Oprah’s Big Give

26 01 2009

She is just such an amazing. She loves giving back to the community.She is a great lady.

She is just a very giving person and the way she gives to so creative. The big give is a great game show however, the claim that nothing will be even to the winner isn’t so true.  If you want me to leave my family for a long period of time for a competition, you better have something in it for me.

She has great intentions. But do her contestants have them?



22 11 2008

I believe that we live in a very competitive society and you can’t have a successful carrer with a successful relationship. If you have a successful relationship and a successful relationship, leave me a comment below because I want to know how you do it.

You can’t do both at the same time. I highly doubt you can. You would need alot of energy and time. Haven’t you seen all those movies where people try to juggle work and family. They can’t do that, they picked family in the end ( they always pick family in the end).

With the gobal financial crisis, everything is going crazy and people are becoming more competitve. Get more costumers. Get more sales. Get more money. Get the good collage courses. Get the good job. Everything is very competitive. I am in the biggest competition. Life.

Guess what. You are my competitiion

Trick-a-Treat!:No treat, Just a fatal trick…

1 11 2008

You are kidding me. You are freaking kidding me. I heard that Halloween was when the ghost, monsters and creatures roam the streets and scare the freak out of everyone. I didn’t think it would be this scary.

A 12 year boy was shot when he was trick-a-treating with his dad and brother. He was killed while his dad and brother were shot and said to have no life threatening injuries. All of this took place in South Carolina.

What in the world? What? In? The? World? Was the shooter so paranoid that some small kid dressed up as something out of this world would eat him up? What was the kid wearing that was so scary?

The article I was reading said that the killing of this 12 year old was intentional. Can I ask something? What in the world did a 12 year old boy, who properly has not gone through puberty yet, do to you that would make you want to kill him? What did that kid do? Pee on your car? Come on.

You know how no parent wants to see their kid die before them? Well, congratulations. You just emotionally scared a mother and father for life. As for the kid’s siblings, well they are scared too. If that was your intention, well congratulations you bastard! You just emotionally hurt a family for life. Now you are going to rot in jail.

Killing a kid on Halloween. If this was a toy water gun, it would be a whole different story. But this was real. A 12 year old kid. On Halloween night. Killing a kid is bad. Killing a kid on the night of Halloween is worse.

You know all those stories where if you die and you don’t finish whatever you need to by midnight Halloween night, you will forever roam the earth or something like that. That kid was shot at about 8:30 pm! He might still have a lot of things to do. He hasn’t told the girl he like that he likes her. He hasn’t had his first kiss. He has not done a whole lot of things that a normal person does in their life and he is going to go after the person who took it all away from him. Yea, that’s right. He’ll come back and haunt you and you’ll realise that all his ideas of haunting you are so creative. Because you know kids have this great imagination of theirs.

Why did he shot him anyways? When you go trick-a-treating, you are suppose to get candy. Why did this kid get a bullet? Did the shooter think that candy came out of a gun?


Man. People are weird. Very weird.



What are you missing out on?

21 09 2008

In every country, in every state, in every city and in every neighbourhood, you have people who feel that they have seen everything about that area. You are one of those people. Don’t lie. Down the road there’s the basketball court where some guys play B-ball almost everyday. The mall has the ‘cutest’ shop wear you buy all your clothes. You know who are your rivals and where not to hang out in order not to get bashed up.

I’m not going to lie.  I thought I knew a lot about Singapore. (It is so small!!!). I knew the best shopping malls. I knew where to keep out. I knew where the best food was and so on. That was until today. My mum was driving me and a friend and a teacher back from a competition. We were driving through little India. I have not been to that area before, I think. I remember driving through it a couple of times but I haven’t really walk through the streets. I felt like a tourist, pointing out things I have not seen. I thought I knew what there was need to know. Apparently there is alot more.

Look around your neightbourhood or city. What are you missing out on?

What the world is going through…

31 08 2008

People judge books by their covers. You. Me. Don’t go shaking your head, thinking ” NAH! I don’t judge.’ Yes, you judge people by the way they look. You would be lying to yourself if you say you don’t judge. You judge people by what they look like, what they wear, what they say, the way the behave and what you hear about them. I do it too. I am admitting it . . . on the world wide web. Judging is wrong but natural. If you judge people, you know you are human.

