5 05 2009

This morning, I walked into school and there was this silence everywhere. I could only tell that fear surrounded the grounds. Was it fear of the H1N1 virus or our mid year examinations, I couldn’t tell at that moment. But upon arriving at my classroom, our mid year examinations were more important to us than the H1N1.

Even after moving from a yellow alert to an orange alert, students here are still not taking this H1N1 virus seriously. I’m just waiting for this to hit red alert and watch the panic in everyone’s eyes!

But honestly, we should take this seriously. This is another possible SARS out break and its right under our noses and someof us are not even caring. LOOK PEOPLE!!! WE ARE IN TROUBLE


simpsons earth day

24 04 2009

earth 2030

27 03 2009

The Tweleve days of Global Warming.

6 01 2009

Seriously I wonder why I should say more. Global warming is upon us and if we seriously don’t do something now well, there goes 7 oceans rising. 5 drowning polar bears. The two melting ice caps. 8 floods. 9 hurricanes. But the 12th one was the best. So don’t want to all of a sudden stop global warming when you see the ocean about to smash your house.

There is Hope.

22 12 2008

Sometimes I wonder if I need to really say more but for those who aren’t convinced read on.

No. You know what. I have nothing else to say. That short and creative video said it all. Don’t believe me? Play it again.

Australia Trip 08: Entry 11- The GREAT BARRIER REEF

18 12 2008

(Warning: This post may be long and rant-y)

Alright, I am in Cairns and all this time I’ve been spelling it Kanes. Dumb, dumb, dummy me…my mum wasn’t surprised though. I have always…always sucked at spelling. Oh well.
Cairns by the way is nothing like Tasmania. It is a lot warmer. A whole lot warmer. Trust me. When they say Cairns is the sunny state, boy do they mean it. They really do! It is so sunny. Its like…woah…sun…
I love it. I can finally wear the pair of shorts I brought :). I just wore it once though. I got here yesterday.
Alright. I just want to say that all pictures and images or the great barrier reef are beautiful but in my opinion they are a crime. Call me crazy but that is what I think. You see, the reason why all the photos taken of the Great Barrier Reef (expect may be the ones taken from outer space) are a crime is because none of them, NONE of them capture the true beauty of the reef. It is breath-taking but then that is rather dangerous because the moment you’re in the water and you’re snorkeling or diving and the reef takes your breath away…you’re going to drown… I’m just being silly. The reef is absolutely gorgeous. No photo of the reef does it any justice, if you ask me. The reef is beautiful and I think I said that about 3 times in 3 different ways. But then again, there is seriously no other way to describe the reef. I don’t have the words to describe it. May be my vocabulary may be a little faulty but honestly. Sigh. I recommend you all see it before it dies, which according to scientist it will in about 20-25 years due to…well you know. The big G.W. … Global Warming….never mind.

If you do get the chance to see the Great Barrier Reef, please book Reef Experience or Reef Encounter. Don’t bother with ANYTHING else. It is entertaining and it offeres scuba diving and snorkeling.However, if you are suffering from any of their listed medical conditions ( like I was) then you may not be allowed to scuba dive 😦  but that is due to medial issues and unless you want to risk your life seeing the reef up close, go ahead.

You don’t need to go scuba diving to see the reef up close. I snorkeled and I was so close to everything. The reef can be quite shallow however please don’t step on anything while out there. You’ll kill how-many-tens-of-thousands-of-years worth of creation. The corals and fishes that are nearer to the surface are more colourful and there is a wide variety. You might mistake the corals deeper to be dead but honestly, they’re not. They just look that way due to the bad lighting situation AT THE OCEAN FLOOR! I’ve read about light and the different colours penetrating in the sea water but to bore you with that would be a crime. It just gets darker as you go down and colours seem darker.

I could just go on and on and on and on about the great barrier reef but I don’t want to spoil it for you. That would be a crime, just like all the images of the Great Barrier Reef. I just like to end off by tell you that there are GIANT CLAMS, and SHARKS and Hump-back Parrot fish oh and normal Parrot fish and I named on Skippy and ….and…blah..blah..blah…

Take care,
Cheyenne Phillips

lets see how green can do for us

2 12 2008


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