personally like complex ideas and situations because then I can take the time to solve them and have some fun, (yeah…I know I might be weird!). But you need to understand. Complex situations just means there is a lot of mess behind the actual problem.  Everything is just very simple. People just make a mess of simple things, making them complicated and visually complex.

Note: VISUALLY COMPLEX! Re-watch the video if you must. He had this mind map stuff or atom like stuff and he made them smaller or more condense and precise. You could understand how to solve the problem.

It makes very good sense if you think about it. I just thought I share it with you. 🙂


Those who can’t teach review

21 05 2010

Originally staged in 1990, Director Alvin Tan and Playwirght Haresh Sharma returned to reinvent and revamp the play into a comtemporary classic. The Play revloves around a particular teacher’s experiences and branches out to her fellow educators, her students her personal life and the personal lives of those around her. Various Themes were explored such as Teacher-Parent relationships, self-discovery, the need to fit in and the idea of elitism among both teachers, students and the entire education system.
The orriginal set was of a staff room. There were elevated platforms from centre stage right all the way to center stage left and down stage left which elevated the tables and chairs in the respective areas. Down stage centre there was a long table as well. Along the cyclorama, lifted about 2 meters of the ground were white sign boards with a few of them suggesting what the education system is all about. Along the play, there were several set changes, platforms were rolled out and replaced with other platforms with other types of furniture like sofa’s or louge chair to suggest a change in scene. Most scene changes were shown through these set changes. Lighting and sound played more major parts when required, for example a purple light was used to indicated that Mrs Phua was dreaming about teaching in an elite school and having perfect students or when prom came about or Ms Hana’s wedding was being performed.

As for acting, there is no way to really compare anything. Everyone had strong characterisation considering 4 out of the 5 cast members played multiple roles, everyone had a strong pressence on stage and each showed how their respective characters transitioned. It is something I think I can take back, having a strong transition and showing how my character develops over time. The one person who had suffient amount of ‘airtime’ to show this was Ian Tan’s character, Tek Liang. His character transitioned from a smart bad boy to a smart boy without his original girlfriend and feeling empty inside. His greatest transition was in Act 2 where the signboards along the cyclorama suggested how the education system may not be suitable or there was a lack of education for some students.

If there was a lesson- a life lesson- that I learnt by watching this performance was when Jali got his O level results in Act 1 and his teacher, Mrs Phua says that he should resit the O levels after failing and one day her will return and thank her and all his teacher and later in Act 2 about 15 years later, he comes back to see his teacher, Mrs Phua and explains that he did take the O levels again and failed…again and he went on to to several jobs that fit his qualifications, showing how the education system and exams may not be the way to be considered successful. And it is sad that there are people no matter how much they believe in themselves and work hard.

Adam Lambert Performance: For your entertainment.

7 02 2010

Dear World!

HAHA. Actually I had a discussion about this video with 2 of my JC friends and I had told them that I havent seen the video. They described it to me and I thought ‘ OMG ADAM HOW COULD YOU!” ( I am a FAN!)

Then I saw the video and I began to laugh. Several Reasons why. Firstly, the song he sang was ” For your entertainment”. Ladies and gentlemen of the world, Adam Lambert is an artistic genius trapped in a world of non-believers. I know I am making it sound like I have joined the ADAM LAMBERT CULT but listen. There is not such cult. Ok I can explain his performance, just people of the world, listen to me.

For your entertainment is a song which Lambert Genius-ly picked out and the dancing, lighting, staging and the whole theme behind it was genius! He did it all for your entertainment. Now you might say you are not entertained. REALLY? You all seem to be going on about how bad an influence he is. How long ago was his performance anyways? Last week?

If anything 4 minute performance that keeps people talking for about a week is not entertainment then I don’t know what is.

I saw everything from start to finish. I watched it again. I listened to the lyrics. Here are the lyrics that struck me the most. ( Oh yeah! I don’t think everything in this world is wrong. In fact I believe people are innocent until proven guilty)

I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet
You thought an angel swept you off your feet
Well I’m about to turn up the heat
I’m here For Your Entertainment

Hey! This is hard to explain. Society believes his actions were…not appropreate. I believe it fits in perfectly which the song, the lyrics and his overall image. Ladies and Gentlemen, sex sells! It is a fact! Even if it is gay sex, it does sell if use well to sell.

You want to know how sex sells? Notice how much publicity Lambert’s performance got over the past week? The number of exclusives? The number of magazines that interviewed him. The number of sites that disagree with his artistic talents and the sites that do agree? The number of views on that video on youtube?

Sex sells ladies and gentlemen. It was a genius performance, admit it. Well thought out, genius theme. I think it was the best thing I have ever seen the entire year and I have seen a lot of new movies recently. Trust me. Adam’s performance was way more appealing than some of the movies I just saw. It had high energy, there was many things happening which was appealing to the eyes, the flashing lights, the flexible dancers, Adam’s  “bold”  moves. It will definitely be a performance that you will not forget.