Yes, judging is perfectly natural. However (and please take my advice on this one), keep your judgements to yourself. People don’t want to know your opinions about them. The moment you say something, you are just giving them more reasons to judge you.

But people still judged all over the world. People in America judge people of different races than them and if you watch the Tyra’s show Focus on Race, you’ll know what im talking about. People judge others in Australia, Europe, Asia and even in Singapore. All over the world, people judge.

Today, I am going to talk about judgements based on races. In Singapore, judgements are not to the extreme that everyone avoids one particular race. It is nothing like the Black-White conflict America struggled through for so many years. We are all pretty cool with everyone. I have friends of all races and we are all a very big happy group. Enough side tracking. I am going to touch on a few topics such as; different races living in the community, inter-racial dating/marriage, people disliking different races, people disliking their own races and what some races call beautiful and others call ugly. ( You would have noticed, I followed what Tyra did).

Singapore is a multi-racial country. In America and other parts of the world, different races live together in a community. Like I said earlier, Singapore does not have a lot of people discriminating others. After September 11, in America, the muslims and arabs are currently having a tough time. They can’t walk out their doors without being called a terrorist. It isn’t a good feeling being called  terrorist. The moment you turn a corner “TERRORIST”. You enter a resturant, “TERRORIST”. To shopping in a mall, “TERRORIST”. Everywhere you hear the word terrorist and you begin to wonder if that is the only word in everyone’s vocabulary. After a while, people don’even know your name any more. They just say “Hey you. Terrorist! Come here. ” But seriously, being called a terrorist isn’t nice. It is hurt full and depressing. Terrorist is someone that has done something dangerous and harmful to a large group of people. Now, just because of one person you are going to stick a ‘BEWARE OF ME’ sign of every person from that race. I won’t do that. Oh, but (I hate using this term) White people have. They have done it to the african-american community and now they are doing it to the muslim community. However, in the white community, if an individual commites a crime, we blame the individual, not the race. Would anyone like to know my opinion why? Well, because majority of the American goverment is made of white people.

Sorry, I am going overboarded.

Moving on, what is so wrong with inter-racial dating? I don’t understand. If it weren’t for people marrying inter-racially, I wouldn’t be born. I know people who have inter-racially married or are getting married or are inter-racially dating. Let me break this down for you. Two people love each other. These two people are from different races. They don’t care about their races but the people around them do. Seriously, LEAVE THE HAPPY COUPLE ALONE. They love each other. That is all it counts. Open your eyes please.

Next, what is with people disliking other people of different races? Because of religion? What did the other race do to insult your religion so bad. Some religions don’t even allow people to touch holy books of other religions or enter other religionsholy grounds. People are just using religion as another excuse to pick a fight. Thinking about it logically, they are using the something which promotes peace and harmony and kindness as an excuse to pick a fight with others. Humans are really funny creatures. So religion is out. I feel the main reason for people disliking others of a different race is because of ill-treatment. Yes, ill-treatment begins everything, wars, conflicts and even kids throwing rocks at other kids. People aren’t treated equally. I do not have any words of wisdom here. I can’t tell you to treat everyone equally. That seriously isn’t my responsibility to tell the whole world to treat everyone equally. That is the world leaders responsibility. Now, with the American election with Obama (YAY!) and some other guy ( I don’t follow the election that closely but I still say Obama should win), there will, hopefully, be a positive change to the goverment system in America and that will have a positive change for everyone living there.

So we have talked about people disliking people of different races. How about people disliking their own race? I didn’t believe it myself until I watched it on Tyra’s show. This black man didn’t like being black and rather be white. I think it is because he feels that the black community has been blamed for so much and he didn’t want to be part of the blamed. I wonder if he knows that if he is a white man he would be part of the blaming community and that to me is a lot worse.

Lastly, what is beautiful to different races. Honestly, the media controls everything that we consider beautiful and since the media is controlled by a whole lot of white people or way of viewing beautiful is very distorted. So I’m not going to touch on this one.

Oh well, that’s the end for me ladies and gentlemen.

