My station

3 04 2009

I am not a very religious person but I do like to reflect on the bible and religions scriptures. It gives me freedom and a clear mind.

If you have ben following, you would know by now I am directing my church’s passion play. And I am so worried no only how well my cast is acting but also their spirtiual growth. So I asked them to take a look at a station that they feel is most important to them and try to relate to a person in that station.

Mine would have to be the 11th station. I like to think I am the good theif. I know I have done wrong and I am put on the cross, fully bared to the word, my faults flaunted in the face of God, begging for his forgiveness. I can relate to him alot. I am not perfect and I would do anything to have forgiveness. I have carried my cross and now I want to offer everything up.

I think we can all relate to something in the stations of the cross.


Stuff you didn’t know about the holidays

27 03 2009

My Lent Commitments

1 03 2009

So Auditions for the passion play yesterday didn’t rock so much. Never mind. Today is a new day.

So I went for mass yesterday, and father went on about lent and our pentance for the year. I know what’s my pentance. It is something that will make me suffer, deprive me and yet it will be all for God.

I’m directing the Passion Play.

I am directing a bunch of annoying uncooperative and proud kids relive the last few moments of the life of Jesus Christ, the last few moments when the terror, sorrow and suffering took over everyone. Ironic isn’t it?

I don’t know how to make them see that. Make them see how important this is to me. How important this is is whoever is involved.

Do you know that if a play is horrid the director gets blamed? And if a play is brilliant, they actors get the credit! Life is unfair.

Just remember. God! I am doing this for the big guy up there. I bet he’s having a chuckle out of this.

This year, I am not going to be playful Cheyenne. No. Not this year. I won’t get work done. I am friends from last year join the play this year and if they think I am not serious they can just leave. The door is open for people to go! I’ll recast. It is not that difficult to recast.  I do not want to work with people who think they are the best and no need to audition. It doesn’t work like that. Friday is my first practise. I’ll have the script out and printed and photo copied for everyone. This Friday is a read through and we will start working on the first few stations. Hopefully i can get 2 or 3 stations done by this week.

Sigh. Right now I need the prayers of many for me not to drop dead on the ground. Oh dear Lord help me.


Happy Cannosian Saints day!

27 02 2009

Today, my school celebrated the feast day of the saints we live our lives after.  After the mass, there was installation of the class commitee and I was there, being presented to my school mates and my biggest fear was not being able to inspire them. Not being able to see how they develop our school.


Yeah. Good day.

You know what would have made it better.

If things with my friends and I patched up.

When I am in the mood I’ll talk about it alittle bit

My calling?

15 02 2009


I can’t do it. Not even if God called me.  It was just out of  impluse. Everyone was pointing fingers and was too afraid to take up the role. All the guys were like ‘NO WAY IM NOT DOING IT’ and in the end im the one that answer Aunty Eliz’s prayers. “Okay, I’ll do it” were the exact words that blurred out of my mouth.

And everyone just stared at me. Why? Why did I say that? I just agreed to direct this year’s passion play! WHAT WAS I THINKING?

I AM ONLY 16! OH WELL, not even 16 yet. What was I thinking? Best part was when i volentered no a soul disagreed. Oh great. Now, I am the director of the Pasion Play.

And on the way home I was thinking to drop it. I wanted to quit. I came back and went to the task although I had every idea to quit. I went searching for the book which I had to get the idea for the script from and then i came across the wrong book, thinking it was the right book. This book is entitled OUR FAITHFUL GOD.

And there is this story written by someone (it was left Anonymous). Anyways, I though I would share it. However, due to copy right laws….well you know the rest.

But it was very inspiring. The lord told the man to go three times and the man gave up excuses and at the fourth time the man agreed.  And it made me realise that I should do this.


auditions will be this sunday, hopefully

Why we pray.

10 01 2009

I hate this video. And I have no idea why I put it up.

Alright. I might to be a big promoter of my religion but I believe in freedom of choice. People then ask why we pray and tell us that god is imaginary. Well, we are human. We all have tp believe in something right.


3 01 2009

Hey. So I was studying ( yes this early in the year I am studying) my Social Studies. Actually I was just reading my text book 0n the topic of terrorism and how it effects the world and blah blah blah.

What caught me was how people use religion, twist it and sell it to the world and if you don’t believe it, you die! Religion is religion you know. Something everyone needs. Religion allows you to believe in things that science might not be able to explain and everyone needs something to believe in. To twist a story, especially stories religions tell to get people to do as you say is just …wrong. Doesn’t matter what religion. The moment you twist that, that is just wrong.

Terrorism is the harshest thing in the world and I can’t see me or my friends breaking up to join different terrorist groups and have a major battle on who is the better religion.  I can’t see that. I wouldn’t join some Christianity terrorist group ( yes there are such things). They can try and brain wash me and lock me, give me no food for who knows how long.

Terrorism, according to my text, used to be small scaled until 9/11. That might just be the most shocking thing to happen to the world. When the news of that came through every one just dropped all their jaws to the ground ( and flies decided to make their mouths a new home…). Seriously. That was huge.

Sigh. People say there is no way terrorism will stop. I beg to differ. It can if we choose to make it stop.