Saying Grace Review

26 02 2012

Dear world,

Today, me and my friends went to see “Saving Grace” at Bedok Library. This play was written by Hu Fangda, the 17 year old winner of the Theatre Practice’s 24 hour play writing competition and I honestly believe that the script shows much maturity for his age. ‘Saying Grace” follows a middle-aged Singaporean suffering from bulimia nervosa and a very intense mental breakdown. I applaud the young talent and Theatre Practice’s for bringing some attention to the issue.

For community theater, I think it was a good way to showcase the piece but in all honesty, the script has a lot of potential to be presented in a grotesque manner. I might be biased towards a more experimental theater because I’ve been very exposed to it. Saying Grace has potential for so much in the local scene. I am glad that it was presented as a community theater performance first though. People need to be aware of the issue(s). I honestly believe that for it’s first showcasing, it was done rather appropriately. Despite what I believed was a very bad lighting design and a poor theater space (it was in a library), I’ll give the showing a 5.5/10. It was not all that bad. It simply was not my cup of tea.





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