Book review: can you keep a secret? by Sophie Kinsella

26 02 2009

I read this book half way, put it off, read it again and put it off again. I finally got to finishing it.  And i am glad I did finish it. It got really frustrating at the end. Not that it was difficult to read, it was just I could follow the charectors feelings. And I felt like screaming my head of at some of her friends. Not how I thought it would end while I was stuck in the middle but it was really good.

This romantic comedy is for all women above the age of 15. Trust me. YOU HAVE TO BE 15!


I don’t get twilight at all

25 11 2008

Ok. I give up. What is up with everyone and the movie/book twilight? There’s just a bunch of vampires running around falling in love with humans, right? I didn’t read the book so sorry if my interpretion of whatever my friends tell me about it is wrong.

If it is about beings falling in love, then the only selling factor to the book/movie is the vampires. Yuck. I don’t get the story at all. I don’t intend to give the story a chance. If you want a good vampire movie where the vampire falls for the human, GO WATCH DRACULA!


The Last Templar : Book Review

23 11 2008

The last templar is one of the many books that questions Christianity. I have been interested in these sort of myths in my religion. I like being aware of them. I feel that The Last Templar is an exciting book which reveals the church’s recorded history with the Knights Templar however it sugguest every little scandle, except may be for something, I really rather not spoil it. It was a good book full of excitement and adventure. I expected a little bit more drama with Christianity but it was still a good book.

Don’t read it if you are a super super religious christian.

3 11 2008

This is a very interesting website. I am starting a novel ( which may not be particularly interesting). Anyways, I was reading about this from a friends blog and the moment my novel is stable I’ll send the link.

Mean while, go to and start your own novel today.

The Last Taboo by Bali Rai

13 10 2008

With the end of year examinations in the process of being marked right now, I decided to go to the Library today. That was this morning. I just completed my first book, the skinniest of all the books I pick, The Last Taboo by Bali Rai.

It centers around inter-racial dating. However, it is not set in the states but in the streets of England. There isn’t much mention of white people dating other races, but the minority of the race, the ‘blacks’ and ‘asians’. It was such a well put together book that when I was reading it, it was like reading a biography. Events that were stated in the book, although they may be exaggerated, can still happen in real life. Disgracing the family name for dating someone of a different skin colour. Being out casted. Being bashed up/beaten/run over by your own family. The book also included an example of how a black guy gets his girl. And also how horny guys can get too. The book isn’t X-rated but it does have swearing and some over descriptive passages and is not suitable for all ages ( I AM WARNING YOUNGER READERS NOW).

I really opened my eyes about what racial riots and disagreements can be because I have never experienced one before.