My attempt at a Rookie article

21 07 2012

Dear world,

So about 3 weeks ago, I attempted my first article for a online magazine called rookie and I think they decided not to print my article ( or at least publish it online). Well lucky for me, I can publish it myself. It was in lined with their theme of the month ‘Freedom’. I made a few modifications to it but I hope everyone likes it still. Enjoy.


Ps. yeah, it’s alil personal.

Freedom from up above

Note: This was written in waiting terminals at Singspore’s Changi Airport and Perth International Airport. The writer was on a solo trip to visit family.

Let’s face it. As young women, we crave freedom. We absolutely want it. Some of us would simply do anything to gain some sense of being free and away from family, responsibilities and reality. Some of us think it might be living on a tropical island. For others it may be having an infinite amount of money to do all the shopping we possibly can. For others, it would be to have some places to (finally) call your own. As for me, it was to travel… alone. Actually, it was pretty much to do anything alone. I pride myself as being independent, for not needing anyone but myself. I wanted to work and earn my own money for my own endeavours. I wanted to read and write beautiful prose. I wanted to be a cultured, talented, learned and free person. I still want that now. To achieve all that, I felt any and all help from my parents was preventing that or at least, delaying the inevitable. I would eventually have to leave. I would eventually have to pay my own way around the world. Despite how little I make now from my tutoring jobs… job, I wanted to try and live and test this freedom I would eventually get.

Perhaps, before I continue, I should define ‘freedom’ to me. Freedom is very simply described as having little to no strings attached to anyone, to be able to provide for yourself and be a sustainable adult, knowing your actions only affect one person, yourself. Sounds harsh, but that is what gives you the right to do whatever you like, by being responsible for your actions. You have to be more than willing to accept whatever consequences that come your way. Freedom means to look out for number 1 and number 1 only.

I chose to test my freedom this year, looking out for only me when I choose to fly solo to Perth, Australia. While I mainly hung out with my cousins and visited places of interest, I enjoyed not being around an overwhelming authority that I felt back at home. Unfortunately for me, I did not get to experience complete freedom where I provided for myself as my parents paid for my trip and gave me spending money (for the record, which was not my idea).  Sometimes, you just need a break from the world and stand on your own two feet.

It’s really simple logic if you think about it. The only way to be free is to perhaps, be rid of everyone around you and know that your consequences affect no one but yourself. You take full control of your life and you deal with the good and bad times. If you drink, you get drunk and lose money buying the alcohol. If you fail a test, the only disappointment is to yourself. If you take a holiday like me for example, you are the only one that gets to enjoy the scenery or the shopping or the hiking. Then going with this logic, freedom comes with the biggest consequence of all, being alone.

What is the big deal with that? A lot of people like being alone. Being alone provides one with the clarity of the mind, some peace to the soul and  an overwhelming wave of serenity to the heart. Who cares if you don’t have anyone to laugh with or spend Christmas with or make you your favourite meals or hold you and tell you everything is going to be alright….

Freedom comes with the biggest consequence; the loss of the ones we love. I highly recommend that ‘freedom’ should be enjoyed in short periods of time. Sometimes too much of a good thing is bad.

If you are wondering where I am now, I am sitting in Perth International Airport. I’ve enjoyed my freedom for the week and I am not ready to face the reality that waits for me back home in Sunny Singapore.

As a final word, I believe it takes a lot of bravery to be completely free. It also takes a lot more bravery to return to world, bliss and happy with the experiences you have had, alone.




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