Gardens by the Bay

26 09 2012

Dear World,
Today I was on a field trip to Singapore’s Garden by the Bay and I must say my view of the garden has changed… Slightly.
Originally, I believed the gardens to be an artificial garden, a way for the government to make money while getting some praise by the international community. Now, I think it’s a museum for plants and plants alone. The staff at the garden have found ways to not only replicate the environment but also the respective organisms that would live in these habitats.

I agree that it is a good initiative to conserve the respective plants and educated the public and really, if you think about it, those are the characteristics of a museum! Initiatives like the Garden by the Bay are not solutions to the problem of conservation, in fact they are suppose to induce people to come up with the solution!
Go enjoy the gardens. Then come up and try and do more