Don’t be surprised what animals can teach us

16 11 2008

Yesterfay evening, I was having dinner at my cousin’s house and like we always do, we went down to the play ground and took millions of photos, or what they call ‘cam whore’.

We were doing so and we saw two cats, a female and male about to mate. The male was trying all sort of tactics to get the female and me being so scared of cats, refused to go anywhere near them. However, the male cats getting sort of aggressive and the female kept running up to me frightenning me more. I didn’t realise she was frightened until my cousin told me.

I know what you are thinking. What does cats have to do with real life? A lot, actually.

I saw the whole scene like it was a real human boyfriend/ girlfriend scene. The boy trying to get very close to the girl to get what he wants. Trying to make her believe what he wants is what she wants too. When the female ran, it was the girl rejecting.

In a way it looked like the beginning of a rape scene. It was scary to watch. Imagine it  was difficult for me to watch cats, it would be worse if it was real people.


7 year old feed croc, other reptiles

6 10 2008

Zoo’s sometimes allow feeding areas, where you could feed certain types of animals. A 7 year old boy took this to a whole new level.

Feeding other reptiles to the crocodile in an Australian Reptile Center. A 7 year old boy. How did he do it? I don’t know. Miracle here was that he wasn’t eaten. I wonder why.

To be perfectly honest, I think this boy is a genius or has no sense. But then Again he is just 7.

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Croc roaming local park

6 08 2008

Early this week, a crocodile was spotted in a local park located near housing estates. Now Singapore Croc hunters are searching high and low ( well, mostly low) for Mr. Croc. I wonder why he never made his presence known before this incident. Crocs don’t appear out of no where. May be he was roaming the park. Experts say that he is young as he is not at adult size. I have this theory that may be a croc egg floated up to Singapore’s shores and was hatched there. My dad says may be he swam down from Malaysia. Both ideas are plausible.

reason why a hermit crab likes to move alot

3 05 2008

I currently in a debate of which blogsite I should use to host my blog. Right now, I currently have another blog on livejournal. It’s considerably new since I’ve only been using it for 5 months after I deleted my Blogger account. 

 Notice how I can’t sit still. I can’t seem to stick to one particular thing and complete it. Instead, I jump around everywhere trying out differen things. I’m like a hermit crab, constantly finding a new shell to rest in, never being able to make up my mind and I am constantly changing my decisions. However, I always seem to come to a decision which I will never regret. I feel that is how life should be lived. With no regrets.

I really hate regrets. It’s like crying over spilt milk. What’s the point about fussing about somehting that has already happened and that you just can’t change. No, we haven’t invented the time machine therefore it is impossible for us to change anythign we did in the past. Everything happens for a reason. It is written in the stars…

So, whats the reason you are reading this right now?