Don’t forget by Demi Lovato

25 11 2008

I know I am not fond of her but this is one of her best songs, in my opinion. I hope you like it.


miley is not dead: duh!

19 11 2008


Miley is not dead. Don’t believe me??? Check it out here.

Is Miley Cyrus dead?

17 11 2008

HAHAHAHA! This is so hilarious, I had to make it top priority although this post was suppose to be for my Madagascar review (view the next post).

Miley Cyrus is dead. Apparently, Miley and her best friend Mandy have a show on Youtube where Mandy announced in her latest video that Miley Cyrus is dead. They day Miley Cyrus dies is the day cows jump over the moon. I highly doubt she’s dead. Why is this rumour running around the internet like crazy when no local news paper or magazine or international gossip magazine has no article on this? Correct me if I am wrong but I really haven’t seen any.

She is not dead. This was just to gain publicity. If she was dead Disney would have to make a statement or they would have made a statement by now. I doubt her agent, record company and everyone else involved with her would just shut up about this.

I don’t like Miley Cyrus much. I don’t want to damn her or anything but if she is dead ( which I highly doubt) then god bless her soul. If she is not, the Miley this was a cruel trick to play on your fans and the public. You should feel ashamed.


Well, apparently they just disabled the video.

The difference between Jamie Lynn Spears and every other girl is….

26 06 2008

jamie lynn spearsNothing. Nothing in this world makes Jamie Lynn Spears more special than other girls. So Stop treating her like she is a princess. She gave birth to a girl, Maddie Briann, on the 19th of June. She announced to the world she was pregnant last December(back then I wanted to slap her). She is a mummy and she is two years older than me. I would have thought Jamie was a smart girl and would have learned from her sister to be nothing like her. I guess I overestimated Jamie.

I’m not sure if I should still slap her or be happy for her. Jamie is 16. She got pregnant and had a baby. Don’t these things happen to lots of teenage girls? It is just a re-run of an old movie. Girl gets pregnant, she gets an abortion or puts the baby up for adoption or keeps it. What is the difference with Jamie? She wasn’t raped was she? There were no reports of rape. If the girl was raped, it would be a different story entirely.

Point is Jamie is not better than other girls that is it ‘okay’ for her to have a baby before marriage. She was a role model to many girls, including me. I felt she was going to be different from Brit. Guess this nonsense runs in the family. I have lost much respect for Jamie and publicising this only makes girls think that having a kid before marriage is a good thing when it is not.

I will not congradulate Jamie at the moment. I will only congratulate her when her kids make it to collage with out having to go through anything their cousins , Brit’s kids, went through so far. For Jamie to earn my respect and admirtion again is for her to be a better mum to her kids than Brit is to hers.

Only then say that Jamie is a good mother.

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