The way of Tattoos

10 01 2010

Today I went to the Tattoo convention at expo. Today was the last day of the convention and I went and I saw loads of people getting tattoos making tattoos and browsing tattoos. I am that person browsing!

But the number of people there, the booths. It was amazing. And the different types of tattoos and the different cultures coming together. There was the mordern way of doing tattoos and the traditional way and everything around me just screamed culture. Everything just went wow. I was filled a hall with people and experiences and who are artist and who put art on their bodies. It amazed me their commitment to such an art. An art which is often not looked highly upon.

I adore that people come together and celebrate what they love and bring to the table new ideas, images, cultures.

I don’t know why tattoos aren’t really highly looked upon in society but if you look at it differently, there is a purpose and reason to why people want art on their bodies. It is a whole new way of admiring.

I am planning to get one….when I am legal of course…right now too many ideas floating in my head on what to do but I am planning to do a small one.


Stuff you didn’t know about the holidays

27 03 2009

What if cartoons got saved?

3 01 2009

this was really funny and adorable…just thought i brighten everyones day

My memoirs

3 01 2009

Yeah I was watching Memoirs of a Geisha. Hence the tittle.  Her story is sad and yet very much inspiring. I thought I just…ramble. Don’t really have much to blog about now so yeah…rants and rambles now.

Sigh. When You think of the word ‘memoir’, well right about now, the movie stated above would come to your mind. Some poor little girl taken from family and grew up to be some one respected or well liked or well known. Why doesn’t anyone think of their own lives? Memoirs means an autobiography. An account of events in a person’s life. A journal so to speak. A journal of a typical teen girl would be one of the most random thing in the world. My memoirs aren’t far from that. But the one thing I like about memoirs and about reading memoirs or journals are the scandals. There are scandals in every ones life. You. Me. The person in the other room. Everyone has a scandal and a thing or two which they aren’t proud off.

Hey, we are only human. Reading memoirs of others, we don’t realise that they are human too. Memoir of a real human, not an alien. When we watch movies based on a a true story, we don’t realise that they are true. We can’t imagine several hundreds of scenarios being true. Sometimes we look at our own lives and we just wonder what we did to get ourselves there.

I am in the position currently. I’m just pondering about my memoir. It isn’t the most grand or exciting. But it is human. I am proud to say that…

It is human…

what about your memoir?

Australia Trip 08:Entry 7-Endinburgh Gallery, Port Arthur and more

13 12 2008

While I am exploring my brand new dashboard (thank you again people at, I am viewing the blogs of many others, checking in on friends and telling you about my trip so far.
Although I might not…actually more like should not be doing this (I don’t even know if I am allowed to do this), I feel like I need to help advertise this motel I am currently residing in. Yes, it is a motel. Not hotel. Motel.
Endinburgh Gallery bed and breakfast. Yes, I finally got the name right. It is actually an art gallery. That would explain why the rooms looked very show room. There are many pantings and interesting furnitures. In fact the whole place is like one big master piece. It is a really interesting place to stay in. You are durrounded by so much art. Its not your 5 star hotel but it is a good place.
We went to Port Arthur today. It used to be a prison and it is an interesting tourist site. If you enjoy history and old artitecture, Port Arthur will be an interesting location for you. It reminds me of the old castles in soctland really. The stories of the prisoners there are interesting too. My mum got this 19 year old boy who escaped and til this day is still at large. Not to worry. He escaped a long time ago. I think he’s dead now.
The church there is amasing. There isn’t an alter or anything…there just is an old building with no roof or floor. It looke sort of castle like. There are 8 bells too. The bells were seperated and the eighth bell went missing. One bell fell and broke and the remaining bells are now displayed in the old church. All but the missing eight bell. If you know where that bell is LET THE PEOPLE AT PORT AUTHER KNOW.Yup, they are still looking for the bell.

The culture here is very different. It is rude not to ask a person ‘how are you?’. All this while I thought I was being polite when I wasn’t. So many dirty looks were thrown my way in melborne. Here not so much. They dont really ask how are you.
Some interesting photos will come up soon…As soon as I get off my ass and upload them. Haha.
I’ll post them seperately.

you haven’t seen anything yet…

2 12 2008

ladies and gentlemen…you think you are neat…you haven’t seen anything.

take a look at this

My day at the Art House

16 08 2008

Today, we, the drama girls, went to the arts house to perform our piece, The Former Three Little Pigs. Well, technically I helped direct it so my darling drama girls performed the piece. I took a video of it and hopefully I can get it posted up as soon as possible. 

I am very proud of those girls. They did alot of people proud: me, our teachers, our director and instructor and our school. And , although they had one performance, they did a lovely job at it. Our audience was really pleased and I understood how nervous the girls were when our teacher in charge asked me to do an introduction 30 MINUTES BEFORE THE PERFORMANCE. “No problem” I exclaimed. “I know what to say.” I was thinking OH NO!!! Fortunately everything went very well. (YaY!)

After our performance, we went to watch another school’s performance. Since next year most schools around the Island will be competing in Singapore Youth Festival (SYF), we thought we should look at our competition. Boy, were they good! I didn’t like some bits for their performance but still Boy, were they good. No. I’m not scared.

I’m way of topic now. Just so you know why so many schools are participating, it is because this event is entittled Celebrate Drama. It is a place were we can meet fellow actresses from other schools. We can watch their performaces and learn from them. This is where we are given the opportunity to learn from each other. I think we learnt alot. We learned alot and had fun as well. That is what is important.

I think we took away something that we couldn’t learn from other schools. We got alittle bit closer. OK. The words ‘a little bit’ is no where close. We got closer. We had fun. We rocked it out at the arts house. Even until when we were buying donuts from one of the other schools, they kept asking if we would do another performance and we said we just had one performance. They looked really upset because they didn’t get to watch. LoL.

It was a great day.