Spoken Word: The voice of our generation

26 05 2013

Dear World,

The title may be a bit deceiving. Spoken Word has actually existed for many centuries and  orignated with the Greeks ( the Greeks gave us democracy too by the way) but very recently with the internet, artists are using the powerful tool to spread their art form all over the globe.

I was first introduced to spoken word when I was watching a Ted video on Sarah Kay and this was the poem that inspired me. It is called ‘If I Had a Daughter’

Recently, I’ve been listening to Suli Breaks, Sarah Kay, Phil Kaye and more and I am planning a public performance on my campus and I was thinking of writing a piece for this performance. So I emailed Sarah, asking for advice, rules if there were any, asking if she could inspire me to put words on paper and make my difference in the spoken word world… or the world, which ever would listen to me.  Her advice: listen.

Well basically it was listen, she did send a very long reply to my email.

So I listened and I listened the whole day. I have been watching countless of spoken word videos and reading poems and following artists and understanding the way the rhymes work and meaning and play of the words. The way the poems were said made me feel like these were the Shakespeares of our time; the rhyme of their poetry can be comparable to that of Shakespeare’s plays. Perhaps I am a bit naive to think that. But still I listened for hours but really nothing would have been accomplished had I just listened.

So I wrote, and  yes, I wrote on impulsive piece, which took only like 5 minutes to write so forgive me if its a bit.. amateur. Enjoy.


P.S. Item 75 complete


life lessons from working retail

20 05 2013

Dear World,

I’m currently working in a luxury bag shop in town and I got to say for someone who spends a lot of time in a shopping mall, I don’t actually like to shop. Oh well.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from this retail gig is that if you like something, go for it, much like life, regardless of the costs. I’ve seen countless of people walk in, asking for a bag they saw a day, a week a month, a year a go and the way trends go, bags don’t stay around the shop too long. I recommend people to buy a bag that they’ve spent 20 minutes looking at it and testing it out.  Don’t regret it.

Another thing I would say is that, don’t try and find shortcuts. Sometimes shortcuts won’t lead to what you want. There was this customer that asked what were all the discounts available but did not even like one bag that was shown to her.  Taking shortcuts or asking for discounts may benefit you but might not give you what you want. So may be think again before trying to look for one? ( Shortcut I mean. As a bargin hunter, discounts are always good)

Working retail isn’t so bad.



Oh the irony of a bucket list

19 05 2013

Dear World,

Somehow, when you turn a certain age or when you enter university, suddenly you start thinking about your bucket list. I don’t seem to be the only one. I have friends trying to check off things they want to do before they die too… and we are only 20.

It’s ironic isn’t it? How when you enter university which is said to be the beginning of adulthood do you start checking off things you want to do before you kick the bucket?

Perhaps some of you will justify it and say ‘ your friends want to get a head start because adult life after college is very tiring and busy’. You might tell me that. Honestly, I think some of them want good stories to tell their kids in the future while others just want to live.

I mean it’s good to have a list of things to do, a goal for life and even better if you have a few, because the best memories are from the journey taken to reach those goals, and not necessarily the outcomes.

Just a few random thoughts for a Sunday morning.

Will keep you guys posted.