Will Wall Street Crash?

15 10 2008


I have read that Wall Street (why is it called Wall Street anyway?*) is on the verge of crashing. Experts say that it may not be as bad as the Great Depression. People are panicing like crazy. Apparently, everything I read contrast. It will be worse. It won’t be so bad. We will survive. We will survive. We have a problem with money but still we will get by.

Musical Moment. My apologies. Technically at this moment I don’t know what to believe. Experts can observe patterns but that does not make them nessecarily right.

In the mean time any one want to tell me why Wall Street is called Wall Street. You would think because of all the financial stuff there, it would be called Money Street….[ranting continued]

* The things I think of


China’s Mistake??? My views…

4 10 2008

Dear World,
OK. So I bet everyone has heard about China and their poisoned milk. Well, if you haven’t, you are unbelievably slow. Melamine in the milk??? Seriously, why is China, ALL OF A SUDDEN, being blamed for poisoning milk products? You would think something like this would have been the biggest news, way earlier, when people started importing goods from China.

If you ask me(and even if you didn’t I am still going to tell you anyways), I think there is something big going on here. Like HUGE! I think China is being framed. By who is unknown. Think about it. If there was melamine in the milk from when countries started importing goods from China, why wasn’t there so many reports about infants getting food poisoning and dying? If this was going on right from the start, why didn’t anyone say anything about it? I got you thinking now huh?

I knew a while back, something like this was about to happen. China would be blamed for poisoning children. There we have it. Another reason to put China in a spotlight where people do nothing but throw food at you. I hope China can push its way out of that spotlight. Yup I am siding China on this. I don’t like seeing them being bullied because they made a mistake and yes it was a major mistake. I want to see them come out of it alive. China is one of the major importers around the world. If we can’t trust them, they lose profit and we lose the amount of goods imported. I’m thinking long term. I’m thinking for the good of everyone. There has to be a win-win situation.

I hope there is. All I can do now is hope and wait and watch.

Making your presence known.

24 08 2008

Hello world. Yesterday, my family had a BBQ celebrating all the August babies in the family. It was a wet BBQ and all my other cousins, Von and Nicole’s friends were helping with the barbecue while it was raining. It was our very first BBQ in the rain. Nicole introduced me to her new boyfriend and everyone was pretty much having a good time. I love my family. I learnt something yesterday but first I feel I need to explain a few things.

The entire night, everyone kept asking where my mum was. I explained the situation about my grandmother to my uncles, aunts and other cousins but when the younger ones asked, I decided to change the topic.  I didn’t really want to hang out with Kim last night. She would be a complete loner with another one of our cousins or friends and just talk. Not a very nice way to spend my evening. She would be completely be anti-social. My dad even asked me where she was because she hadn’t seen her since she came. She told me that Greg ( a family friend) was anti social but every one knew where he was. Half way through, Nicole’s boyfriend went to serve food to my dad and uncles and everyone was wondering who he was. I told them Nicole’s boyfriend.

Basically, whatever I have stated above is about being noticed and known, making known to everyone your presence. For example, my mum wasn’t ther last night, yet everyone was talking about her. People notice that others are missing if they are of great importance to the person company. If you have the executive of a major company missing in action, you will notice the person isn’t there because they are of great importance.

You also have to try and stand out to make yourself and your company known. By hiding in a corner or keeping with a small community, people won’t know who you are, just like Kim and Nicole’s boyfriend. Let evryone know who you are. Step out of your comfort zone. The only way to move foward and grow in business or relationships is to make yourself known to the others in a bigger commuity.

Good luck.

Size doesn’t matter.

27 07 2008

Today, I was watching my sister and the rest of the floorball team play against a team bigger and rougher than they are. I must admit, I was very impressed. These girls worked very hard and improved from their first match I watched. They fought out there today. They played at their best ( although there may be areas of improvement. I don’t know, I’m just a spectator).

I think they should have won. They fought very hard today. I feel that if they keep fighting for it, they will start wining some games.

Moral of today’s story? Think of it as David and Goliath. David was a small boy who defeated the Giant Goliath with a sling shot ( smart thinking). My sister’s team is like David and with some smart thinking, they throw down some big mean giants. This can be applied for real life and business too.

You have to start off small and work your way up. People may doubt you when you are a small company or business just setting up. Some can be very cruel and make bets on how long they think you will hold out. If you are passionate about your business, fight for it. Show them, prove to them that you can do it. They are only doubting you because they screwed up at their business. ( sorry, off topic).

Once your business is pretty stable, you have two choices.

 One: you can continue having a small and stable business.

Two: you can take the risk and allow your business to grow.

If you pick two, you have to really do some smart thinking. Observe your competition. Study strategies of other successful and big business. Take up their strategies and improve on them. There will come times when you have fight with your competition. This is when you have to pull up your defence and offence at the same time. You want to defend your business but you still need it to grow and gain profit. This is where you need to observe your competition more closely. Watch their moves. There will be ways things can be prevented and moves you can make that will make more of an impact than the move your competition made.

Be careful though. You always need to be three steps ahead of your competition.

Desperation:not very deadly

8 07 2008

How do I put this?….

This is complex cause I don’t know how to start. Okay. I’ll try.

There are times where you don’t want to hurt someonebut you have to because you know it is best for both parties. Then the other party blackmails you and threatens you in a way. This is a complete sign of desperation. The other party doesn’t want to let go because it needs that security from you. The other party thinks that by black mailing you, you will come back and pretend to meet your end of the deal and your feelings are completely opposite.  You just have to remember once you are blackmailed, you know the person threatening or blackmailing you is doing so out of complete desperation.

The other party has nothing to lose but that security you gave it. My advice: leave the other party to its misery. If you know what you are doing is the best for both parties then leave that second party in its desperation and misery. There is not much point in a compromise because you are not going to put your heart and soul into it. The compromise, just like the deal before that, would be a waste of time. Just move on. The second party doesn’t need to be given into. They need to move on. You should first before they do. Set the example.

Desperation is pathetic and should not be given into. You only make people spoilt that way.