It does not even matter if you agree of disagree with it. You know you will never forget it.



The way of Tattoos

10 01 2010

Today I went to the Tattoo convention at expo. Today was the last day of the convention and I went and I saw loads of people getting tattoos making tattoos and browsing tattoos. I am that person browsing!

But the number of people there, the booths. It was amazing. And the different types of tattoos and the different cultures coming together. There was the mordern way of doing tattoos and the traditional way and everything around me just screamed culture. Everything just went wow. I was filled a hall with people and experiences and who are artist and who put art on their bodies. It amazed me their commitment to such an art. An art which is often not looked highly upon.

I adore that people come together and celebrate what they love and bring to the table new ideas, images, cultures.

I don’t know why tattoos aren’t really highly looked upon in society but if you look at it differently, there is a purpose and reason to why people want art on their bodies. It is a whole new way of admiring.

I am planning to get one….when I am legal of course…right now too many ideas floating in my head on what to do but I am planning to do a small one.

Singapore Idol: the global market

27 12 2009

Firstly I would like to wish one and all a very merry Christmas and seasons greetings if you are celebrating other holidays apart from Christmas. Now that is done.

Secondly, if you have noticed my tittle it says Singapore Idol. The original of the IDOL was done in the states. Now in the states, if you make it big, YOU MAKE IT REALLY BIG! But lets look at my homeland Singapore. We are a small island in South East Asia (SEA) and we, much like the rest of the world, copied the IDOL idea. Tonight is the finals and after the first 2 seasons of Singapore Idol I gave up with the current third season. But tonight is the finals as I have said and we actually have our first female finalist. Thank god!

Through out this season, I have read reviews, heard comments and even listened to some of the contestants. I swear we don’t have much talent. Why? BECAUSE I ALWAYS WATCH THE AUDITIONS! THEY ARE REALLY FUNNY!!!

Anyways, Ken Lim, our very own ‘Simon’ said that this Singapore Idol has to appeal to a global market. I am sorry Ken. Upon watching the performances there is only one person in the final two that can appeal to a global market. She might just be extremely unlucky and not win the tittle of Singapore Idol. But we should still sign her on.

You have to understand ( and this goes to the whole world), any IDOL competition is dumb. It is a popularity contest and nothing more. She will not win because all the girls will vote for him. That is why my vote goes to her. I want to see what she can do. I believe ( and know) that she can go global with loads of work but it is possible.

In fact, you don’t need to join Idol to go global. Youtube offers that as well as networking and using your contacts.

Many have asked me to join Idol. I have declined. I’ll join for the fun and see if I get through but I honestly don’t believe I need Idol to get anywhere I want. Because if I want to go somewhere than well, I’ll work my butt of to get there.

But Now I am off topic …again.

I hope she wins. Because if she doesn’t, I hope the cancel Idol completely.

New Moon review

16 12 2009

I am going to be as sincerely honest as I possibly can beacuse if you have ben reading previous entries….I hate the twilight saga.

however I want to be an honest and fair critic.

I never read the book. I never want to read the book. So many people have told me to read the book way before the movie came out and I only watch the Twilight saga movies when there are birthdays. For twilight it was a friends birthday and i promised we could do anything she wanted, my treat and today I watched new moon because its my sisters birthday.

If you read my review on twilight….which I think I did…dont bother reading this one because I felt the same about both movies.

But here is my new moon review anyways.

New moon surprised me…as did twilight. But this surprise can not be categorised as a good or bad surprise because I am really not 100% sure. I knew the twilight saga was extremely love story-ish and tried to set my mind towards that but I just could not. And that is how the movie started. Extremely love story-ish. As the movie progressed and the story played out I really began to hate the movie. No offence to anyone and I think I will need to red the book for loads of clarrification. Charectors were not fully developed and a lot of charectors could have been developed further. This was the same problem for the first movie as well. I was not fully convinced about many main and supporting roles.

The role which I was most impressed with was Bella and how Kristen Stewart captured her. I believe that her relationship between Jacob and Edward could have been played stronger but I do not fully play the girl. I do hate that Belle shares my date of birth….excluding the year.  But I do not blame her. I believe her performance could be better… her energy although strong could have been stronger…although I have no complains about the running through the village and the vampire council scenes because they were well done by everyone involved in them.  Energy was high. Relationships well played.

Jacob, not only is unbelievably hot, but pretty good. I feels sorry for him though and that Taylor Lautner could not fully develop him well. His relationship with Bella was fully unclear and the way he played Jacob feels unreal. It is understandable that this is the fairy tale for youths but if a guy likes a girl…it should be felt through the movie and his actions. It does not matter if he is a werewolf.

Sigh. Edward sucked too. Or may be he had a lot on his mind.

thats all i have right now

Kayne vs. Swift?

15 09 2009

Dear world,

By now I am the slowest person to blog about this but Mr. West and Ms. Swift. Hey Beyonce was later awarded Video of the Year. To be honest, Kanye should not do this. And he should not apologise.