Book Review: “Ransom my Heart” by Meg Cabot

30 12 2012

Dear World,

Many may recognize Meg Cabot of the author of the Princess Diaries books, some of which have now become popular Disney movies. Ransom my Heart is a book she wrote, taking on the persona of Mia Thermopolis, the main character in her Princess Diaries series. The cover of the book actually credits the fictional character of writing the book with the help of Cabot herself. I was intrigued.

Having never read Meg Cabot’s work, I was not too certain what to expect. After reading the book cover to cover, I have to say, for a best selling author whose books inspired Disney movies, I was deeply disappointed with the writing. The story line was generally simple but the writing seemed strained and conflicted. It felt like I was reading Cabot force herself out of writing tween fiction to young adult fiction, struggling the clearly get ideas and emotions expressed vividly. Her experimentation with status quo, violence, physical intimacy on top of writing a period piece may not have been her best piece of writing so far, especially if she intends to break into different areas of fiction.

Unfortunately, I haven’t read anything else from her to really comment further. I will look into reading at least one book from the Princess Diaries Series before making any more comments.

Here’s wishing everyone a happy 2013.



Merry Christmas

24 12 2012

Dear World,

So the Apocalypse did not happen and we are all sitting around going to predict the next ‘end of the world’. While some of you go do that, I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year. I promise to try and write one post a week. It’s in my new calender.

Tune in for more.

Merry Christmas once again.

Death to the imperfect.

5 12 2012

Dear World,

So I met this exchange student from San Fransico, June and she really liked her semester here. We were a bit upset that we met late in the semester and we didn’t get to hang out so much especially since we turned out to be really good friends. Anyways, she is in Cambodia spending her last few days in South East Asia right now. HI JUNE I HOPE YOU ARE HAVING FUN.

So the reason why I brought up June was because she is the inspiration for this post. We were hanging out at Clarke Quay and she was talking about how Singapore’s culture was so different than from her home. She was amazed at, and I’m not paraphrasing, Singaporean’s obsession with mortality. Initially I was confused, and then she went on to explain that she’s heard this constant “The paper is so hard.. I’m going to die……” and this constant rave of ‘I’m going to die”.  I actually laughed really loudly at that, mainly because its true.

This association with imperfection, academic or not, to possible death is.. terrifying. We get scared of not being up to par and we think we will fail completely in life that we might as well die. I wonder if it is because we have been forced into this socially constructed idea of the ideal person and anything that we do that doesn’t put us in there, we break and think death is upon us. Its amusing… and thought provoking. I may be generalizing but I’m starting to catch myself say it, especially when I know I’m going to disappoint someone I love.

Sigh, I hope this makes sense.

I took quite long to write this. Please share your thoughts.