Environment Day

20 11 2012

Dear World,

Today was ‘Environment Day’ for the BES students of NUS. It isn’t an official holiday or anything, it’s just a day where we came together and put up exhibits about our Media Project we have been working on for one whole semester. No big deal really but I think it is a good platform to show our Profs we know what the hell we are doing. 

A few things stuck with me during the event. The first was when my Lecture/teacher for the module said that this course is interconnected. Everything we study counts and this was one aspect of communicating a message out there. While she was pretty much stating the obvious, I think it was something that needs to be remembered. In my last post… which was basically a rant, I talked about how my course mates interacted in a sort of elite “Captain Planet” club, talking about the benefits and harms of recycling ( yes there are harms), or how if we involve ourselves in geoengineering it would just be a quick fix solution and blah blah blah. I could go on about all the MANY environmental issues that plague our earth til the break of dawn ( << if you think this is a twilight reference, GET OF MY BLOG NOW).

One group exploring the possibility of reusing cardboard by turning all cardboard into usable items.

I don’t know how my course mates outside the BES room but I think some of us forget that we need to try and inculcating good habits in our friends.  We need to be more vocal. We need to get a conversation started.

While I hope environmental issues will not be a dominant feature in my blog now that I’m in BES, I will be updating in that area once in a while. I like to get conversations going. This is one that I think needs to be more widely discussed.

Anyways, here is what my group did. We focused on Rice Wastage. So to all those reading: please only take what you will need.

For my group presentation, look here: http://prezi.com/ijv6ibmvsa1l/introducing-the-journey-of-the-rice/

(Online interactive medium)

Hope you guys liked this. Hopefully there will be more to come.

With regards


Being Green: A fashion movement?

16 11 2012

Dear World,
This has basically been bugging me for a while. Is going Green fashionable?

Well, in a word, yes. It is becoming more fashionable.There is no denying that inescapable truth. From green carnivals to green concerts to green clothes, the green movement is spreading like wildfire… despite how ironic that sentence was.

I guess, for my course and my cause as a budding environmentalist ( sounds weird really…), this should be a good thing but I feel like if people follow a crowd, its just following a fashion trend and there is no intrinsic understanding of the situation.

I suppose what brought this on is how enthusiastic my course-mates are about the environment. Some have plants in their room. Some have giant posters. Some constantly go on about all the environmental projects they have been involved in. And here I am. Not a plant in my room. No giant global warming poster. I have yet to be involved in a beach clean up or something. I’m a major theater geek. I believe in start ups and ground up initiatives. I’m in this course for various reasons; I believe in the cause, I want to help, I want to learn, I want to help people understand, etc, etc, etc.

But my course-mates make me feel like they are turning into environmental zombies.Someone says something, someone else trys to top it, some one then suggest we go visit Bukit Brown and on and on and on. It’s a competition to ‘save the world’ here in NUS and I think it’s very radical. I am sure there will be some protest to this statement but I think some of them have gotten so deep that perhaps that is all they talk about. It’s consumed some of them it seems.

They are now in this frenzy, someone suggests something, people get excited about it and there is this collaboration to get as many people involved. Now, I’m starting to see that the activities are starting to vary, from environmental movements, to research groups and now to this mass purchase of ‘Threadless’ T-shirts. I’m starting to wonder if it because we are in a small class, so our interests will influence others or if some people are following the leads of others.

I think its great that people have a cause and they want to believe in it wholeheartedly. I’m glad that because being green is becoming trendy, more people will become more involved. What I am worried is that, if it is a ‘trend’ then well, trends fade. I have already seen people become bored of this and left. Our numbers have dropped. And I think that ( and this is just by observation and correlation ) may be the course is intense that perhaps it’s easy to get lost in the cause. To some extent, may be we are becoming less human…


I think the administrators and professors that came with the course to make the cause more approachable to regular people. I think for that to be effective, we need to remain regular people. We cannot be one sided. We cannot be extreme.

I think we need to take a step back as students and see what we can do to reach out. If we remain the elite, group that we are, we will get nothing done. To make the green movement fashionable, we need to make is accessible  To have the trend sustain long term, we need to establish its intrinsic value.

I will be happy to hear your comments.

Take care.