Story draft?

5 04 2013


Ok I needed to write something. I was not sure what was going to come out of this but it looks like a scene from a potential story. Might work on this but first, what do you guys think?


Maryanne turned to see Jacob slouching against the wall, he’s eyes a blank, his glass empty. She watched as his chest raised and fell as he sighed and proceeded to make his way to the bar. He poured himself another scotch, the forth one of the night. He took the shot quickly and paused. It was clear that Jacob didn’t register the loud music, the dirty dancing, the noise of social interaction. He was alone, that was all he knew.

His eyes glazed over the bottle of scotch. The only reason why it was opened that night was because he needed it. He could not even remember why he left it at the bar when it was obvious that he was the only one having the heavier drinks. With much effort, he heaved the bottle from the table and dragged it passed the dancing bodies and out the door.

It took him a minute for his eyes to adjust to the change in lighting, as he took more notice of details than when he was in the house. He turned back to look at the mess he left and took a big gulp from the bottle. Closing his eyes, he kept the alcohol in his mouth, feeling it burn the back of his throat as it trickled down into his stomach. That was his high. Not the chemical effect alcohol had on his body but the physical feeling of it burn his insides.

It was like he was burning his demons, drowning them in acid.

The thought encouraged him to take a few swallows.

“Not going to share?”

With a mouth full of scotch, Jacob turned back to see Maryanne leaning against the door. Her silhouette showing off all her curves, her beautiful shape. She looked up at him, noticing the drink leaking out of Jacobs lips. He swallowed hard, feeling the burn increase with such intensity, he thought he would not only finally kill off all the bad but the good that was left inside of him too.

He coughed hard, stumbling off the porch and onto the gravel path in front of the house. Maryanne follow determined, turned him to face her and gently whipped his lips of the excess scotch.  Her grip on his arm was firm but her dabbing on his lips and chin was gently. He watched her eyes, non-judgmental and caring, glisten lightly from the light of the streetlamps.

He jerked back, creating the distance he needed between them. He could feel a demon getting stronger inside of him. He took a quick swig to ward this one off but to no effect. He took a step back, trying again, only to be unsuccessful again. He tried again.

He saw Maryanne’s breathing getting heavier, her face pulled back slightly with concern, her eyes searching for answers in his.

He shut his eyes, fighting back the pain, finishing off the half bottle of alcohol left, desperate for them clarity.

Maryanne catiously stepped forward, only to have Jacob throw the glass down in front of him to deter her. He grabbed his shoulders, as if trying to keep his body intact and yelled out loudly.

He looked at Maryanne one more time, and ran into the forest.




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