Looking forward to this week? Don’t know if thats the right term…

27 02 2012

From Palm Trees and Bare Feet Looking Forward

Dear world… and Kalie,

This question could have come at the least opportune time. This Friday is the release of the A level results and everyone I know is so nervous because we put in a considerable amount of work and it would really suck to know that we didn’t do well (but touch wood!)

I guess I’m looking forward to my reaction… be it tears of complete and utter joy … or the strength I know I’ll get from it later in the event I do not do so well. Mainly because I know that everything I do is a learning process.. and I really do not want to wait for this any longer.

I really think a piece of paper does not ‘define you fate’ as some of my peers would put it. I think it only shows us our potential to strengthen ourselves.  It is very simple. Everything will be ok when it’s over.. and if nothing is ok.. than it isnt over yet.

Stay strong everyone






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27 02 2012
Palm Trees & Bare Feet

I love your outlook on your grades, and life in general. I’m sure you’ll do well! Good luck, Cheyenne!


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