Reflections of 2013

31 12 2013

                So it is the end of 2013. Everyone is doing these ‘what I learnt’ post as usual and I hate to admit that I am like the norm but I think I should write one too. It is always good to reflect on what you learnt in a given period of time. Sure a year might be considered as too long a period but it is one that everyone really takes seriously. 

                2013 was a year of exploration for me, testing some friendships, pushing the boundaries of others, trying to figure out what I enjoyed and hated in life, relationships and what not, figuring out what I wanted to eventually do with my life and attempting to take the steps towards it. May be it is because I turned 20 that I figured I better start making a move on thinking about this big scary unforeseeable reality called ‘the future’.  May be it is because I am actually now half way through my second year of university. May be it was because someone I met somehow inspired me. May be it was all three. I cannot recall completely the turning point I made this year to try and keep my head in the clouds while keeping my feet on the ground.

But I know, when it happened, I made a list of everything I’ve ever wanted to do, both past, present and future, regardless of how significant it may appear in the bigger picture. I’ve read over 50 books this year because one item on the list was to finish my book challenge on I’m pretty proud of that. Or how I’ve started writing poetry (particularly spoken word poetry) and joined a whole new community of people who like to write just as I do. I’ve even worked in retail ( which, for some reason unknown, was on the list), and I understand now that despite the possible income increase, I really hate working in retail.

The list taught me to have fun too, or at least allowed me to figure out what kind of fun I like to have. I’ve gone through which is a real life escape game which mimics similar virtual reality games. I went clubbing for the first time on my 20th birthday ( sounds lame to some, I know) and I learnt very quickly, I hate clubbing just as much as I hate working in retail if not more. I even tried my hand at travelling ( despite it being regional travel) and took one of my best friends to Bintan for a 2D1N rest and relaxation the week before school started.

This list is over 300 items long. These are not and were never resolutions for me to try in 2013. In fact, I started writing it in April, which is pretty late to make resolutions if you ask me. This list is not meant to be completed in 2014. It is meant to have an idea of what I hope to achieve in life, from the smallest of accomplishments like reading The Hunger Games to multiple road trip plans across Europe, America, Australia and Africa.

Wood (2013) mentions a theory called the uncertainty reduction theory that states that we, as people, will try and reduce the amount of uncertainty we experience and the only way we do this is to try new things, have new experiences, attempt new activities that are out of our normal routine. Perhaps I put this into practical ( before I even read the book) by making the list and it really opened me up to new things.

So here is what I want to happen for 2014.

Anything. Anything. I think it’s time we stop making lists and resolutions for the state of making them because they might be a tradition or social convention or whatever. I think its time to stop hoping things will happen and make things happen and live. Will come and tell you how it all goes, as it goes.