Week 2 of Uni life

23 08 2012

Dear world,

I follow a friend’s blog and her most recent post is about how she can’t wait to get started on her degree in Philosophy in the UK and how it makes her excited to go. I’ve been in Uni for 2 weeks and I’m starting to wonder if some of the wonder is slowly disappearing.

Sure there were somethings about University that I expected, like the lectures being from one side of campus to the other or how tutorials start later. Or how I could possibly know no one in lectures… or how there is not standard class system…

University is when they take everyone, throw them into a very alien social system. The social beings survive and the socially awkward drown.

By the way, in terms of social interacting, I’m drowning.

I suppose it is not all that bad. There are still some thing that remain exciting. I don’t understand why Uni students here don’t like to dress up ( or appropriately for that matter ie. FBT shorts should not enter a lecture, I believe) but I walk out of my room feeling comfortable and great. I don’t want to sound like a bimbo and the reality is, I don’t know if my ‘sense of style’ can be called ‘fashionable’ but I believe in feeling good about yourself. Clothes, yes, do sometimes give you a confidence boost (5 years ago I would have slapped myself for staying that).

I don’t know. I guess what I wear is the only way I can express myself among the many and how I still feel human when I stand next to the amount of workload I have to do.

Guys, I have to run. I have an engineering lecture ( 5 years ago I didnt think I would say that either)

I’ll try and blog more. I have alot of random ideas that don’t get penned down and hence get lost in the universe 😦

I will make time for you guys.

Have a good day



Happy 47th birthday Singapore

9 08 2012

Disclaimer: I do not wish to offend everyone. This is only my views on why we celebrate National Day. These are my thoughts and I’ve done my best to be sensitive and justify my thoughts accordingly. If there are any issues, please contact me directly and I will address them accordingly. Please enjoy and Happy National Day.

Dear World,

Today is National Day, also known as Singapore’s Independence. So I would like to wish all Singaporeans a very Happy National Day.

Every year, on the 9th of August, I always have this nostalgic feeling. Every National Day I want to go and shake Lee Yuan Kew’s hand and say ‘Sir, I am very grateful for you for your vision for Singapore. Thank you for giving me so many oppertunities. Thank you for directing your team to build our nation….” and the thank you speech can go on and on.

Now, according to my understanding, there were rumors that Lee Yuan Kew was admitted to hospital and passes away. These rumors started I believe a few days ago and since then, our dollar has been dropping. I don’t mean to be insensitive and link up Lee Yuan Kew to our economic progress but I just wanted to show how influential this guy is. By the way, Lee Yuan Kew is still with us. He’s watching the National Day Parade right now. (He’s on TV)

I don’t want to be insensitive of all days to Singaporeans( yes, I’m Singaporean too). I just think we should be more grateful. A lot of us say we are and we will get defensive about it(Just hear me out please). We put up performances and celebrations to express how thankful we are and that’s all fine and dandy and everything but I think we can step is up a bit.And No, we don’t need a bigger firework display. ( Awesome job this year by the way)

I would like to put it as nicely and as simply as I can. If you made something, anything, a painting, a model plane, a building, a company and you needed to hand over your masterpiece to someone to take care of it for you, wouldn’t you want that person to treat your masterpiece almost like it was theirs? Take ownership and responsibility for a brilliant piece of work? Our founding fathers put a lot of thought into how Singapore was going to develop and grow and progress. And they are going to give it to us. TO US. If you really think about it, we should take care of it just as well as they did. That really should be how we repay our founding fathers. By ensuring that we don’t screw up.

I hope no one gets too offended. We just really have to be logical. They aren’t going to be around forever (unless someone has an immortality potion they aren’t telling us about). I would like Lee Yuan Kew and Goh Chok Tong be really assured that we can handle ourselves. I would like them to trust us with their hard work. I want them to know that we won’t screw up. And I really think a lot of people can relate to what I’m saying.

Despite my criticisms on local politics, I do respect the founders of Singapore. I believe we should respect their efforts and successes too.

I would like to end of with my sincerest gratitude. Thank you, sirs.

Happy National Day Singapore. I hope everyone enjoyed the celebrations.


Uni… Still an abstract Idea

1 08 2012

Dear World,
I think University changes you. I understand that is a very OBVIOUS statement but you have to understand, i only just realised that. I haven’t even spent my first night in my dorm at King Edward VII hall (KE7) and I can feel it.
May he I should catch everybody up. I was admitted into the National University of Singapore(NUS) in a course called the Bachelor in Environmental Studies(Hons)(BES) and intend to specialise later in Environmental Biology. Honestly, I never thought I would end up specialising in anything. I have interest in a range of subjects and to say that I would ‘specialise’ leaves a weird taste in my mouth.
Also, not only to effectively use my time to study but to also facilitate my involvement on campus, I choose to say in KE7. I have friends in NUS who also decided to take a room on campus but in other residences and residential collages.
It feels weird. I technically am away from home but I haven’t moved out or officially left. I just made it more convenient for me.

It’s hard to argue. It feels weird. I wonder how my friend, Grace is going to feel when she heads off to UK. Or when Addina boards her flight to Australia next year.

I don’t know why but I keep thinking that University is still a rather abstract idea. It is not difficult to cope with ( can’t really say anything, haven’t had classes yet) Actually that might be why it still feels abstract. I haven’t had classes yet.

Right now it feels like camp without an Agenda.

Although, I’m trying so not to check out the libraries (complete geek) because I agreed to check out the facilities with my friends.

Still grateful I don’t go through this alone.