Cty 2.0

6 05 2012

Dear World, 

Yesterday I attended the TedxSingapore conference… well actually it was the first inaugural City2.0 conference. For a brief introduction, City2.0 is the first IDEA that was awarded the Ted Prize and I am extremely grateful that I was a part of the first conference ever. City2.0 is a project where people attempt to suggest ideas and then do something to fulfill their wishes for the cities we live in. 

We had circle meetings and an ‘open space’ meeting and I tried to raise something I wanted to talk about. I named the topic ‘Passion and Drive to Learn’ which to my extreme surprise, people actually signed on. I wanted to share this idea of wanting to gain knowledge in different fields to be able to see the ‘bigger picture’, to be involved in more than 1 conversation or discussion. I observed that in school, people were content with what teachers just gave them which was frustrating to see because there was really more out there. 

So I explained an idea I have of a ‘knowledge box’ where I physically collect information. I had a lot of positive feedback so I am going to presue this. I want to at least try. As small as this is, it might actually work. 

Worth a shot. 





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