God’s love letter to you

1 01 2009

sorry i just love this video


It is Christmas time again

24 12 2008

Still in Canberra but I gave up with putting Australia trip 08 every time I posted a new entry. I lost count of all the entries I’ve done in Australia. So still in Canberra. A couple of hours pasted Christmas and it will be Christmas in Singapore in a couple of hours.

I love how Christmas brings many people together. That is the beauty of Christmas. Seeing loads of people into the festivities, that is Christmas Magic right there. I love that the suburbs in Australia always have a few houses with lights up. They have houses with big lights that you can see from afar. To run that is a lot of electricity but I am sure every one who sees these houses are very grateful and astounded.

I wonder what everyone back home is doing for Chirstmas.

Drop me a line. What are you doing for Christmas?

The Last Templar : Book Review

23 11 2008

The last templar is one of the many books that questions Christianity. I have been interested in these sort of myths in my religion. I like being aware of them. I feel that The Last Templar is an exciting book which reveals the church’s recorded history with the Knights Templar however it sugguest every little scandle, except may be for something, I really rather not spoil it. It was a good book full of excitement and adventure. I expected a little bit more drama with Christianity but it was still a good book.

Don’t read it if you are a super super religious christian.

Catholic priest:If You’re an Obama supporter, you don’t get communion

19 11 2008

I was just reading an article on catholic  priest denying Obama supporters Holy Communion because Obama is pro-abortion.  Can I ask something? When was communion used as a weapon? When did that come into play?

I understand that the church is pro-life but dening catholics who supported Obama communion is ridiculous. If you ask me about abortion I have my stand pretty clear. If you have sex and you are pregnant, you keep the baby. If you are married or not, you have the baby. Now if you are raped, you can keep the baby OR abort it. THAT IS ONLY IF YOU ARE RAPED. I am pro-life but when it comes to tramatising some girl by raping her in an elevator and getting her pregnant, that’s a whole different story. It wasn’t her choice. If she wants it, she’ll keep it. If she doesn’t then abort it.

That’s only for rape victims.

But if you ask me about denying communion to Obama supporters, Catholic preist have gone too far.


Catholic Priests Denying Obama Supporters Communion Over Abortion Issue

Strange facts about Archbishop Nicholas Chia

9 11 2008

I don’t believe it. It’s over. No more sunday classes, no more retreats, no more camps. No more but a new begining.  Today was my confirmation. And I am not going to rant about it.

Nope that is not what this blog is about. I don’t do personal stuff remember.

However, we delayed the mass by half and hour. Why? The archbishop was late. Okay, I am not going to blame him, I’m not going to blame traffic or his driver. I just want to say, if this was an acused going into court, you would call him crazy. If this was the archbishop, you let it slide. You let it past right by you. No one comments. No one complains. No one says anything. When you are in power, especially in a religion, no one will say anything if you are late.

Another thing I notice. Who tells jokes with a serious face? Appearently, the Archbishop does. I didn’t get most of his jokes. Only one joke during his homily was all I caught. ONE! I knew there were more because you could hear people chuckling.  It was confusing a little.

Well, at least we know the Archbishop alittle bit more.

Advice needed.

2 11 2008

Hey, this is a post to ask for some advice. I need to know if there is anyone out there who is very active in their parish youth group and send me some tips on how to start it up and keep it running successfully. Either than praying to god, if there any other ideas. Thanks

Make the best out of your situation

19 10 2008

Yesterday, I went for a very tiring youth rally. Not that I am complaining.It was just one the bus home ( we sent half of our group on one of the other 7 buses because our bus was late and the last), 9 people were on this big bus. Most were my friends but I knew who the others were. This one girl was saying ‘not my kind of people’. Well that was understood however during this rally she was not very participative.

It doesn’t matter whp you are with. It is the cause you are there for. We were all gathered from 25 churches to sing praise to God and she should be ‘oh, not my kind of people’.

Not the point. The point is to make the best out of the situation. Her friends were really interactive with us on the bus back. They looked like they enjoyed themselves. Don’t complain. Do something!