The Lucky One

27 04 2012

Dear World,

Today I watched ‘The Lucky One’. A strong plot demonstrates fates  strong power in a sense to bring people together. Everything happens for a reason. Logan, an Marine (played by Zac Efron) finds a picture of Beth ( Taylor Schilling) and after trying to return the picture to its rightful owner and realising that the picture has in a sense ‘saved his life’. When he returns to the United States he is determined to find this girl and thank her. However, she misunderstands his intentions and thinks he wants a job at her pet hotel which she is reluctant to give him but her grandmother hands him the job anyways. Fate brought them together, what ever happens next is mere human nature.

Nicholas Sparks’ stories always, to me, have this modern fairy tale feel such that everything is magical, it is almost unbelievable and it is. This chick flick is a true chick flick and strums the heartstrings of all if not most of its female audience members. The escapade Sparks provides is relieving yet misleading situation of how random events could lead to a ‘happy ending’ for the main characters.

I think the plot was a bit predictable but while watching it, I was so caught up in the emotions shared by the characters to realize how the rest of the plot was actually going to unfold. The ending however felt like a cop out by  the producers (or Sparks but I didn’t read the book yet) but I will not spoil for those who wish to watch this movie.

With like most chick flicks, I recommend that you watch and take it with a pinch of salt. Disney was once criticized for providing a fault interpretation for life to its audiences. While I might say the same for chick flicks such as this one, Sparks and Disney do have one thing in common; they provide a means of escape from our reality.

I hope that if you choose to watch this show, you will love it- not because it stirs up feelings you may or may not feel in real life but that it is a clear and hopeful view on how to live our lives; to leave it all to fate.


Ps. I didn’t cry! I only teared up…. getting immune to sad movies.


HDB… why are prices so high?

26 04 2012

Hi! If you live in Singapore and have a million dollar salary you are not allowed to comment on how ‘affordable’ HDBs in Singapore are because, technically you can afford it and still have money left over. Please do not add fuel to the already raging fire. Thank you

Dear world,

If you live in Singapore and are not planning to leave I feel kind of bad for you. How are you going to afford a roof over your head?

HDBs are so expensive now its crazy. I stay in a 5 room flat my parents bought 13 years ago and I haven’t moved… since! Here’s the deal. Around last year, there was talk about us possibly moving. Hey if I can find a way to get a bigger room, I’m all for it but they were planning to move across the street. Where we stay is near both mine and my sister’s school and moving to a different neighborhood would have proved challenging. However, my parents when to the open house and reported back that not only was our place cheaper but if we did move, my room would be cut into half ( if you look at my room now, it’s already quite small).

This is getting crazy. When I made a decent living doing what I love ( I hope to become a biologist but that’s a different story for a different day) I will buy a house… an actual house SOMEWHERE ELSE than Singapore AND it will cost me about the same price. Also note to all the people driving sports cars in Singapore ( you know the expensive kind on top of the COE) why? Why don’t you just buy a house in Australia and move? If I can afford a Sports car here I am pretty sure I can afford to migrate out of the country that is taking all my money away from me.


My dad once said HDB is ‘public housing’. That was the whole point of having apartment buildings everywhere when this all first started. How can you have public housing when the general public can’t afford it. If prices are this high now, what happens when my generation enters the workforce in 4-6 years or so? I won’t stay if it gets too high. It won’t be worth it. People ask why Singaporeans leave Singapore and this is a factor. Price of living. If I can’t even afford some shelter for my self and family then there really isn’t a point. I know when to quit and until that happens I can only watch as prices soar up and so will my blood pressure.

It’s always good to think about what is going to happen next.


24 04 2012

Main reason why I am learning italian 🙂

A Big Life

One thing people feel they have free rein to constantly comment on, is what language I speak in my home and to my partner. The most common refrain is, ‘You are in Germany, you should speak German to each other’ and other variations on the theme. Frankly, I tend to feel telling me what language to speak to my partner is like me telling you how often you should be having sex with yours. It isn’t any of my business and it is entirely up to you two. But that is by the by. This isn’t about what pisses me off, but instead about a little theory I have regarding bilingual relationships.

Obviously, I speak English. I came to Germany with three words of German (and one of them was ‘hallo’ under my belt) and have spent the past eighteen months simultaneously teaching English, writing in English and learning a…

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Just put the money in the bag

20 04 2012

With a heavy heart

20 04 2012

Disclaimer: This post is my emotional response to the events that happened this week. I wish not to offend anyone. I wish not to debate anything the military could have, should have or will do.  I send my deepest sympathies Dominique’s family. I hope the guys in army will stay safe. I hope everyone would take some time and send a small prayer or silent wish. It is a very sad incident. … Thats all I can really say.

Dear World,

I am sorry for not updating Events have occured on my sunny island that are rather… upsetting. Tomorrow  PTE Lee Rui Feng Dominique Sarron will be laid to rest. It pains me to write this. Dominique was not a friend of mine. I only met him once when he played for my dad’s soccer team if I remember well. In all truth I can’t recall much… and I think that is the most upsetting part… I don’t know how to describe it.

If the world is not so sure, Dominique passed while in army training. I wish not to write about the actual event. I think it is an insult to his memory. I think the last moments of anyone’s life is an insult to their memory so I am not even going to type it out. You can read any online article. It is quite hotly debated now in Singapore.

I really don’t know what else to write. I can’t debate about this. It happened to someone my dad, his friends and our family was close to. My dearest sympathies for his family.

The only thing I can really do now is hope my other friends in national service right now will be ok. I can’t really think now about ‘future plans’ to ensure the safety of the young men that serve the country. My friends are in there now! Dominique was in there. ‘Future plans’ aren’t necessary if every single possible scenario was thought of.

Sigh. I don’t want to go there. Too many emotions to vent out. Won’t know what I will say.

Despite not being close to Dominique, it feels like a great loss. I hope everyone who knew him will always remember him.

As I mentioned to some, ‘some people aren’t worth losing’. In this case I want to change it to ‘some people aren’t worth forgetting’.

Dominique, if you can some how read this, you are dearly missed by many.


Alone with you?

18 04 2012

From Palm Trees & Bare Feet: A Year Alone with You

Dear world,

If you had to spend one year along with someone, who would you want that person to be?

Kalie… this is too difficult.

Too difficult.

If I could spend one year with any one, I would spend that time with someone who has very different ideas than me or someone that knows more than me. Then I think both of us would get to learn a lot from each other and we will go back hopefully better people. I think that would be the best way to spend my year.


He’s just not that into you

17 04 2012

Found this online at

he’s just not that into you

February 20, 2011

If he’s not calling you.
If he’s not texting you.
If he’s looking for other girls to date.
If he’s not taking you out on dates.
If he’s not asking you to be is girlfriend.

Then it’s because he doesn’t want to.

Even if he’s kissing you.
Even if he’s letting you sleep in his bed with him.
Even if he’s cuddling you at night.
Even if he gets jealous when you talk about other guys.

If he wanted to be with you, then he would be. But he’s not.

And he’s a fool.