What do I see?

29 02 2012

From Palm Trees and Bare Feet: What do you see

Dear world,
What do you see everywhere you go?
Hmm, I see… people… engrossed with technology. I am going to hypocritical with this post, I can feel it. Because while I rant about people on the train playing with their iPhones or how kids play with iPads in church, I too am blogging with my WordPress app. Let’s see if I can still make my point.
Take the kids who play various games on their parents phones or tablets. I don’t know but when I was 6, I am pretty sure all I had was a colouring book, some crayons and a fascination to colour people purple! I know how the old telephone looks like. I even know what a gramophone is. It is really sad to see small kids call their friends to talk to them on the latest android phone or not even require a crayon to colour people purple any more.
I see a generation being encouraged to possibly diminish their creativity and imagination, when it is -ironically- creativity and imagination that created the gadgets of today.


Success = ???

27 02 2012

From Palm Trees and Bare Feet: Defining success 

Dear world,

Dear Kalie,

You are killing me. Seriously.

How do you define success?

I guess, for me… it is to have made a difference to someone out there. That was really why I started blogging. The number I look for is 1. Because if only 1 person believes in my words and thinks differently of the world, then I have made my case. Just knowing I made a difference to someone out there. For what are other people for but to be witnesses to our lives… but I don’t want people to just watch.. I want have some sort of impact, anything I can do to may be alter their fates even by the tiniest bit.

That would be success to me.


Looking forward to this week? Don’t know if thats the right term…

27 02 2012

From Palm Trees and Bare Feet Looking Forward

Dear world… and Kalie,

This question could have come at the least opportune time. This Friday is the release of the A level results and everyone I know is so nervous because we put in a considerable amount of work and it would really suck to know that we didn’t do well (but touch wood!)

I guess I’m looking forward to my reaction… be it tears of complete and utter joy … or the strength I know I’ll get from it later in the event I do not do so well. Mainly because I know that everything I do is a learning process.. and I really do not want to wait for this any longer.

I really think a piece of paper does not ‘define you fate’ as some of my peers would put it. I think it only shows us our potential to strengthen ourselves.  It is very simple. Everything will be ok when it’s over.. and if nothing is ok.. than it isnt over yet.

Stay strong everyone



Saying Grace Review

26 02 2012

Dear world,

Today, me and my friends went to see “Saving Grace” at Bedok Library. This play was written by Hu Fangda, the 17 year old winner of the Theatre Practice’s 24 hour play writing competition and I honestly believe that the script shows much maturity for his age. ‘Saying Grace” follows a middle-aged Singaporean suffering from bulimia nervosa and a very intense mental breakdown. I applaud the young talent and Theatre Practice’s for bringing some attention to the issue.

For community theater, I think it was a good way to showcase the piece but in all honesty, the script has a lot of potential to be presented in a grotesque manner. I might be biased towards a more experimental theater because I’ve been very exposed to it. Saying Grace has potential for so much in the local scene. I am glad that it was presented as a community theater performance first though. People need to be aware of the issue(s). I honestly believe that for it’s first showcasing, it was done rather appropriately. Despite what I believed was a very bad lighting design and a poor theater space (it was in a library), I’ll give the showing a 5.5/10. It was not all that bad. It simply was not my cup of tea.


Say motivated

25 02 2012

Dear world,

Today me and my parents took part in the Tan Tock Seng Family Charity Ride 2012 to raise funds to help the elderly patients in the hospital’s care. The even raised S$60, 000 and also help open the newest extension of park connectors in Sengkang/Punggol area.

We rode 11km to the carnival area. Now, 11km may not seem like much… but that was the first time I cycled in 2 years! So it was a bit tough. At first it was kind of fun, cycling in the park by the river/sea then it got tiring and I was thinking.. ok I donated money, I should at least try to finish this. Then I was thinking… I’m 18! I have a lot of energy this should be easy. And at the last 200m I was super tired.  I stopped and drank water. I won’t say I wanted to give up… I would say I lacked motivation. The I saw the milo truck. Now, if you are or were a student in Singapore I would think you are aware of how amasing the milo truck’s ice milo is. It is the best I have ever tasted and that is why I and many other students skip sports day activities to queue up for milo from the milo truck. So I chase it until the end.

Simple lesson to be learnt. Find something simple that will motivate you, especially at the last leg of the lap. It can be something really simple like rewarding yourself with a movie marathon or may be something bigger like a new prospective college (if you are studying). Always freshen things up. If you stick with the same old motivation… well it may not be as helpful as it once was.


Do now, remember later

25 02 2012

From Palm Trees & Bare Feet: In 20 years

Dear world,

In 20 years, what do you want to remember?

With my A levels coming out on Friday and various things I need to consider about my ‘future’, this question is rather relevant.

With that said, in 20 years time, I want to remember every person I love, or at least as many as possible. I am pretty sure I will never forget my family and how they helped me but I also want to remember the other ‘families’ I have too. Without them, school would have been boring and everything I ever studied or worked for would be worthless. A piece of paper might tell me if I can qualify for university but it also reminds me of all the support and fun I had with the people I spent most of my time with. I know without them, nothing would have been possible.

Thank you guys!

Love, Cheyenne

Not so friendly.

23 02 2012

From Palm Trees and Bare Feet: Anti-Friends

Dear world,

So I would never be friends with someone who ______. That what Kalie has asked her readers.

So to answer the question, I would never be friends with someone who is very closed minded. With a world so much to offer, I would hate to hang with someone that is so closed minded to see it. I would get really frustrated. So yeah.

Simple, really. I almost didnt need to think about it.