Why you should join a backstage crew

26 10 2013

May be this is a very biased opinion but there are so many reasons why someone should join a backstage crew.

  1. You learn the meaning of the word ‘discipline’. Putting up a production requires a lot of discipline. Things to need me done on time, according or ahead of schedule, with little to no distractions at all. You need to stay focus and alert. You cannot screw up. It’s simply not allowed.
  2. Planning is a skill that will be ingrained into your system.  You need to be specific in what you do, when you do it, and how long it needs to be done. There is no staying back and doing it later…. unless you have $$$ to pay the venue.
  3. Team work is essential. It is the fundamental basis for any production what so ever.  No team work = no show. Suck it up, get to know your team and you will
  4.  You become important. Without you, there is no show.
  5. You will love it when you are not seen. Essentially that means a show has been pretty smooth.
  6. Everything on stage is business.
  7. Everything off stage requires a beer.
  8. Crew are not just friends. They are family.

Take a step into the darkness

9 10 2013

Dear world,

I currently am the head of Culture Management Board (CMB) at my hall and we are a very technical crew heavy group. I have members interested in theatre/dance/performance technical work and wishing to develop their skills in back stage crew which is very heartening. As someone who immersed herself in that world since 17, it is very encouraging to see people interested in learning the ways of the technical crew ( I’m making it sound like we are our own tribe or something).

However, there are problems with getting people involved. One would really be getting people to be interested in being hidden in the darkness of backstage and not wanting to step into the limelight. I think that’s a big thing and hence affects my recruitment.

As some people would say, well better to have few good people than a whole bunch of new-bees who don’t know much but I think with this area of stage work and stage hands, you really need people. Like REALLY need people. Regardless of experience or not, honestly these skills can be taught.

It’s hard to try and get people interested in this. Marketing these skills, I’ve noticed, isn’t easy. I hope more people get involved tho. I will try my best tho.

Our Contradictions

1 10 2013

I am starting to find the world a much bigger contradiction that I originally thought and I honestly believe university is corrupting me.

I should explain.

Higher education is one of the most confusing chapters in my life so far that I have had to face with. As a freshman, I believed that by entering college I would gain the knowledge I needed to accomplish two ultimate goals: a) to live life fully and b) to change the world.

Unfortunately, I am no longer that naive freshman. I have come to realize that life is filled with contradictions and there is really no way to have your cake and eat it too.

You see, I am starting to get the notion that you can’t ‘live life to the fullest’ ( or YOLO* or whatever) and change the world at the same time. They are contradicting. I suppose if you set the parameters for the argument then you can say that in order to live your life to the fullest and change the world at the same time, you must set a goal for yourself. Then we come to the complicated idea of a ‘goal’.

In theory, having a goal is not all that complex a concept. You set a goal, take the necessary actions to achieve it, review it over time and set your goals again. For example, let’s say you wanted to step on the moon, you would study physics ( I’m assuming), get physically fit, apply to a space program so that you can be an astronaut and semi-gravity defying steps on the moon. Fairly simple concept.

However, the problem with people is that they have more than one goal and it gets even complicated when these goals contradict. What if I like to surf and I wanted to save the whales but the only way for me to ensure the whales safety in a specific bay, I would need to stop surfing. It may appear like a trivial matter but humans ( us) take our goals and passions seriously. We form emotional attachments to them and there lies the conflict. Our emotional attachments get in the way of us doing what we want in life. Things get more complicated when everyone in the world wants to take action to achieve their own goals.

Some may say these contradictions make life interesting. Sure, it does but it doesn’t mean life is any less confusing. Can we achieve everything we want without contradicting the different outcomes of the goals or the values we hold?

May be I’m thinking too much.

May be I’m being too ambitious.

I hope you find the conflicts in your life and effectively untangle them. Try. Be innovative. Be conscious and be aware.

* I really hate the term YOLO but I am putting it in for cultural reference