keeping alert

30 11 2008

The treat of terrorism is very very real. You seriously don’t need a 15 year old girl tell you that. The thing is here in Singapore, the treat of terrorism is more real than what we would like it to be. The first of our people has been a victim of terrorism in Mumbai.  That was the biggest wake up call. We are at risk. We are at huge risk. We have had the safety of good security both internal and external and also security from natural diasters. We have been pampered and spoilt thinking that no danger can come our way. Now, one of our own is a victim of a terrorist attack. We should open our eyes real big. After Mas Selamat our eyes were so big, some people didn’t need glasses any more. The our eyes started to get smaller.

I say our eyes should remain huge after this event. Anything, ANYTHING can happen


How human are we?

29 11 2008

The Mumbai incident is said to be under control according to the news. The death toll: 195. The only Singapore hostage: dead. She is the first Singaporean to be a victim to terrorism according to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. And Yes, I finally understood what caused it.

Singapore is not big on terrorism and I am guessing, neither is the rest of the world.  I understand terrorism. It is when people feel that their are treated unfairly or feel they need to give a message to the  world. I can recall talking about terrorism in general to a muslim friend.  She said she thinks that people kill other people because thet believe their religion is the best. The religion that saves. Okay, I get that people believe that their religion promises slavation. I get trying to promote their religion and bring in new followers. I don’t get killing people to do it.

Terrorist are also people who feel that they aren’t treated fairly and find no other way to voice their opinions and thoughts. So they kill.

For either the reason, I don’t find killing very effective. I don’t find the whole idea of violence effective. It does nothing but cause more promblems and the whole world hating people from the same racial group as the terrorist.

Sigh. But terrorist are just people. We, the other human beings of this earth, have to understand that. We are human beings right?

If we are, prove it to me.

The event on everyone’s mind right now

29 11 2008

Right now, according to my sources, 130 people are dead in Mumbai and the only Singaporean hostage is now dead. I am still unclear about how this all started. Not everything is clear to me. Articles are telling me it is the work of a terrorist group. I would really apreciate it if someone can give me an idoit proof explaination. Just leave it as a comment below. Thanks.

Today, while at my relative’s, I recieved word that the only Singaporean hostage was dead. It was THE saddest thing I heard all day. I just….I can’t remember what I was feeling. I can’t even remember what I wanted to say. It was like…..blank.

I remember having a post time time back on life being interesting by having violence. It is completely true. If you are in Singapore right now, I dare you tomorrow go to the market and just listen in to some aunties. They will be talking about that ‘poor poor girl who is now dead’.  You listen. It is people like that…no…scarp that. It is the entire world can’t live without drama in the world. Mumbai is the lastest drama.  It is the saddest reality.  You knw how all those Miss Universe contestants talk about wanting world peace. Have you ever noticed that over the past 56 years, all the Miss Universe contestants talk about world peace…but the world never seems to get more peaceful? I don’t call what is happening in Mumbai peaceful.

There I go ranting again…but it is all true. Miss Universe has been around 56 years and everyone talks about world peace but no one does anything about it.  Ellen was doing her comedy show and she was going on about 24/7 news. She thinks that there should be a scroll that just goes ‘everything is getting worse’ and to a certain extant, I agree.  When things get worse, people have more to talk about and its sad. It is sad that we have nothing else to talk about.

I feel really sorry for that poor girl and her family.

China’s Mistake??? My views…

4 10 2008

Dear World,
OK. So I bet everyone has heard about China and their poisoned milk. Well, if you haven’t, you are unbelievably slow. Melamine in the milk??? Seriously, why is China, ALL OF A SUDDEN, being blamed for poisoning milk products? You would think something like this would have been the biggest news, way earlier, when people started importing goods from China.

If you ask me(and even if you didn’t I am still going to tell you anyways), I think there is something big going on here. Like HUGE! I think China is being framed. By who is unknown. Think about it. If there was melamine in the milk from when countries started importing goods from China, why wasn’t there so many reports about infants getting food poisoning and dying? If this was going on right from the start, why didn’t anyone say anything about it? I got you thinking now huh?

I knew a while back, something like this was about to happen. China would be blamed for poisoning children. There we have it. Another reason to put China in a spotlight where people do nothing but throw food at you. I hope China can push its way out of that spotlight. Yup I am siding China on this. I don’t like seeing them being bullied because they made a mistake and yes it was a major mistake. I want to see them come out of it alive. China is one of the major importers around the world. If we can’t trust them, they lose profit and we lose the amount of goods imported. I’m thinking long term. I’m thinking for the good of everyone. There has to be a win-win situation.

I hope there is. All I can do now is hope and wait and watch.