Your voice needs to be heard.

11 03 2012

Dear World,

No I have not abandoned you. I have just been busy at my temp job. Yes, I am doing temp jobs! It is not very good money but it is something to do. Besides, I am young(ish). Sitting in an office all day for 5 days a week for a few months really does not appeal to me all that much.

So I am doing temp jobs and my first is to survey over 200 people over the span of two days. Sound easy? Try it.  My feet actually hurt. Really.

But I have learnt a lot from this job. Mainly, you cannot please everyone. You simply can’t. You can try but there are too many differences between people to try and please everyone, even thought you try and you smile and look like you understand how to help them.

The other lesson I learnt was that… sometimes you want to help people. Especially when people ask you to put down on the form that an activity they would like to have is ‘finding jobs for senior citizens’ . Sometimes you just want to continue talking to because they actually have interesting views on politics and government and how CCs should be involved that you feel bad you have to put the conversation off because you have a quote to meet.

I did not really know what to expect out  of the survey gig but I came out with a wealth of experiences. I may not have have given the most number of surveys but the experience has reinforced my belief in the phrase ‘everyone has a voice waiting to be heard’. I am very lucky to actually know how to express myself out here. I am also very glad that a ‘free umbrella’ isn’t a good enough reason to actually feedback to an organisation… unless, of course it is raining 😛

I have this feeling I will gain a lot from my future temp jobs. I’ll record the process along the way.





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