HDB… why are prices so high?

26 04 2012


Hi! If you live in Singapore and have a million dollar salary you are not allowed to comment on how ‘affordable’ HDBs in Singapore are because, technically you can afford it and still have money left over. Please do not add fuel to the already raging fire. Thank you

Dear world,

If you live in Singapore and are not planning to leave I feel kind of bad for you. How are you going to afford a roof over your head?

HDBs are so expensive now its crazy. I stay in a 5 room flat my parents bought 13 years ago and I haven’t moved… since! Here’s the deal. Around last year, there was talk about us possibly moving. Hey if I can find a way to get a bigger room, I’m all for it but they were planning to move across the street. Where we stay is near both mine and my sister’s school and moving to a different neighborhood would have proved challenging. However, my parents when to the open house and reported back that not only was our place cheaper but if we did move, my room would be cut into half ( if you look at my room now, it’s already quite small).

This is getting crazy. When I made a decent living doing what I love ( I hope to become a biologist but that’s a different story for a different day) I will buy a house… an actual house SOMEWHERE ELSE than Singapore AND it will cost me about the same price. Also note to all the people driving sports cars in Singapore ( you know the expensive kind on top of the COE) why? Why don’t you just buy a house in Australia and move? If I can afford a Sports car here I am pretty sure I can afford to migrate out of the country that is taking all my money away from me.


My dad once said HDB is ‘public housing’. That was the whole point of having apartment buildings everywhere when this all first started. How can you have public housing when the general public can’t afford it. If prices are this high now, what happens when my generation enters the workforce in 4-6 years or so? I won’t stay if it gets too high. It won’t be worth it. People ask why Singaporeans leave Singapore and this is a factor. Price of living. If I can’t even afford some shelter for my self and family then there really isn’t a point. I know when to quit and until that happens I can only watch as prices soar up and so will my blood pressure.

It’s always good to think about what is going to happen next.





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