8 07 2015

(inspired by the Bohol Manmade Forest)

I mistook it for rain.
I’m so used to impending storms,
I put my rain gear on.

Only after that
did I raise my hand to see
how heavy it would be.

But there were no raindrops.
Instead, there were these tiny white flowers
pooling in my palm.

I looked up at the canopy
And watched them fall from the giant trees
It was raining flowers.

But it still felt like rain.
Sometimes, when we’re so used to the storms
We don’t recognize anything else.

It’s better to be safe than sorry
And when expecting the worse becomes a habit
Protection becomes routine.

You will not look up,
not until you’ve assessed its severity
and plan your escape route.

Any minute now,
your shoes are going to get muddy
and you will be drenched

from head to toe.
You are mentally preparing yourself
for the thunder and the lightning

You wait for the crash.
But it never comes.
But it still feels like rain.

Until you look up.
Until you see what is there,
it will always feel like rain.




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