14 07 2015

7 children

5 boys

2 girls

1 dream:


Mum Basita is the wife of a barangay captain in Bohol, Philippines.

She used to work in Singapore because being a maid for a day paid more than being a farmer for a week.

Now, she makes 80 pesos for one kilo of brinjal.

That’s $2.40 SGD.

We were there to visit her barangay,

To understand their efforts of reforesting their land

To understand their reasons, their benefits, their personal stories.

But still, I didn’t expect to meet Mum Basita.

She walked us to her farm

And pulled out a stack of paper from her pocket

She had written her whole speech to us out, all seven pages

So that she wouldn’t forget.

She trembled. She couldn’t face us.

She didn’t want her tears analysed by foreign students

She didn’t want her feelings explained in academic language.

I held back any questions I originally had.

I forgot them all.

But my peers were still curious, still studious

Insisted she tell us more.

They scribbled her broken English down.

Her rough voice hit my ear drums in the same way

their pencils scratched at their note pads, desperately.

I’ve never had science fail me before.

Anthropology, I realised might be the study of people

But it is meaningless if we do not realise

that Anthropology is really the study

of people.



8 07 2015

(inspired by the Bohol Manmade Forest)

I mistook it for rain.
I’m so used to impending storms,
I put my rain gear on.

Only after that
did I raise my hand to see
how heavy it would be.

But there were no raindrops.
Instead, there were these tiny white flowers
pooling in my palm.

I looked up at the canopy
And watched them fall from the giant trees
It was raining flowers.

But it still felt like rain.
Sometimes, when we’re so used to the storms
We don’t recognize anything else.

It’s better to be safe than sorry
And when expecting the worse becomes a habit
Protection becomes routine.

You will not look up,
not until you’ve assessed its severity
and plan your escape route.

Any minute now,
your shoes are going to get muddy
and you will be drenched

from head to toe.
You are mentally preparing yourself
for the thunder and the lightning

You wait for the crash.
But it never comes.
But it still feels like rain.

Until you look up.
Until you see what is there,
it will always feel like rain.

School(s) & Pride

25 06 2011

Patrician Pride….
Now, I’m not a patrician mainly because Saint Patricks is an all boys school and I’m a chick. But my dad is a Patrician (or ex Patrician, I guess) and thats why I take concern about this.

Before I continue, my dad and his old school friends formed a football team called SPS ’79 a few years ago, mainly to exercise, play the sport they love and enjoy the company of their old friends. Over the past four years, respective families have become involved, majority have jerseys(even if we don’t play) and other years have joined in. Some of my uncles are involved as well and now it’s an amazing group of people where not only Patricians bond and have fun.

What I love about this group is that I want to be just like them. They are a group of alumni which love their school and love their school days. The topic of Patrician pride came up late in the conversation this evening while planning their reunion.

I just had my two cents in the conversation. Pride comes from family. If you don’t have family, pride will not grow. SPS ’79 is one giant family, and as much as I like to tease friends from the school and as much as I might not like to admit it, I have a bit of SPS pride in me. Because of SPS ’79.

Tampines Junior College (TPJC), my current school, believes in school pride and bonding (it’s in our school song). The family I have there makes me feel like I’m part of the school and that’s what matter. I really don’t care about school politics. There’s no fun in that. There is no positive result of that. Being part of the Drama Elective Programme(DEP) of TPJC just makes me feel like I’m in another close family and that there is a strong need to maintain my friendships there, which I hope I will maintain after I graduate in 6 months.

The problem with having or maintaining school pride is the ‘politics’ behind pride. Every school has, had or will have this problem. People attempt to build (dictate) school pride, without the basic foundation; school has to be like a family. End of story. Get that right!

Enough with politics between schools, alumnis and ex-students. There’s no point! Pride is pride, family is family. Politics screws things up.

I seriously didn’t believe there was a need for this post before tonight! I actually thought people understood that.

To all schools and school alumnis: school pride is based on family. If the strong foundation of family is there, you have your pride.
To groups of random friends that were from the same school, do something fun and regular together. Just have fun together. When you worry about ‘pride’, things mess up.