I have nothing more to say.

Expect that all my judgements about people and racial discrimination are all in this post. I have had my say.

What is yours?

Making your presence known.

24 08 2008

Hello world. Yesterday, my family had a BBQ celebrating all the August babies in the family. It was a wet BBQ and all my other cousins, Von and Nicole’s friends were helping with the barbecue while it was raining. It was our very first BBQ in the rain. Nicole introduced me to her new boyfriend and everyone was pretty much having a good time. I love my family. I learnt something yesterday but first I feel I need to explain a few things.

The entire night, everyone kept asking where my mum was. I explained the situation about my grandmother to my uncles, aunts and other cousins but when the younger ones asked, I decided to change the topic.  I didn’t really want to hang out with Kim last night. She would be a complete loner with another one of our cousins or friends and just talk. Not a very nice way to spend my evening. She would be completely be anti-social. My dad even asked me where she was because she hadn’t seen her since she came. She told me that Greg ( a family friend) was anti social but every one knew where he was. Half way through, Nicole’s boyfriend went to serve food to my dad and uncles and everyone was wondering who he was. I told them Nicole’s boyfriend.

Basically, whatever I have stated above is about being noticed and known, making known to everyone your presence. For example, my mum wasn’t ther last night, yet everyone was talking about her. People notice that others are missing if they are of great importance to the person company. If you have the executive of a major company missing in action, you will notice the person isn’t there because they are of great importance.

You also have to try and stand out to make yourself and your company known. By hiding in a corner or keeping with a small community, people won’t know who you are, just like Kim and Nicole’s boyfriend. Let evryone know who you are. Step out of your comfort zone. The only way to move foward and grow in business or relationships is to make yourself known to the others in a bigger commuity.

Good luck.

No worries, be happy.

10 06 2008

I am upset with myself right now. Every time I log on to wordpress the first thing, THE very first thing I do everytime I log in is check my blog stats. Why? I want to see how popular my blog is! The next thing I do is check comments and spam and other stuff which is not related to this post. If you scroll down more, you see wordpress has ‘so kindly’ put a column called ‘WHAT’S HOT!’. There is worpress news ( which needs to be up, apparently), then you have Top WordPress.com Blogs today, Top posts from around wordpress.com and fastest growing wordpress.com blogs then you have latest posts which right now are irrelevant.

Popularity. One of the six most desired things on earth. What are the other most desired things on earth? Money, power, happiness, beauty and sex.  Which is the easiest to achive but difficult to keep? I don’t know.

Popularity. In high school or what ever school, popularity is always related to money and beauty. Who ever is beautiful or rich is considered popular and with popularity comes power! The ‘populars’ think they run the school and being the populars, they have this ‘tradidtion’ to be one of the cool people and lose their virginity after prom. They think they are happy… until the blond head cheerleader realises she’s pregnant! Ha! Then she and her prom king are completely screwed! They are the talk of the entire school. Nerds, jocks, drama peeps, skater dudes. Every one knows. Both the star quaterback’s, who happens to be the prom king and head cheerleader parents feels that she should keep the baby and it is both the head cheerleader’s and star quaterback’s responsibility to take care of it. So her tummy gets big and both drop out of school and they aren’t happy. Ha, serves them right. They grow old and ugly and their kid hates them. That nerd that used to do their homework is now the president of the biggest business ever, and he’s HOT! and rich and powerful and has been recently voted the sexiest man alive, and he is happy with wife and 3 beautiful kids.

Moral of story: Popularity, money, sex, power and beauty isn’t everything. Happiness is. If you are happy, don’t screw it up by doing something stupid. The nerd did a smart thing. He was happy when he was working hard for the exams and at Collage. Apparently, puberty was late for him too. Nerds have this mindset I admire. ‘Word hard now, be happy and in a couple of years, you will be the hottest, sexiest richest man alive and eveyone wants to be your friend!’ but let me change it alil to: Word hard, be happy and in a couple of years, you will get your reward.’ That’s better.  Not much of a difference only that the wording is different. It is amazing that nerds can be extremely positive.

Positive attitude is the key to everything. Be positive, be happy.:)

you will get everything by being happy.