I’ll be watching you

18 03 2012

Dear world,

I normally do not believe in fate but when I stumble upon the same topic twice, I know how to take a hint. Please view here for what I found on stumble upon and then continue reading!

Big Brother is watching. Now a days, you cannot do anything without being watched… and you know it. Well, yes we have to have increased security after the 9/11 scare and we can watch for potential attacks but there has to be a sort of limit yes?

Actually, I have no real issue with the increased security. People who do have issues with it are people who have things to hide, or think they have sometime to hide. I understand the need for privacy among people but right now, that’s where I stand.

I’ll sacrifice some of my privacy to ensure my safety. Give me some time. I’ll come back to this when I have read more. I just think the display is extremely powerful and shows how much we are actually being watched, how much people might actually know about us. Sometimes were just meant to  remain private.





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