Being yourself, truely

27 06 2010

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. My cousin helped prove that to me tonight.

You see we are all different people with different strengths and weaknesses and different talents as well. I can’t be Jonny Depp or Britney if I wanted to. I can only be me.

So just a little reminder.
Being perfect sometimes isn’t worth it.
It is not worth the mess.
Believe me or not and face the fact,
Don’t try and put it to the test.
Take what you have
And make it grow
And trust me
The products will show
Sometimes just being ‘me’
Is the best I can be 

I hope that helped everyone out tonight oh and btw I downloaded wordpress on my I-phone so I can update as soon as an idea pops into my head so you will get updates from me more often 
Take care
Cheyenne Phillips

There is a scary kid world too!

4 02 2010

Dear world,

I know I was blogging about the scary adult world in my previous post. Now I am here to blog about the scary kid world.

Adults don’t understand teenagers and kids ( under 13) don’t understand teenagers for one reason and one reason alone. At teenagehood, you begin to realise that the kid world and the adult world are constantly clashing.

This is the only reason why being a teenager is so damn hard!

When you are a kid, there are a few basic expectations. Be respectful to your parents. Make your parent proud. Do well in school. Others are like, love your siblings, have fun, enjoy.

When you are an adult, you have expectations too. MOVE OUT! Get a job! Earn money and make a living. Those are the basic expectations. Others are like own a car, own a house ( move out and own a house is a different thing all together), get married and give your parents grandchildren.

Kids have it tough. Parent yell at them. Some feel like they can’t talk to their parents. They have to be the perfect child. They have to paint, dance, act, sing, play the guitar or some other musical instrument and score at acadamics. Kids really have no time to play!

That is all they want . PLAY! Kids are biologically programmed to play. That is all they want.

Adults get more freedom ( that is why alot of teens want to grow up faster, the freedom. I will touch on this more later). They make their own choices, do what they want, they are responsible for themselves. They don’t understand what that is like yet because they have yet to move out but! They don’t care. As long as their parents ( who say they love them) aren’t under the same roof they are fine.

To all parents. Give your teens the freedom. Because to keep love is to give it wings. I know you don’t want them drinking smoking or doing drugs and most kids, if they know that they are given the oppertunity to be responsible without their parents breathing down their necks about it, they will be responsible. Parents say they love their kids. I think they say it by default. Some love their kids. Most not really. Most don’t love their kids unconditionally. I believe that is how conflict between parents and teens arise. The lack of love from the parents side. I am not being biase. I am being truthful.

Most teens just want to be understood and accepted especially by the 2 people who tell them they love them. Honestly, parents! If you contradict yourself, immediately your teen will not believe you anymore!

You know we arent that tough to figure out. You just lack the understanding that it is not us that is the problem and making us emotional and rebilliant. It is our surroundings and situations. And , trust me that includes you.

This is actually on a personal note but I wish my mum just knew that I love her and that I just want her to trust me and love me unconditionally, no matter who my friends are , what school I go to and my appearence. I also wished she knew how much I am so afraid to ask her things and talk to her….because the fact of the matter is…I already know her answer to each question I ask. I don’t see the point in asking any more.

Teens, try and understand your parents. They love you. Yes they do. They just don’t understand you. Be patient and hopefully.

Parents, you don’t need to agree. You just need to understand. However, if you keep your teen waiting too long, you actually may lose contact with them after they move out.

With regards,


The scary adult world awaits….

26 01 2010

Hey….fast and enhanced adult world.

I am Cheyenne. I am 16 and I am SCARED AS HELL.

There are many reasons to why I am scared as hell. Firstly, my school posting results are out in about 10.25 hours from now. That would be 8am on the 27th of January Singapore local time that the Ministry of Education releases the posting results. I DON’T KNOW IF I CAN GET INTO THE SCHOOL(S) OF MY CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!! Secondly, I have another fear concerning the school(s) of my choice. You see, I am eligible to enter a Junior College( JC) where it is compulsory for me to take Malay as a subject. If you haven’t been following my blog, or if I have yet to mention it then I will mention it now. I SUCK AT MY MOTHER TONGUE! Finally my mum told me I might not be able to study in an overseas university because we might not afford it.

