Singapore Idol: the global market

27 12 2009

Firstly I would like to wish one and all a very merry Christmas and seasons greetings if you are celebrating other holidays apart from Christmas. Now that is done.

Secondly, if you have noticed my tittle it says Singapore Idol. The original of the IDOL was done in the states. Now in the states, if you make it big, YOU MAKE IT REALLY BIG! But lets look at my homeland Singapore. We are a small island in South East Asia (SEA) and we, much like the rest of the world, copied the IDOL idea. Tonight is the finals and after the first 2 seasons of Singapore Idol I gave up with the current third season. But tonight is the finals as I have said and we actually have our first female finalist. Thank god!

Through out this season, I have read reviews, heard comments and even listened to some of the contestants. I swear we don’t have much talent. Why? BECAUSE I ALWAYS WATCH THE AUDITIONS! THEY ARE REALLY FUNNY!!!

Anyways, Ken Lim, our very own ‘Simon’ said that this Singapore Idol has to appeal to a global market. I am sorry Ken. Upon watching the performances there is only one person in the final two that can appeal to a global market. She might just be extremely unlucky and not win the tittle of Singapore Idol. But we should still sign her on.

You have to understand ( and this goes to the whole world), any IDOL competition is dumb. It is a popularity contest and nothing more. She will not win because all the girls will vote for him. That is why my vote goes to her. I want to see what she can do. I believe ( and know) that she can go global with loads of work but it is possible.

In fact, you don’t need to join Idol to go global. Youtube offers that as well as networking and using your contacts.

Many have asked me to join Idol. I have declined. I’ll join for the fun and see if I get through but I honestly don’t believe I need Idol to get anywhere I want. Because if I want to go somewhere than well, I’ll work my butt of to get there.

But Now I am off topic …again.

I hope she wins. Because if she doesn’t, I hope the cancel Idol completely.


My hero, your hero

9 08 2008

There is a competition where students are asked to write a true story about their hero. The hero had to be a real person and you would have to send in a picture.  I didn’t feel my hero was good enough a hero for them and didn’t feel like entering. However, I thought I would blog about it instead.

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t have a specific hero. I have many heroes, my everyday heroes. They are each and every person in my life. They have all showed me something I should learn about life and reflect upon. That is what makes them my heroes. Now, if I was going to list each and everyone of my heroes, this post will not end. So I figured, why not I blog about the one hero that as been with me forever, ever since the day I was born. That hero would be me; Cheyenne Phillips.

You may think I am self-centered at this point but think about it. When was the last time you considered yourself a hero? I don’t think you have ever. You don’t consider yourself a hero because sometimes, you concentrate too much on your negatives and not on all the good things you have or have done. Hero basically means a person with super human abilities or has performed heroic acts. It  is depressing, knowing that so many people in the world can’t see that their hero is themselves.

Really think about it. Recall back to your childhood. What was the one thing that you were afraid of the most. There might be a long list but just pick out a few. For me, the scariest things in the universe was the dark. It was so creepy to me. I felt anything could pop out of it and take me away. I bet you felt that way too. You would be so terrified by it and have the worse nightmares about it.

You might have gotten over that fear at one point of your life. I did. Good for you and me. You picked up the courage to overcome your fear. I picked up the courage to walk into the dark all on my own when I was about 8. The fact that I have courage to over come my fear makes me a hero. Courage is considered a heroic quality. You had the courage to overcome a fear of any sort, you are brave, you are a hero. If you still have fears you haven’t overcome yet (example: I fear falling from any height), slowly try to get the courage to overcome it. Of course, your fear would be easier to over come if you have support from your friends.

I feel that I am my own hero because I have gone through a lot of experiences, both good and bad. You have them too. People say life is so complicated and they don’t know what to do or unsure how to live it. You are a hero for going through so much and making pass the difficult times and moving on. You have the strenght to carry on with life. There are some that go into depression and they can’t find the strenght to pull themselves up and carry on. These sad and poor people sweep themselves off the face of the earth. They emotionally feel weak and their body reacts accordingly. They are so weak that they just pass away. Many don’t let their strenght leave them and you fight through tough times. I have and you have.

We have strenght and courage and we are brave. We are heroes. So, why don’t we consider ourselves heroes? It is because we look solely at our negatives. Time to think POSITIVE.

Well, I know I am my hero! How about you?

This is home

6 08 2008

Apparently, Wednsdays are very good for me. I will always get inspiration.

On saturday, Singapore will celebrate its 43th National day. It is the day we gained Independence 43 years ago. My principal, as some of you might know, is an ex-hockey player. She asks us all to sing our National anthemn , Majulah Singapura (or Onward Singapore) on National day. Especially National day. We watched a video explaining what Majulah Singapura meant to her. I’m going to dedicate this post to what Majulah Singapura means to me.

The anthemn clearly states a few goals I have. Mainly, happiness and success.  And although the anthem is short, it says and means alot. It tells me to carry on. People might not know who we are or what is our part in the world’s economy, still stride on and be the best that we can be. If I fall, I’ll pick myself up and try again.

I will admit I love my country, then again, who doesn’t  love their own country. I love Singapore because basically if you look back at our history, you will see we never gave up and were determined. That is something I’ll take with me for life. Never underestimate anything small.

Another thing is that people say that they’ll die for their country. Well, I’m not going to die for Singapore. I’m not going to die for the goverment. They are just people who sit is this huge and grand room making decisions that either make lives better or worse. I’ll di however, for the people who showed me what it takes to be a Singaporean. I know. I sound noble (of noble is the right word). The truth is although I might not agree on everything that the goverment says, I love Singapore because its my home.

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Solar eclipse this thursday/friday

30 07 2008

I have never really seen a solar eclipse. I would like to though. This upcoming solar eclipse will not appear in Singapore 😦 so I suggest to all who will be able to see it, don’t miss it. You get to watch an amazing sight. Take it in and really experience it to the fullest. Be grateful you can because there  are many people who don’t get to see it. Ever.