NOW I AM SCARED AS HELL. I want to cry so much. Not that I hate Singapore Universities. I just really want to get out of this country. Plus there are universities that offer me better Drama or Marine Biology courses. I am currently looking at scholarships. I AM 16 AND I AM LOOKING FOR SCHOLARSHIPS!!!!!

There are other options. I am looking for a part time job. I am scared to death as it is and I don’t mind tutoring little kids to help fund my college courses. I don’t want to commit to a job just yet. I don’t know what my timetable is like until I enter a school (which I hope is soon).

I feel like a kid living in an adult world. My parents tell me don’t grow up too fast but the fact of the matter is that I have to. I can’t survive in this world without ‘ growing up fast’ . The harsh reality is hitting me hard, and I am not even facing the worst of it yet. I should have taken up a job.

I think when I am all settled, I’ll apply to a tuition center.

I am a kid living in an adult world. I wanted to grow up fast. I wanted to be free and I wanted to be extremely adult. Now I wish time would stop. Just for me. I don’t want to grow up any more.

I am scared for what the world will bring to me.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t turn 16…..

Lots of luck,


Nothing in life is free.

14 01 2010

And this doesn’t even apply to money!

Seriously. This post is free. The only thing you will get free from me. But remember, you had to buy the laptop,pay for the internet access ( unless you are in a free hotspot) and you have to pay the electrical bill at the end of the month for charging your laptop. If you ask me where did I get this silly explanation above, I would like to thank my class 4/9 of 2009. I remember this answer and I know which girl said it ( all girls school remember?) but I can’t remember the question…hmmm

Anyways I hope you don’t mind the above wackiness. I am getting to my point.

Last Monday at 2pm, the GCE O level results were released. All my friends and schoolmates went back to school to collect our results. Some had tears of happiness, some had tears of sorrow and some ( like me) just could not believe their results.

Before I go on, I would just like to express my reason to why this post is so late. It is because, if I posted it any earlier it might come off as a bragging post rather than an inspirational one. I will not post the actual results like how many As and Bs I got but I will tell you that I am a 12 pointer. It is not a perfect score but it comes pretty close.

Anyways, to all those who got great results, congrats and I believe all of you will agree with me that we worked our butts off for those results. We either worked unbelievably hard or studied using mind maps, audio tapes or other methods of studying and revising that we know will work for us.

However, I do not wish to discourage those who did not do so well. Exams are not for everyone. This is why school does not work well.

If you were present at any Singaporean school ( I don’t know about the rest of the world), you could hear people tell the top students that they are so smart. “GENIUS AH YOU!” is the slang version or “You are VERY SMART LA!”. I had people tell me what too. Well not really. I am not really smart. In fact I entered secondary school with a low Primary School Leaving examination grade. I worked my butt of for this exam because I had a goal. Some didn’t do well because they were unsure of their goals, others just did not have any and sometimes it is external reasons why one does not do well.

However, work your butt 0ff. Take it from me. I squeezed my brain during the examinations and worked my butt of months before.

I have a friend, Herman. A few months he asked me for my goal grade. I told him 6 which is all As. He said it was impossible. I am from a convent school. A neighbourhood school. I should not dream big.

I might not have reached that goal but I did pretty well, well enough to enter the school which will offer me drama.

A few days ago Herman asked me for my secrets.

I don’t have secrets. I just tried my best and left the rest to God.

Ok. I do have secrets. But when I tell you them, you will think they aren’t really secrets cause you already heard of it. You just haven’t tried it yet.

I use colourful notes, check my work, revise according to how well my brain can cope and use loads of helpful and inspiring phrases. I visualise my results why before hand. You must be a dreamer and you must have courage

Dreams are like stars you may never touch them but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny ( Anonymous)

Courage is not the absence of fear but the acquired ability to move beyond fear. ( Matthew Kelly)